The Prologue-

Harry reread the letter in his hand for the fifth time, as he sat by his favorite oak tree. He stuffed it back into the envelope and let it flutter to the grass. He couldn't remotely guess why Dudley Dursley had written him a letter. He hadn't set a foot in the Muggle world since he finished his schooling, and that seemed ages ago.

For the past eight years he and Dumbledore had worked tirelessly against Voldemort. At long last Voldemort had been over-powered by the two. Harry had to hand it to Voldemort, eight years was a very long time to be able to put up a considerable fight. It was all over now though, and Harry was ready to be rid of all memories of the horrible war.

Harry had deliberately avoided becoming involved in a relationship with anyone. He knew he could never live with himself if he allowed another person he loved to be murdered by Voldemort. If he could help it, history was not going to repeat itself.
Harry didn't want to admit it to himself, but he had been more than lonely during the war. He was ready to find someone to fall in love with and start a family. But even if he didn't find the girl of his dreams, he was still looking forward to spending more time with the Weasley's.

Harry hadn't seen much change in Ron or Hermione, they were still a married couple. The only difference being, that they were actually a married couple. Ron had not become an Auror along with Harry but had taken a job at the Ministry of Magic. Hermione, on the other hand, couldn't seem to leave school, she had become a Professor at Hogwarts under her maiden name, teaching Arithmancy. She was also in line to be the next Headmistress of Hogwarts, though she refused to admit it.

Harry gazed up at the sky contentedly, realizing that things were finally going to settle down a bit. He glanced sideways at the letter lying in the grass next to him, and the peaceful feeling dissolved.

What did Dudley want from him?

He stood up, brushed the grass of his robes and took out his wand.

There was only one way to find out.