"You never come out with us man!"

I hear Gale huff out in annoyance at Peeta's unwillingness to capitulate to his need to drink and hit on girls in public. Finn merely stands to the side watching the show, his eyes darting to meet mine every few moments. I'm trying to hide a smirk at Gale's insistence and Peeta's silent but determined refusal.

Living with Gale and Finnick has taught me a lot about our group of friends and how it operates. Gale may be much more buff and confident now than he was when we were kids but while his presence may be enough to get his way with most people, Peeta is not one of them.

Finnick groans as Gale starts in on his argument once again and Peeta walks away shaking his head, smirking. Landing on the couch next to me I laugh a little before following what has become a sort of fucked up routine of calming Gale down after letting him throw his tantrum.

"Gale. Peeta is a grown man. If he doesn't want to go out he doesn't have to. You see him practically every day. If he doesn't want to go out, he doesn't have to, just like you don't have to stay here and watch Lord of the Rings with us. That is your decision. Get off his balls okay?"

Gale huffs and I roll my eyes.

"Whatever Katniss. I'm just looking for some boy time. And you too. But I know you don't want to go out so I don't even bother asking anymore."

I laugh at his petulance and Finnick groans again. Most people cow to his demands but I've told him repeatedly he reminds me of a toddler who doesn't get his way. When he acts this way I treat him as such, which drives his crazy and in turn gives me ceaseless amusement.

"Gale I occasionally do go out. I just don't like to do that anymore. I've lived through my "going out and getting trashed and hooking up with strangers" phase. Remember when I went off to college? That's what I was doing. Now all I want to do is stay in my nice apartment and get drunk and high in the comfort of my own home while something mildly entertaining plays of the television in front of me. However, if you two need a ride tonight call me instead of getting a taxi again like two fuckheads."

Finnick laughs and grabs Gale arm. The routine has been complete, and with Gale's tail between his legs he will be more likely to get a move on. We are nothing if not a well oiled machine.

"We'll see you guys tomorrow morning probably." Finn flashes a smile and Gale a sulky grimace before they head out the door. I follow behind to lock the deadbolt, and hear Peeta in the kitchen where he is presumably cleaning out the bubbler. He likes things to be clean, and I can't say I mind when he is the one doing the cleaning. Walking into my room (the master thankfully), I grab my blanket, walking out and hurling it down on the couch. My body follows close behind, and much in the same fashion as the blanket onto the couch, and I listen as Peeta completes his cleaning process.

"Okay so which one are we on?" I ask while I check my phone.

Peeta walks up and hands me a freshly packed bubbler before heading towards the DVD player.

"Return of the King. Get greens on that."

I nod at him and take a hit, handing him the piece once he settles down on the love seat. The movie starts in silence as we pass the smoking apparatus back and forth, getting comfortably high, and reveling in the magic of Middle Earth. After a few minutes I feel the unfortunate signs that I need to take a piss begin to stir. Getting up I make my way to the bathroom, and when I return to the couch I find Peeta wrapped in my blanket taking up its entirety.

"What the fuck man." I laugh at how smug he looks to have stolen my seat and make my way over to the love seat before he speaks up.

"You know, you can join me Katniss." I turn to look at him, and see that he has lifted up the blanket, essentially inviting me to spoon with him on the couch. If Gale and Finn were here this would never happen but ever since we started fucking the lines have begun to blur whenever we are alone. I'm not sure how I feel about it to be honest. I mean, don't get me wrong: the sex is absolutely amazing; mind blowing even, and I've definitely done the friends who fuck thing before, with great success. Shit, Gale and I even had a very short lived fling in high school. But this thing with Peeta is different somehow in my head, and that confuses the fuck out of me.

I don't do feelings. At least not romantic feelings. There's no room. I already feel the feelings I can't control too strongly to not be absolutely terrified of letting my heart run the whole decision making thing. However I am quickly realizing this is starting to be one of those things I can't control.

So I hesitate as I consider his offer. When his eyes begin to sadden ever so slightly however, I find myself climbing onto the couch with him, enveloped by his warmth. I can't help the heavy feeling that this is a losing battle for me in the long run, but the way he smells and the way his chest feels pressed against my back causes me to close my eyes and lose my train of thought; all reasonable thought gone instantaneously.

Fuck me.

When his arm winds it's way around my middle, drawing me closer, I instinctively wrap my own arm around his, securing it to my middle. Lately I've been super aware of my actions around Peeta, trying to not let myself give into the simplest of impulses, impulses I've never had before for anyone. This morning when he had a tuft of fuzz in his hair I slipped, running my hand through his hair for too long and not realizing it until he cleared this throat, bringing me back to reality.

To say my inability to contain my actions unnerved me would be an understatement. Yet now here I am, holding him to me, wrapped in his arms, our legs intertwined as his heart beats wildly in his chest against my back. He's hard already against my ass and it's obvious he's been ready for this for some time. But does his attraction to me actually mean anything? I can hear the reason nagging at my mind, but my body doesn't seem to fucking care, and my ass takes on a mind of it's own. I begin to slowly and intermittently pressing my ass against him, eventually working into a painfully teasing thrusting game, one I decide to speed up by bringing his hand up over my tit.

