No One's POV:

Clary didn't even see the demon that was heading towards her from behind. She was busy swinging her seraph blade at a Ravender demon that was snarling and growling at her. Clary hit home on the demon's chest and the demon disappeared into black ichor and powder. Clary couldn't even breathe a sigh of relief before the demon pounced on Clary from behind and gave Clary a deep scratch to her abdomen. Clary screamed a blood curdling yelp of pain as the demon then sunk his teeth into Clary's shoulder. Clary screamed again, but this time, the demon was swung off of her and gave a high pitched shriek. Clary was gagging on blood as she opened her eyes to see a very worried Jace in front of her. He was kneeling next to Clary and was frantically looking at Clary's bloody clothing and pale face.

"Clary, don't move. Alright?" Jace whispered worriedly. Soon, Clary could see the outline of Isabelle and Alec as the rushed over to Jace and her. Alec stopped a couple feet away as the sight of the very bloody and crying Clary startled him, and his legs stopped working. Isabelle however kneeled on the other side of Clary and held up Clary's head as she coughed up blood.

"Jace, get your stele!" Isabelle screamed. Jace was digging at his pocket before yanking out his stele. Clary was now heaving and coughing out blood and shaking uncontrollably. Clary felt so tired, that she began to close her eyes.

"No, Clary! Open your eyes, baby. Stay with me!" Jace shouted as he quickly drew an irtaze rune on Clary's stomach and shoulder. Soon the wounds healed, but Jace sucked in a sharp breath as he looked over at Clary and noticed that she was still shaking and heaving and whimpering. Isabelle noticed this too and immediately grew scared. "Jace, what, why isn't it working?!" Isabelle now felt a sob rise in her chest.

"I don't know! Maybe-" But Jace was cut off by a scream. It was Clary. Isabelle shook with surprise as Clary screamed again with her eyes squeezed shut and her knuckles turning white.

"Jace! It-ugh! It BURNS!" Clary screamed. Jace toke Clary's hand in his and gave it a squeeze.

"Where, Clary?! Where does it burn?!" Jace asked frantically. Clary now opened her eyes that were sparkling with tears. Clary toke in a ragged breath before mumbling, "Everywhere," and then began to shake more and more like she was freezing cold.


I was on fire. Or at least I thought I was. My insides burned like hell and I tasted blood coming up my throat. I couldn't seem to open my eyes as I felt Jace lift me up in a cradling position and carry me somewhere. The pain was over whelming, and I swear, I think I'm dying. Suddenly, the fire went to my stomach and burned me like hot coals pressing against my skin. I screamed because screaming was all I could do to let out some of the pain. I felt my back being twisted and tugged and my stomach churning and burning and my head throbbing and aching. I began to sob now, but the fire in my body made me forgot about how Jace set me down on a seat and cover me with some kind of cloth. I cried and opened my eyes to see that I was in a car. Jace was holding my head and holding my hand, but I couldn't feel it because my hands were numb and on fire.

"Drive like hell Alec!" I heard Isabelle shout.

The cloth on my body was Jace's jacket, and I looked up at Jace's face and gave his hand a squeeze. Jace seemed to notice this and looked down at me. My chest hurt from breathing harshly and Jace noticed this and rubbed my side with one hand.

"Hang on baby. Just breathe. I'm right here." Jace soothed. Jace had tears in his eyes and his eyes were full of panic and fear and worry. I hated seeing him like that, but I could only see his golden eyes for a second before the fire came back to my lungs. I pulled my head down between Jace's lap and screamed and squeezed Jace's hand like it was for my life. And at this point, I think it was.

"Jace, argh…it hurts! It hurt-s-s!" I cried before I coughed.

"Please make it stop! I," I was cut off again by a sharp and painful cough.

"We're almost at the Institute, love. Just breathe, alright. Stay with me and just breathe." Jace was now crying as he pulled me into his lap like a father cradling a young child. I snapped my eyes open as I tried to take in a breath. Hint, I tried to take in a breath. I toke in another breath, but no air was getting into my lungs. Oh. My. God. I'm going to die.

"I,*cough cough* I CAN'T BREATHE JACE!" I cried and sobbed. Now I felt a hot knot form in my lungs; longing for air, but I couldn't get air to them.

"ALEC! DRIVE FASTER! NOW!" Jace screamed. Jace then looked at me and pulled out his stele. I felt the sting from the rune he was drawing, but it was nothing compared to the agony I was feeling in my lungs.

Then, my lungs expanded. I opened my eyes to feel air rush into my lungs. I could breathe, but the agony and pain was still there, and my breathing was still like heaving and coughing. I snuggled closer to Jace and clenched my stomach. It hurt so bad.


"Shh. Don't try to talk." I looked up at Jace.

"Am I going to die?"

Jace looked taken back, and then just, sad, then determined.

"No, Clary. I won't let that happen. Okay? Just breathe. Breathe and keep your eyes on me, okay?" I nodded my head before whimpering from the pain in my lungs grew to my throat. Now I couldn't help but disobey what Jace told me. The pain was spreading and I could feel myself begin to fade.

"Jace!" I screamed again. "It's spreading!" I coughed.

"What, Clary? What's spreading?!" Jace asked worriedly and frantically.

"The fire-" I began but then something came over me. It felt like a giant weight slammed into my body and I flashed my eyes open to see nothing but black. Then I couldn't feel Jace's warmth. Then I couldn't hear Jace's voice yelling at me to breathe. Then, the world seemed to slip away.

Farther and farther into the dark…

Away from the light,

Away from the warmth…

And all I could think was,

I love you, Jace…I love you…I love you…I love you…

Goodbye…my love…

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