Author's Note: Just referring back to some of the feedback that I received on the last chapter, Jack may be one of the most powerful biotics in the world, but it is still possible for her to get hurt! Especially when Jack was thinking about Izzy and keeping her safe. Again, thanks for reading and I hope you either fav/follow/review the story (or all three is good too)! Also, just be aware that there is cursing in this chapter from a certain biotic. Enjoy!

This is one of the worst times for a bunch of freelancers to be targeting our family. Isabella is still so young and Adele is pregnant again, Kaidan thought. He rubbed his hands over his face and tried to figure out what to do next. Izzy was freaked out from the fight that James and Jack fought and now refused to leave her mom's side. He looked over to the couch to see Adele on the couch by herself with her hand on her abdomen and her eyes closed. Adele wasn't alone for long though before Izzy was on the couch with her, trying to lie down next to her mom. The dark bags under the eyes of his wife told Kaidan everything he needed to know. First off, his little vacation home alone with just the two of them failed miserably. Second, Adele wasn't sleeping again, which he feared might lead to health problems. Izzy 's need for constant attention since they have gotten home has tired her out, not to mention the stress that the attack on the family was providing. Lastly, Adele worried about Jack. Kaidan headed out to the porch to make some phone calls. He called Liara to use her Shadow Broker abilities to find any word on a hit on their family and also he called Traynor to do some digging at Alliance HQ.

Heading back inside, there was utter silence. Kaidan went back to investigate the living room where both Izzy and Adele last were. When he walked in, Adele had Izzy wrapped in her arms under the blanket, and both were fast asleep. He couldn't help himself and took a picture with his omni-tool. He then reached out to brush a stray hair from Adele's face causing Adele to automatically lean into Kaidan's touch, even in her sleep. Kaidan plucked Izzy out of his wife's arms and carried the small girl upstairs to her bedroom. After tucking Izzy in, Kaidan went downstairs to retrieve his second lady from the couch. Returning from the couch with Adele, Kaidan was halfway up the stairs when Adele said something.

"Why am I being carried up the stairs? I can walk you know." Adele said, trying to disentangle herself from Kaidan's arms. Kaidan held her even tighter in the "bridal style" hold.

"You were sleeping, and I'm going to hold my wife while I still can." Kaidan said. As soon as he looked at Adele's face he knew he said something wrong.

"You mean until I'm too fat with this kid inside me?" Adele said angrily as she crossed her arms and looked away from Kaidan.

"You know that's not what I meant. And you might want to stop squirming because I'm not putting you down until we get to our room, and your not escaping before then." He said. Once they reached the bedroom, Kaidan set Adele on her feet and she headed to the bathroom in silence. Kaidan took a breath, and headed to the bathroom to do damage control. Adele was brushing her teeth when he walked in. Instead of talking, he grabbed his toothbrush and cleaned his teeth next to her, sneaking glances at her now and then in the mirror. Adele threw her hair in a bun, changed her clothes and headed out of the bathroom and towards the bed. Kaidan spit out his last mouth of toothpaste and ran out after her. He grabbed Adele around the waist before she reached the bed and dragged her in front of the full-length mirror with him. Kaidan tugged up the loose shirt she was wearing and exposed her body in front of the mirror. Adele blushed brightly and went to tug the shirt back over the bump on her stomach. He stopped her hands.

"You will never be ugly in my eyes, especially not when you are carrying our child. I never want you to doubt how beautiful you are to me, even with the baby weight and the scars you carry. Every bit is a part of you and the life that you have created." Kaidan said as he hugged her and placed his calloused hands on her baby bump.

"You're just saying that so I'm not mad at you." Adele said, but she was leaning lazily in Kaidan's arms.

"Yes, but also because it's true." He said as he headed over to the bed with Adele in tow.

The syringe plunged deep into her arms, but she couldn't fight back. Every inch of her body was being held down by metal that immobilized biotics. Pain shot through her as the last of the substance in the needle was emptied into her veins. A sound ran through the metal restraining her, and the locks released. She sprang forward only to find herself trapped in an arena. Kids her age came in the arena, one after another. She would fight one kid off just for another to take its place. When "they" decided that they've seen enough, they would electrocute her through the floor until she passed out.

Jack woke up from the dream panting and shaking. Not only was her body reacting violently, but also her biotics were too. She was bathed in a blue glow and the furniture in the run-down motel room she was staying in was floating around. The dreams keep getting more vivid and frequent the longer I'm alone Jack thought to herself. There was still a pounding at a door. Who the fuck would be knocking on my door at this time of night Jack thought. Jack ripped open the door, her body still glowing blue.

"What the fuck do you want," Jack hissed before the door was fully open.

"Do you great all your guests like that? Or only the ones you really like?" James said as he pushed past a shocked Jack and into the trashy motel room.

"What are you doing here and how did you find me?" Jack asked as she closed the door and followed James into the room.

"Well the tattoos make you stand out a little and there isn't many people as fierce as you. Word gets around, especially in a small town in Illinois." James said, rifling through the mini-bar.

"You still didn't answer the whole question of WHY you are here," Jack said again, pulling James out of the mini-bar, forcing him to meet her fiery eyes.

"I'm here because I want to get what is going on through your mind, what your trying to overcome, and you've sort of grown on me." James said with his signature smirk. Jack started to blush on the last statement, but still continued to slug James across his face.

"What the hell!" James exclaimed, holding his jaw that would definitely be bruised in the morning.

"I don't need a babysitter," Jack growled and went to stalk away. James grabbed her arm and pulled her around to face him.

"No you don't. You would make even the worst of criminals stop with fear. You don't need a babysitter, you need a friend." James said with sincerity shining in his eyes.

"You wouldn't want to know what's going through my head, and everyone that gets close to me ends up paying a price." Jack mumbled. James took her chin and tipped it up so she was forced to look in his eyes.

"If there is a price to pay, I'm prepared to face it. You're worth it." James said and kissed her on the lips softly. Jack's knees nearly fell out from under her. Whenever she was kissed, it was for meaningless sex and lust, not out of the love and compassion that James was showing her. James ended the kiss, grabbed her hand and led her over to the bed. This is where everything will be ruined, probably said all of that just to get in my pants Jack thought to herself, trying to prepare herself for the harsh reality soon to come. Instead, James waited until Jack was laying down on the bed, took his shirt off, and laid down next to her, putting his arm around her waist to hold her into his side.

"You do this with all your so called 'friends'?" Jack asked sleepily. James chuckled.

"Only with the ones that I hope can become something more." James replied. Jack blushed brilliantly red and thanked the universe that the lights were off so James couldn't see.

"Goodnight sunshine," James said. Jack could tell he was smiling from the nickname he came up with.

"Sunshine? Oh that's perfect for me. Really fits my personality." Jack sarcastically bit out.

"I thought so," James said, before nodding off to sleep.

"Night J" Jack said to the sleeping man as she held onto his hand that was still wrapped around her waist. It was the first night in a long time that she slept without nightmares of her past.