Hey guys! This is just a PSA that on my tumblr account (url = charlieoswin) I've begun to write a few one-shots and the like, including some from Stiles's POV. My personal way of trying to work through the writer's block. This has been a PSA.

For those of you still 'following' this story and reading 'Blood in the Water', I'd also like to say so sorry for the writer's block! 2 internships going right now (one of which is 11 hrs/day...yeesh). Plus I was just informed that my roommate I'm subletting from is giving up the lease so...I'M MOVING! Not sure where yet. But I gotta find a place soon or face imminent homelessness, which isn't exactly ideal...So yeah, crazy life stuff happening. But hopefully soon I will return in my mildly tarnished glory.

Also thinking about editing this story, because I have made some fairly ridiculous grammar errors that make me facepalm in a big, big way.