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Yu-gi-oh! Lockout

Chapter 1: Enter Yu-Gi-Oh World!

(Real World- At random apartment)

A boy shouted, "I tribute two monsters to summon my Blue-Eyes White Dragon in Attack Position!" Then he placed a card on a fancy board.

A stranger shocked, "W-What?! It can't be!"

The boy smirked, "How do you like it? This is Old School duel! That's why I love them! Now you have only 300 Life Points left! I'm going to attack your Harpie Lady with my Blue-Eyes White Dragon! You lose!"

Stranger LP: 300-0

Boy LP: 900

The boy chuckled, "Good game, KingofGame1312!"

The stranger chuckled, "Yeah, good game, Nathas."

KingofGame1312 has left the duel.

That was boy's username in the video game, but his actual name was Nathan. He removed his headset, and placed it on his desk. He picked his deck up and simply stared at it. 'This is last day of beta tester game. There's only two hours left until the beta is over! This is going to be fun! It's better than most of previous Yu-Gi-Oh! online games, such as dueling network, Yu-Gi-Oh! Accelerator, and others. This is a video game where I can move my toon freely to find someone to duel. I can't wait sooner!' thought Nathan.

There was a keyboard next to the technology board that was designed for Yu-Gi-Oh only. Apparently, there's new technology where you can play your own deck and used it through computer online. That's new high-tech.

Suddenly, he heard his cell phone ringing, and smiled, "Oh, it's him! I bet he excited about new Yu-Gi-Oh! Online game!" He picked it up and answered the phone. *Hey, Joey!*

*Hey, Nathan!* replied Joey.

*Yeah! What's up, buddy?!* greeted Nathan.

*Umm, I just bought new cards from the store. I just finished construct my deck. That's all I could find,* said Joey.

*That's good! What's your deck?* asked Nathan.

*Well, I have Dark Magician card, so I guess I call it Dark Magician Deck.*

Nathan laughed, *Dark Magician, huh? So, it's like you are Yugi, and I'm Kaiba.*

*Yeah, what about you? What kind of deck do you have?*

*Me? Of course, Dragon Deck! Well, my signature card is Blue-Eyes White Dragon.*

*I knew it! It's your favorite. You would use something like that. Oh, by the way, how's Beta? I heard you were qualified for it. Is it good?* asked Joey.

Nathan grinned, *Yeah! It's really good! I can use my own deck to play online. I never thought that they would invent something like that. I'm glad it exists! I don't have to worry if they use that stupid Synchro or XYZ monsters. Well, I ran into some people who use Synchro or XYZ deck. I got owned by them harder! Did you pre-order digital online by the way?*

*Yeah, I preordered last month. Oh, yeah. Do you want to come over and duel me in real life? So that's way I can practice before new Yu-Gi-Oh game releases?" asked Joey.

Nathan nodded, *Yeah, sure! I will be over in fifteen minutes. See you later!*

Joey nodded, *Yeah, see you in fifteen minutes then.* Then he hung up on Nathan.

'All right! I guess I will leave now,' thought Nathan. Then he put his deck into his backpack, and got on his car. Then, he started the engine, and began to run the car. 'Joey, you just come back to play Yu-Gi-Oh because of this game. Don't worry. I will defeat you in few seconds! There's no way you can defeat me after returning to Yu-Gi-Oh for nearly ten years! You have Dark Magician with 2500 Attack Point, and I have Blue-Eyes White Dragon with 3000 Attack point! I will win!'

(About 15 minutes later)

Nathan got off the car, and put the backpack around his back. He walked to Joey's porch and rang the bell. He smiled, "It's Nathan!"

Then, the door opened, revealing Joey in front of him. He greeted, "Hey, Nathan! Come inside. I have prepared for our duel. This way." Then they walked on way to living room.

Nathan chuckled, "You finally come back. Last time you played was about ten years ago. I doubt you will be able to defeat me."

Joey rubbed his hair and nodded, "I know. But please tell me if I do right or wrong. That's all right with you?"

