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The Epilogue

"They're opening the curtains!" said Mrs. Weasley, standing up quickly from her chair.

The Weasleys hurried toward the window to take a peek at the newest member of the family.

"There he is," said Sirius grinning broadly, "his hair is still damp! What a handsome devil!"

"He's so beautiful," sighed Penelope, smiling at the baby being wheeled closer to the window. "What a perfect angel."

"Look at that red hair!" crowed Bill. "He's definitely a Weasley!"

"Beautiful, healthy baby," said Mr. Weasley proudly.

Chloe pressed her nose against the glass. "How come we can't see his name? The other babies have names on their beds."

Fred grinned and put his hands on her shoulders. "They aren't going to name him Chloe. They're just going to call him Boy for his whole life."

Chloe looked horrified.

"Fred!" scolded Mr. Weasley. "Don't believe a word he says, Chloe. The hospital just hasn't had time to make one yet."

"I like the new baby," said Meghan scrutinizing the infant with great care. "He seems quite all right. Not the crying type. Like Henri," she added under her breath.

"All babies cry," informed Mortimer, "and you cried more than Henri."

"Did not," said Meghan sticking her tongue out.

"Oh, Mum," said Catherine pulling on Penelope's robes. "Can't we go hold him?"

"Not yet," said Penelope. "We'll get a chance, I'm sure."

"Look at how adorable he is!" cooed Mrs. Weasley. "Just like Laura was!"

Hermione laughed and gazed fondly at her own baby. "Laura is still adorable.

Ron kissed the top of the infant's head he was cuddling and beamed proudly when she threw her chubby arms up in delight and screeched at him. "Daddy," he prompted. "Say Daddy."

Laura, Ron and Hermione's now five-month-old daughter was a lovely infant. She had soft wispy strawberry blonde hair, and her eyes had recently changed into a shade of brown unmistakable for Hermione's eye color.

"Say handsome, not adorable," corrected Sirius.

"He is a handsome fellow isn't he?" Harry commented, walking up behind the family.

The Weasleys were so preoccupied with 'ahhing' and 'oohing' over the new addition that they didn't bother to turn around to answer Harry.

"Doesn't he look JUST like Ginny?"

"Mmm," said Harry, looking down at the baby. "I see a few of her qualities in him.."

"He's so tiny!"

The rest of the family nodded and continued point and grin at the newborn.

"He's got Ginny's hair," said Ron happily. "Oh well, Harry, maybe next time."

"Now I most certainly wouldn't say that!" remarked Harry, laughing heartily. "He hasn't got her hair at all."

"Harry!" said Sirius, "It's exactly her color! Maybe a bit like your mum's but that's a perfect copy of Ginny's hair!"

"I really can't see the comparison," said Harry shaking his head.

"Fine, be stubborn," said Ron, taking a photo of the baby behind the glass.

Hermione turned around to give Harry a quizzical look. An astounded squeak came from her.

"Harry!" she gasped, "what ARE you doing with that baby?!"

Everyone turned around instantaneously and jaws dropped.

Harry grinned. "This happens to be my son."

"B-But," stuttered Charlie, "that baby!" He pointed at the baby behind the glass.

"Is not our baby," finished Harry.

"Oh dear God," said Remus covering his mouth.

"Shame on all of you for assuming he had red hair!" said Harry laughing.

"Is that my brother!?" Chloe was jumping up and down to see.

"Shhh," said Harry sitting down. "I'll let you see him."

Slowly, Harry pulled aside the blanket.

"AWWWWW!" chorused the family.

Nestled, sound asleep in the blanket was a very tiny newborn. He had long dark eyelashes, and his miniature fists were curled up tightly into little balls. He had soft tufts of jet black hair, already on his forehead, but there wasn't quite enough to be as messy as Harry's.

"Oh, Daddy," said Chloe, completely lovestruck, "I LIKE this baby."

"Would you rather have him than the baby in the window?" asked Harry with a grin.

"Oh yes, please!" said Chloe touching her baby brother's cheek with a fingertip.

"Has he opened his eyes yet?" asked Sirius.

"A little bit for Ginny," said Harry, "and they are blue."

"Yours weren't ever blue. They were green from the start," said Sirius.

"Get off it Sirius, the kid can't be an exact replica of Harry," smiled Remus.

"What's his name?" asked Ron.

"Gunther," said Harry smiling down at the baby. "Gunther Rex."

