It had been ten years since the fight with Pitch that lead to Jack becoming a Guardian. In that time he had grown close the other all except for Bunny. For some reason Bunny had chosen to keep his distance from the winter spirit. At first Jack didn't think much of it hoping that in time he would open up. Now as more time passed and Bunny still kept his distance Jack began to wonder if things would ever change.

North seemed to some how pick up on Jack's feelings about his relationship with Bunny. Although he never spoke about them North could tell that the distance Bunny was putting between himself and Jack was starting to bother the boy. At first North choose to do nothing hoping for things to work themselves out on their own instead. That had been a in August it was now the end of Febuary and still the problem with Bunny distancing himself from Jack had not resolved itself. North came to the conclusion that if things were to get better then he would have to step in.

He waited until the next guardian meeting when. He wasn't sure how he would address the situation, but with any luck an opportunity would present itself.

The day of the meeting arrived. Like every other meeting it was the first Saturday of the month. Everyone started to arrive around noon with Jack being the last to arrive. This meeting would mainly be focused on Easter seeing as it was in a few weeks just as the December meeting focused mainly on Christmas. Bunny gave his report on his progress in his preperations. Jack had informed everyone that it was to be an early spring that year which had pleased Bunny a great deal. Usually early springs meant that he would not have to worry about snow come Easter.

"So Bunny how are eggs coming along," North asked trying to hurry the meeting along. He wanted to speak with the pooka privately before he locked himself in his Warren to finish with his Easter preparations.

"Well ta be honest not as well as I would like," Bunny replied running a hand over his ears.

"How so," Tooth asked curiously. It was not like Bunny to be behind in production this close to Easter.

"One of the golomes fell into one of the dye rivers and I had to shut down production until I could get it out and fix the damage it cause," Bunny explained.

"I trust you were able to fix problem," North asked as an idea popped into his head.

"Yeah I was able ta handle it, but that day of non-production is really gonna make meeting the deadline tight," Bunny answered.

"Would thing not be as tight if you were to receive help," North asked knowing where he was going to take this line of questions.

"I suppose so," Bunny agreed wearily. He had a feeling that the older guardian was up to something "who exactly do ya 'ave in mind," Bunny asked.

North took a moment to before replying. He didn't want Bunny to get suspicious about his motives.

"Jack since winter is about to come to close would you help Bunny vith Easter preparations," North asked the winter spirit much to Bunny's complete and utter shock. Of all the spirit he could have asked it had to be him. Bunny wanted to protest but was cut off by said winter spirit.

"I'd love to but I have work to do," Jack said much to everyones surprise.

"But its spring what kind of work could you possibly have," Tooth asked. Jack just simply rolled his eyes though wasn't surprised by the question.

"Do you really think my job starts and ends when winter does," Jack asked. The others looked at one and other before turning back to him.

"Yes," they all stated simultaneously. Jack faced palmed though he knew he should't have been too surprise about their answer.

"You guys really need to get out more," Jack mumbled to himself "well to be honest my work starts about mid fall and ends mid spring," Jack explained.

"And what exactly is that starting freak snowstorms," Bunny asked sarcastically not really believing him.

"No believe it or not, not all of what I do is snowballs and fun times," Jack answered rather calmly. Which was a surprise. Normally he would have answered with a smart ass comment that would spark an argument between the two.

"Meaning," Bunny asked urging Jack to continue. He was curious to know what responsibility he could possibly have outside the Guardians. He had certainly never seen him take anything seriously that wasn't related to keeping the worlds children safe.

"Bunny you of all people people should know how the seasons work," Jack stated as if he should already know the answer to his own question.

"Of course I do. Spring brings new life and growth to the world. Summer nurtures that growth and helps it grow to its full potential. Fall is when that fruits of that growth that took place in the spring and summer are harvested. More growth often occurs in fall. At least until winter comes along and kills everything," Bunny explained as if it was obvious to everyone. As he spoke however he missed the hurt look that flashed in Jack's eyes for a brief second.

When Bunny finished speaking the room fell silence as Jack carefully consider what Bunny had said. He need to find the best way to explain what winter was really for because he only wanting to do it once.