Nathan sighed, "Sure… I will help you then."

Joey pointed down at the table and said, "This table will be our duel. Can I go first?"

"Sure. You can go first, since you just come back," replied Nathan. Then, he sat on the chair and shuffled the deck before placing it on the table.

Then, Joey sat on the chair and shuffled his deck before placing it on the table as well. He smiled, "Okay, I will go first!" Then he drew six cards to his hand.

Nathan LP: 8000

Joey LP: 8000

Nathan drew five cards to his hand and chuckled, "Let's see what you can do."

Joey nodded, "All right, I play Graceful Charity! I can draw three cards, and then I discard two cards." He added three cards to his hand by drawing them, and sent two cards from the hand to the graveyard.

"Hmm, not bad start," said Nathan.

Joey smiled, "Thank you. Next, I'm going to place my monster in face-down defense position, and this card." He placed his monster and his trap/spell face-down. "End of this turn."

Nathan shouted, "My turn!" He drew a card, and took a look at it. He sighed, "I'm going to set my monster, and place one card." He placed his both cards face-down. "End of my turn!"

Joey grinned, "All right! My turn!" He drew a card, and took a look at the card he just drew. He cheered, "All right! I'm going to activate Swords of Revealing Light!" He placed his Swords of Revealing Light. He pointed down at Nathan's monster face-down and smiled, "You have to flip up that one, due to the effect of my Swords of Revealing Light! Also, you cannot attack me for three turns!"

Nathan smirked, "Thank you."

Joey confused, "What?"

Nathan flipped his face-down monster up, revealing Skelengel.

Skelengel: Level 2 Light Fairy 900/400

Flip: Draw 1 card.

"When it flipped, I can draw one card." He drew one more card.

Joey shrugged, "Who cares? You cannot defend your life point. I'm going to play Lightning Vortex!" He placed his Lightning Vortex on the board.

Nathan chuckled, "Oh, well. But you have to discard one card in your hand anyways."

"I know that! Your monster is destroyed anyways," replied Joey. "I discard one card to destroy your monster." He sent Cyber-Stein to the graveyard from the field.

Nathan sent his Skelengel from the field to the graveyard. "You should have saved it for my powerful monster," said Nathan.

"Well it doesn't matter. I need to inflict damage to your life point," said Joey. He shouted, "I summon Axe Raider!" Then, he placed his Axe Raider on the board.

Axe Raider: Level 4 Earth Warrior 1700/1150

Then, Joey pointed at Nathan and smiled, "I'm going to use my Axe Raider to direct attack at you! You lose 1700 attack point!"

Nathan LP: 8000-6300

Joey smiled, "End of my turn."

Nathan growled, "My turn!" Then, he drew a card, and it was Baby Dragon. He thought, 'I don't have a card that can beat his monster.' Then he looked at his two Blue-Eyes White Dragon in his hand. 'I have two of them. But I can't attack them…' Then he noticed that there was a Dragged Down Into the Grave spell card. 'Wait a second!'

Joey smiled, "What's wrong? Are you thinking?"

Nathan looked at Joey who held only one card right now. He smirked, 'All right! Since he has only one card, he must discard one. Of course, he has to discard one of my cards as well. I'm sure he will discard my Blue-Eyes White Dragon.'

'He's smiling. What's he planning to do? What card will he play next?' thought Joey.

Nathan chuckled, "Too bad. You will lose one card. I don't know what kind of card you have in your hand, but I'm sure it's good card." Then he shouted, "I play Dragged Down Into the Grave!" Then, he placed his Dragged Down Into the Grave on the board.

"What's that card?" confused Joey.

Nathan smiled, "This card is a spell that allows us to look at our hand and discard one card from our hand to the graveyard, and then we draw one card." He pointed at Joey's hand and snickered, "In other words, you must discard one card! Discard one now!"

Joey sighed, "Dammit, now I lost my favorite card." He placed his Dark Magician on his graveyard zone.

Nathan laughed, "At least I prevent you from summoning Dark Magician on your next turn." Then, he showed his hand to Joey.