The family looked unsure of themselves for a moment.

"Er," said Ron staring at the infant.

"How...nice," said Mrs. Weasley a little higher than usual.

"Is that a...an old family name?" asked Mr. Weasley slowly.

"I'm joking," sighed Harry, rolling his eyes at them.

The family gave a collective sigh of relief.

"That was a payback," said Harry, "for thinking he was that other baby!"

"Well, that baby had red hair! We're used to coming to see red haired babies!" defended Charlie.

"That baby's name actually is Gunther," smiled Harry, "I met the father. He was nearly beside himself. First having a new baby, then meeting Harry Potter all in the same day. I thought he was going to wet himself."

"What's his real name?" begged Chloe.

"James Albus Potter," said Harry smiling broadly.

"Fine name!" bellowed Sirius, looking delighted.

James Albus Potter gave a soft baby grunt in his sleep.

"Shhh!" said Mrs. Weasley ribbing Sirius, "you'll wake him."

"Where's Mummy?" asked Chloe.

"Mummy is resting, and doing quite well," said Harry, "I'm sure she's dying to see you."

"Mummy will make sure we get home with James instead of that other baby," said Chloe confidently.

Harry stood up. "We'll be back, I'm going to take Chloe to see Ginny, and then I'm sure the hospital will be thrilled to let everyone of you into her room all at once..."

"Hmmm. I think Uncle Harry was being sarcastic," said George to Henri, as they watched Harry walk down the corridor with James, Chloe trailing them, skipping.


Ginny accepted the glass of water from the nurse, but quickly handed it back when she saw Chloe open her door.

Ginny brightened. "There you are!"

"Mummy!" said Chloe running to her bedside. "Mummy! I LIKE him."

Harry laid James in the bassinet and lifted Chloe up so Ginny could kiss her cheek.

"You do?" said Ginny, "I think we'll keep him."

As Chloe was peering into the bassinet again, Harry leaned over and whispered to Ginny.

"Your mother asked me when we're going on another honeymoon... she said she needs another grandchild."

Ginny's eyes widened. "She didn't!"

"She did," laughed Harry.

"I am not keeping up with Penny," said Ginny, lying back on her pillows and shaking her head.

Harry smiled at her fondly and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"You are magnificent. I don't need six more children. I've got two perfect ones."

"Seven," said Ginny.

"You want seven?" said Harry quickly, "Are you feeling all right?"

"No," laughed Ginny, "we'd need seven more to catch up with Penny and Percy."

Realization struck Harry and he gaped at her. "You must be joking... Penelope is pregnant again?"

Ginny nodded. "Shhhh. I'm not supposed to tell."

"Rabbits!" exclaimed Harry. "We're related to rabbits!"

They stopped their conversation as they heard Chloe talking softly to James.

"I'm Chloe, I'm your big sister! We made a room for you. It says Baby on the door. That's because you're the baby. We have lots of cousins, and we're the only ones without red hair!"

"They are, aren't they?" whispered Ginny, very pleased.

"I wanted you for Christmas, but you didn't want to come yet! Daddy put a huge bow on Mummy's tummy! Mummy was laughing really hard. We have the photograph, I'll show you when we go home. You're really lucky to be born today! 'Cause you'll get ALL those Christmas presents and then the NEXT day is your birthday. I knew that's why you waited. Besides, Daddy said it was a good thing you weren't born yesterday, or we'd never find you under all the wrapping paper!"

"I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful double conspiracy, against us," Harry whispered to Ginny.

"I can see it now," agreed Ginny. "Chloe's already too clever for her own good. She'll probably teach James every trick of the trade."

Harry snorted. "Like the big innocent eyes?"

Ginny raised her eyebrows. "I told you not to believe her when she answers, 'Noooothing, Daddy.' But you learned your lesson, didn't you?"

Harry gave her a hopeless look.

"You realize, that they're growing up way too fast already."

"He's not even a day old," said Ginny, laughing.

"And Chloe's six. Six, Gin! We've got five years until she leaves us to go to Hogwarts."

"That's what children do," she said with a sigh.


"Grow up."

Harry sighed. "Can't they stay little a bit longer?"

"Cheer up, Harry," said Ginny planting a kiss on his cheek. "It'll be fun."

"Yes, it will be."

Harry took her hand and they smiled at each other.

The future looked bright.


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