Peeta buries his face in my neck when I reach between us and grab him through his shorts, and his fingers fly to my nipple when I finally undo his zipper. He's not fully hard and begins to rock into my hand, which I have begun to move up and down his shaft in time with our thrusting motions. I moan, surprising myself. Usually I see foreplay as a pretense to what I actually want to be doing, but for some reason getting Peeta off gets me so hot I can barely function correctly until he's inside me. It's slightly disconcerting. When I'm so wet I can feel it soaking my shorts, I sit up, sliding off the couch and kneel in front of him.

His hands find my hair as I begin to fuck him with my mouth. I don't know how I got lucky and managed to have somewhat great oral prowess but the things I can do with my mouth have never been explored as thoroughly as they have the past few months with Peeta. I can't help it. For some reason it turns me into a new person, the kind that does shit like I am currently doing, as I force him to sit up on the couch and I take my shirt and bra off. My knees, which I'm sitting on are spread so far apart even I'm impressed with myself, my hands gripping his hips as I do what could only be described as suckle on his cock.

His beautiful, perfect cock. I have seen some nice penis in my time but his is simply wonderful, thick but not too much, long enough that it's impressive, and most importantly: he knows what he is doing with it. And dear God do I love the things I get to do with it.

I begin to move up and down on my knees, my nipples brushing him with every pass as I bob up and down on his cock. After going to town for more than twenty minutes I finally can't take not being in on the fun anymore. I look up at him, making eye contact as his cock swells even more in my mouth. I pop him out of my mouth, and he guides me to straddle him, taking my breast in his mouth when I finally am settled. Moaning I throw my head back, weaving my hands through his hair. This is why I can't dwell on my pesky feelings; if he doesn't return them it could ruin these moments, where I think I could come from just his tongue on my tit.

"Katniss." He murmurs against me and I hum in response. "Bedroom." He grunts out and I step off the couch, shirtless and pull him behind me, the both of us practically sprinting to my room. I lose my shorts in record time and grab one of the necessity driven strategically placed condom. When he takes his time taking off his clothes I watch as I lazily tweak my own nipple. He catches me doing so and jumps on top of me gracelessly causing us both to start laughing. We laugh so hard that I'm still laughing when he finally pushes into me, all the way in one rough thrust.

The laugh in my throat turns immediately into a moan of gratitude. One thing I've learned about Peeta is that he likes to fuck me methodically. Thoroughly. When he's on top of me, my legs wrapped around him, my hands clinging to his ass, he likes slow, hard, long thrusts, where he can watch himself slowly disappear inside of me. It drives me insane. He lets out a rumble, deep from his chest and I can't help the whine that escapes from me.

Usually we have to be quiet so no one knows what it is that we are doing, but tonight there's no one to hear. Realizing that does something to me, and when Peeta's hips are once again flush with mine, I can't keep silent anymore. It's like a pipe that's been clogged and has finally been cleared when I open my mouth, and I can tell that Peeta really really likes it. So much so that he when he withdraws to flip me over on my stomach I know it's because he can't continue his slow pace anymore. I distantly realize that I'm gradually becoming more excited as he begins to fuck me with his fingers while I lay on my stomach keening like an animal. I love when he fucks me from behind. If everyone had to specialize in something sexually, taking a woman from behind would be his.

He slowly fucks me with one finger, driving me insane as he bites at my shoulders and back.

"Fuck. Just one finger and you're so tight. That's amazing." He tells me roughly in my ear.

I push against his finger, hoping to convey to him that I'm beyond ready to get the show on the road.

"What's amazing is how good your finger feels, even if I much prefer your cock." I smirk at him over my shoulder and he laughs at me, before sliding an arm under my stomach and hoisting me up onto all fours.

"Oh I can accommodate your preferences." He says as he slides into me, and I groan.

"Yessssssssssssss. Fuck Peeta, yes." I repeat this phrase over and over, pushing back against him, feeling his balls slap against my ass with the force of our thrusts. I grip onto the sheets below my hands, until I have to use one on the headboard to keep myself up due to the sheer force Peeta is using to fuck me. When one of his hands reaches around and begins to rub against my clit, his teeth scraping down my shoulder blade whatever control I had flies by the wayside.

I've never been what would be described as a "screamer" but in this moment I can't seem to keep from doing so. All I can say is his name, something I'm sure my neighbors are currently thrilled to be learning as I scream it over and over again in time with the slapping of our bodies.

"Fuck Katniss. Fuck I'm going to come." He grunts out as he slams into me and stays put for a few moments, something he knows by now that really gets me going.

"Me too". I finally choke out and he begins to furiously fuck me, my eyes rolling back in my head as white flashes begin to take over my senses. As I begin to convulse in pleasure I can feel him do the same, driving himself into me one last time before staying there and collapsing against my back, causing me to drop into the mattress breathless.

When he finally rolls off of me, I follow and he immediately takes me into his arms.

"You're really good at that you know." I tease as I draw a finger through his chest hair. He chuckles and rubs his nose in my hair.

"You inspire me." His voice is low in how he replies, so I turn to look at him, those fucking feelings invading all over again. I start to begin to speak when the sound of the door unlocking interrupts me.

"I guess Finn and Gale are home." I sigh, lying my head down on his chest instead of saying something stupid about how I love him. His fingers trace my upper arm slowly.

"Yeah .I guess the funs over." It's all he says before yawning and drifting off to sleep, but unlike any of the other times, he doesn't loosen his grip on me.

Maybe for now that's going to have to be good enough.