"It that what you think winter is death?" Jack asked letting a small amount of his hurt through without realizing it. It was enough though that Bunny was able to hear, and he couldn't help but feel bad for what he had said "well I guess you don't know your seasons as well as you thought," Jack continue his tone of voice forced Bunny to keep his comments to himself "to start with your only half right about spring and fall, but there is more to them than what you think. I guess the best place to start explaining would be summer. That is perhaps the only part you were right about. It is the time of year where the earth is completely alive and active by growing and changing. Fall like spring is whats called a transitional season. But there is more to them than what meets the eye. Yes there is growth, but that is only part of it. What you don't see is what takes place in the earth. Fall is a time for when the earth prepares to rest. The heat of summer reseeds for another year allowing the earth to relax and become at peace. This is when I come in bringing the cold winter offers to put to the earth to rest. You say winter is about ending the life that flourished in the summer. Well while that does happen it was not its original purpose. Winter is a time when the earth sleeps so that it can regain its energy for the next growing season. Spring is the time when the earth wakes from its slumber. It is when I start to with draw the cold of winter and allow the heat of summer to take its place. It this that allows new life to come and so continues the cycle of the seasons."

As Jack finished his explanation Bunny still seemed lost. How could he have never notice any of that ever taking place.

"I still don't get it," Bunny admitted sheepishly.

"And I suppose you never will," Jack stated dryly "it is not something that is easily explained, but if you truely want to understand how the seasons work then I can show you," Jack offered much to everyone's surprise. Bunny considered Jack's offer wondering if it was some trick, but something in his voice told him otherwise.

"Alright, when do we get started," Bunny asked as he excepted Jack's offer. Jack smiled happy that Bunny had accepted his offer.

"Well its too late in the season to start now, so how about we start come fall," Jack asked.

Bunny nodded in agreement. He had eggs to deal with after all which brought him back to his original problem he still needed help. He groaned inwardly knowing that the others were far too busy to help. Oh well he would just have to make due.

The meeting didn't last much longer. Just long enough for Tooth and Sandy to report on there jobs before they adjured. North asked if they would stay for dinner which they all reluctantly excepted.

As they all wait for dinner they talked amongst themselves. Jack talked with Tooth and Sandy. While North pulled Bunny aside into another room far from out of Jack's hearing range.

"Is there somethin' ya wanna," Bunny asked when North closed the door.

"Da, I wanted to know vhy you put so much distance between yourself and Jack," North questioned. Bunny raised an eyebrow at the question.

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout," Bunny asked.

"You seem to be avoiding Jack as much as possible," North stated.

"No offence North but I general avoid most everyone just because I'm not the most social of the guardians," Bunny countered "Jack's no different. I have about as much contact with 'em as I do with the rest of ya."

North thought of what Bunny said considering the pooka's social habits. It was true Bunny generally did shut himself off from the rest of them "yes but still you have at least some sort of bond with the rest of us. A bond that is lacking between you and Jack," North said at last catching Bunny by surprise. He had not been expecting North to respond like that, but he hid behind his usual annoyed expression.

"North if I do recall the bonds that I have with you, Tooth, and Sandy took centuries to build," Bunny countered putting his guard up.

"Not entirely, those centuries only served to strengthen those bonds. Bonds that were formed from during the years we spent fight Pitch in the Dark Ages," North pointed out.

"Yes years of fighting, this last round with Pitch didn't take but a couple of days," Bunny said a little frustrated "what exactly are ya getting at mate," Bunny asked not wanting to continue this conversation much longer.

"I am simply suggesting that perhaps it vould be good idea to try and get to know Jack better. His years of solitude still make him doubt his place in de team," North stated pointedly. At this Bunny ears flatten from remorse. He was starting to understand why North had wanted to speak with him "he is starting to finally grow comfortable with being about us, but as long as you continue to put a distance between yourself and him. He will never feel totally at ease with us."

Bunny consider North words for a moment before sighing in defeat "fine ya win, I'll try ta spend some more time with Frostbite," Bunny mumble though loud enough for him to be heard. He didn't want to go out of his way to spend time with the winter spirit, but North had a point. Jack need to feel part of the team so that he could trust them.

North smile happily "Good now let us rejoin the others da," North said as he let the pooka from the room.

Author's note:

So when I started to think of this story my first thought was that at first Bunny and Jack really didn't get along. My biggest question was how they got together and somehow I could see North end up being the reason while trying to help Jack. This chapter was all about setting up the story for future chapters. If you remember from Winter Comes Again in Living Again Bunny falls for Jack during the fall Bunny tags along to watch Jack works. But I couldn't quite figure out how that happened until I started wirting. I hope I did it justice. Anyways please review. Let me know if I'm off to a good start or if I should change some things cause I'm not entirely sure if I like Bunny's conversation with North. That whole converstaion just seem to derail. Until next time...