Joey scanned all of his cards and thought, 'Umm, he got two Blue-Eyes White Dragon already in his hand. He has Swing of Memories, Diabolos, King of the Abyss, and Baby Dragon. He got four good cards. If I discard his Blue-Eyes, he will special summon it with his Swing of Memories once my Swords of Revealing Light is over. If I discard his Swing of Memories, he can still summon his Blue-Eyes by tribute two monsters on his field. I guess I got no choice but to do it.' Then he declared, "I choose your Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

Nathan chuckled, "Good choice." He discarded one of his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the graveyard. "Now we draw one card." Both of them drew one card. "Next, I will set my monster, and end of my turn."

'It must be his Baby Dragon. I know, because I saw his monster when he used that spell.' Then he drew a card and shouted, "My turn! I summon La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp in Attack position!"

La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp: Level 4 Dark Fiend 1800/1000

"W-What?!" shocked Nathan.

"I'm going to attack your face-down monster with my Axe Raider!" declared Joey.

'D-Dammit! I got bad start!' thought Nathan. His face-down appeared to be Baby Dragon.

Joey smiled, "I knew it's your Baby Dragon! Now La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp will direct attack you! You lose 1800 life points!"

Nathan LP: 6300-4500

Joey LP: 8000

Nathan clenched his fist and thought angrily, 'D-Dammit! How can I be beaten by him? He just came back to Yu-Gi-Oh! I cannot lose to him!'

Joey smiled, "End of my turn. What's wrong, Nathan? I thought you will beat me?"

Nathan chuckled, "I will find a way to beat you! My turn!" Then, he drew a card and immediately widened his eyes. 'This card is…' He spotted a card he just drew was Card Destruction. 'It doesn't matter if he lost only one card. I need to draw more so I can beat him!'

"Did you draw a good card?" asked Joey.

Nathan nodded, "That's right!" He showed his Card Destruction to Joey, and described, "We have to discard all of our hand and draw the same numbers we discarded. You have only one card in your hand. That means you have to draw only one card. For me, I have four cards, so I have to draw four cards." Nathan sent all of his four cards to the graveyard, and drew new four cards.

Joey shrugged, "It's only one card, so it shouldn't be problem." He discarded one card to draw one card.

Nathan stared at his hands and smirked, 'Perfect! I don't have to worry about it. I have raise this attack up. There's no way he will destroy my monster.' Then he declared, "I summon Twin-Headed Behemoth in Attack Position." Then he placed it on the board in face-up position.

Twin-Headed Behemoth: Level 3 Wind Dragon 1500/1200

Joey chuckled, "Are you stupid or what? Your monster with 1500 attack point cannot beat my monster!"

Nathan scoffed, "You will see. I play Dragon Treasure and equip it to Twin-Headed Behemoth! When I equip to a dragon, he will increase 300 attack points! End of my turn."

Twin-Headed Behemoth: 1500/1200-1800/1200

Joey shocked, "W-What the?!"

Nathan smirked, "What are you going to do? I have only one turn left. After that, I'm free."

Joey drew a card and said, "My turn!" Then, he summoned Celtic Guardian and declared, "End of my turn."

Celtic Guardian: Level 4 Earth Warrior 1400/1200

'W-What?! Why didn't he attack me? He could have finished me by now! Is he giving me a mercy? Dammit! I am going to make him regret that he gave me a mercy!' thought Nathan. Then he drew a card and shouted, "My turn!" Suddenly, he smirked, "I drew a right card! I will play my Monster Reborn!" He placed his Monster Reborn on the board. "I will revive my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" He special summoned Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Level 8 Light Dragon 3000/2500

Joey shocked, "W-What?! You revived Blue-Eyes White Dragon?!"

Nathan chuckled, "You will regret that you give me a mercy! But I'm not done yet! I will tribute my Twin-Headed Behemoth to summon Genesis Dragon!" He sent his Twin-Headed Behemoth to the graveyard from the field, and then he placed his Genesis Dragon on the field. "Heh, end of my turn!"

