You know what's funny? Couldn't guess? Oh, that's too bad, but the funny (and extremely annoying) thing that happened after Jace and I were heavily making out, was that we forgot to lock the infirmary door, so guess what happened. Isabelle, out of all people, came walking into the room with a tray full of food on it. Of course, being me, I blushed to the point where I'm pretty sure that my face looked like a tomato, and hastily wrapped the covers of the bed around myself and Jace. Isabelle nearly dropped the plate when she saw us, and smirked as she simply continued to bring the tray over to us and set it down on the side table before finally becoming the Isabelle we love and enjoy.

"You guys are lucky I'm the one who walked in. If Mom walked in here hearing you guys, oh, she would've killed you!" Isabelle, I could tell, was enjoying this. Jace rolled his eyes and motioned for Isabelle to go away. Isabelle smirked, and turned around.

"If I were you," Isabelle began. "I would at least put a silencing rune on the door. That way I can't hear you when you're-"

"O-kay! Isabelle!" Jace growled. Isabelle smirked one last time, then closed the infirmary doors as she left, and I could still hear the thud-thud of her heels down the hall way.

I was completely embarrassed, as you could probably tell. Jace looked down at me and smiled sweetly as he bent down and kissed me gently on the forehead, not lustfully, but just gentle and loving. I smiled, and let him get up to grab his clothes and put them back on. I almost felt sad and slightly disappointed when he did this, since the burning feeling was still slightly digging at my core, but it was quickly gone when Jace asked me suddenly, "Clary?"

I looked up and tried to look relaxed as I smiled at Jace. "Yeah?"

"Um," Okay, just hold up right there readers. As you may know, Jace rarely is unsure of himself, and especially when it comes to speaking and talking. Just to let you know. As an, what is it called, F.Y.I?

Jace looked down and then back up at, like he was finally deciding something. "Ugh, never mind."

Never mind?! Oh, Jace.

"Jace, what is it?"


"Don't you dare say 'it's nothing' because, Jace, you should never feel uncomfortable telling me anything." I declared. Jace slightly relaxed and nodded his head. He sat back down on the bed next to me and toke my hand in his.

Whoa, I thought. Something is definitely on his mind.

Jace looked at me then, and seemed to notice my confused look, so he rubbed his hand on my cheek gently.

"Um, before all this happened," Jace seemed to feel hurt as he looked at me, and it pained me. I gripped Jace's hand tighter, and urged him to continue on.

"Well, it was just a thought, but, uh," Jace looked up at me then and gave me a nervous smile.

"I was thinking about asking you if, uh, you thought that maybe we could, um, move in together, like...here." Jace mumbled slightly at the end, so it sounded more like, "herrr…" but I understood him perfectly clear.

I had thought about that before. Jace and I sharing a large room at the Institute and laying together at night holding each other and falling asleep in each other's arms. Gazing at the midnight flowers as the blossomed and glowed with light loved thinking about it and I could barely remove the smile from my face as I attacked Jace with a hug.

"I would love to, Jace!" I chirped. I loved Jace so much, but the only thing that concerned me was my mom's reaction, and Luke's. Even telling Simon would be hard. SIMON! Oh, man, I felt like I hadn't talked to Simon in forever!

"Ugh, Jace?" I asked as I remembered Simon.

"Yes, Clary?" I could hear how happy he was by the way his tongue curled when he spoke my name.

"I just remembered something."

"What?" Jace asked as he hugged me tighter.

"Uh, does Simon know about what happened, to, uh, me?"

I couldn't help asking. Simon was like a brother to me and I loved him.

"Uh…" Uh-oh. Jace didn't even think to tell Simon.

"I guess that's a no, then.." I said.


"Oh, Jace," I said as I pulled Jace into an even tighter embrace. God, I missed him. Even if I was dead only for a couple- wait a second!



"Uh, what kind of demon even attacked me?"

Jace pulled away and grimaced. I could see the pain that clouded his eyes at the remembrance of that night. The night I died.

"I don't know, I mean, it wasn't a Ravender demon and I don't think I've seen anything like it before, but Magnus is working on finding out what it was," Jace said worriedly as I stared down at the infirmary floor.

"Yeah." I laid my head against Jace's chest, and found that I couldn't stop being away from him. Every touch, every embrace, I treasured it like it was my last, and I couldn't help it after I nearly died. Well, kind of. But what if the demon left some kind of after effect on me? What then? I wasn't about to let my thoughts ruin this moment though.



"I love you."

"I love you too, Clary."

I sighed and closed my eyes; thinking of Jace and I together and happy. I then soon felt my eyes grow heavy and I gave into sleep with Jace's hand tracing patterns on my back.

And I slipped into a nightmare.

Hearing the laugh.

The laugh that haunted me for months.

His laugh.

Against my will, I felt myself become submerged in the laugh of the demon…