Joey declared, "My turn!" Then he drew a card.

"Since three turns are over, your Swords of Revealing Light do no longer exist on your field! Please remove it from your field," said Nathan.

Joey simply nodded and sent his Swords of Light Revealing to the graveyard. Suddenly, he smirked, "Oh, by the way, you lost!"

"What do you mean?" confused Nathan.

Joey smiled, "First, I'm going to play this card." He placed his Change of Heart on his field.

Nathan shocked, "W-What?! D-Don't tell me-!"

"That's right! I will take control of your Blue-Eyes!" declared Joey.

Nathan growled, "D-Dammit!" He placed his Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the side of Joey's field.

Joey chuckled, "Do you know what my face-down monster is? I haven't flipped this one since my first turn."

"What?" shocked Nathan.

Then, Joey flipped face-down monster to face-up attack position, revealing Magician of Faith.

Magician of Faith: Level 1 Light Spellcaster 300/400

Flip: Target 1 Spell Card in your graveyard, add that target to your hand.

Nathan widened his eyes and gulped, "Don't tell me you're going to revive that Spell Card back?"

Joey nodded, "That's right! I'm going to revive Lightning Vortex!" He picked up the Lightning Vortex from the graveyard. "I will play this card!" He placed his Lightning Vortex on the field. "I will discard this last card to destroy your monster!" He discarded his card to the graveyard. "That means your Genesis Dragon is destroyed! Next, I direct attack you with my Celtic Guardian!" Then, his Genesis Dragon was destroyed thanks to Lightning Vortex.

Nathan LP: 4500-3100

"Next, I will attack you with my Axe Raider!" declared Joey.

Nathan LP: 3100-1400

"Finally, I will attack you with your own Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" shouted Joey.

Nathan LP: 1400-0

Joey cheered, "Yeah! I won!"

"I lose!" shocked Nathan.

Joey smiled, "Yeah, that's good game, but I beat you. That's good experience for me."

'Impossible! I got owned by him harder! I can't even inflict damage to him! How comes I can't? I came back to Yu-Gi-Oh four months ago. He finally returned to Yu-Gi-Oh since ten years ago! How could he beat me like that?' thought Nathan. He clenched fists and snarled, "Joey, how do you beat me?! You just come back to play, right?!"

Joey smiled proudly, "Yeah, I just come back to play Yu-Gi-Oh. You just have to believe in your deck. It's Heart of the Card!"

Nathan scowled, "Nonsense!"

Joey confused, "Huh?"

"There's no such as Heart of the Card in real life! That's only thing Yugi would say that! You have no right to quote him like that! I'm going to home! See you in game!" complained Nathan. Then, he immediately left the house and slammed the door.

Joey sighed, "Geez, he reminds me of Kaiba. Oh, well. I have to prepare for game in next hour soon." Suddenly, he smiled, "Oh, yeah! First, I need to eat something!"

(With Nathan- On traffic)

While driving on way to his apartment, he handled the wheel, and thought angrily, 'D-Dammit! How could I be beaten? Heart of the Card? That's bullshit! That's only happen in Anime! Even he built his own deck, and still beat my Dragon deck?!' Then he checked his watch and sighed, "Only 45 minutes left to midnight. I guess I will stop by K-Circle to buy some drink so I can calm down. Dammit!"

He spotted K-Circle a few yards away. He went to K-Circle to park there. He went into K-Circle and bought Sprite. But before he left the store, he immediately noticed one of his friends next to gas station. Apparently, his friend was going to fuel his car for a gas.

He walked to his friend and smiled, "Hey, Randy! What're you doing here?"

Randy glanced over his shoulder and immediately recognized his face. He smiled cheerfuly, "Hey, Nathan! What're you doing here?"

"I came here to buy some drink. I am going back to home," said Nathan.

"Where were you?" asked Randy.

"Oh, I just went to duel with my friend at his house," replied Nathan.

Randy smiled cheerfully, "Yu-Gi-Oh? Oh, by the way, only thirty minutes left until game started! Are you ready for it?"

Nathan nodded, "Yeah! I can't wait for it! Mouse, Board, Keyboard, Computer and Deck combines are too epic! We can use our own deck instead of using in-game deck! That's awesome right?"

Randy nodded, "Yup! A lot of people love this new game." Suddenly, he heard the beep. He glanced over his shoulder and saw that his gas fuel stopped. He smiled, "Oh, gas fuel is finished. I guess I will leave. Oh, yeah. I will call you what my username is." Then, he got in his car and smiled, "See you later!"

Nathan waved him good-bye and smiled, "See you later…" Sighing, he walked over to his car and got in it. He started the engine and thought, 'I should not be angry when I lost. It's just bad start. That's all. I'm going to beat Joey next time! He should be easy to defeat!' He stepped on the gas, running the car.

(Fifteen minutes later- Nathan's Apartment)

The door slowly opened, as the light turned on. Nathan sighed, "Finally I'm home." He closed the door and walked to the computer. He picked up the deck from his pocket and stared at his deck. 'I will win with this deck for sure! When Joey and I get on, I will duel him first and beat him! It's only bad start. That's all! I have only five minutes!' Suddenly, he felt something wrong. He gulped, "I need a bathroom!" He immediately ran to the bathroom and slammed the door on.

Few minutes later, Nathan finally came out of bathroom and sighed in relief, "Whew. That's so good! It took forever, but it's only…" He checked his watch and widened his eyes in panic. It said '11:59pm'. "Shit! I need to start now!"

He rushed to the computer and entered Yu-Gi-Oh online game. Then, he typed his username "Nathas", and typed his password. But the screen popped out and said, Please wait for the game to launch in 30 seconds. 30…29…28…27…26…25…

Nathan smirked, 'Yes, I have to be prepare! I will place my deck down!' Then he placed his deck down on his technology board. 'I'm ready! Bring it on, Joey!'

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

'Yes, here it comes!' excited Nathan. Suddenly, computer just acted up for some reason. "What the?! What's going on? Why isn't this new-brand computer working?'

Suddenly, he could feel the strong wind coming from his computer. "W-What?! What's with this wind?" However, he could feel that something started to pull him. 'What's going on? Something pulled me!'

He carefully stared at the computer, and spotted a green card. He confused, "Huh?" A picture and name appeared on the green card. It said Dark Hole. "What will this Dark Hole do with me?" Suddenly, that Dark Hole dragged him into the computer.

(Unknown Location)

Nathas slowly opened his eyes, and saw a night sky. He struggled to get up, and groaned, "What was that just now?" But when he fully opened his eyes, he immediately noticed that there were an Anime people around him. He shocked, "W-What?! Why are there Anime people? They look like Anime!"

He heard the voices, "What's going on? Why are we Anime now?" "I don't know! That card called Dark Hole pulled us in!" "Where are we?!" "Hey, what happened?!" "The moment computer counted to zero, Dark Hole suddenly pulled us in!"

Nathas confused, "What's going on?" Since some of them mentioned that they were Anime now. So he decided to look at his hand. He widened his eyes and shocked, I'm Anime, too!" Suddenly, something appeared in his mind. 'D-Don't tell me… This is Yu-Gi-Oh world?!'

Just then, the voice from the sky chuckled, "Hello, my people!"

Nathas looked up at the sky and shocked, "W-What?!"

"Hello, my name is Victor, the creator of this Yu-Gi-Oh online game! I'm thankful that you helped me to reach my goal," explained the voice.

'Reach his goal?' confused Nathas.

Victor's voice continued, "In order to do that, some of you Beta Tester might experience this online game, but you guys never been in this world. Well, it's just beta, but I made some change for this game. Before I can tell you about it, there's thing you need to know about it. You are currently in Yu-Gi-Oh world, and in Japan. You're no longer from the country you live in, unless you're Japanese in real life. But this Japan is different from real life Japan."

Nathas widened his eyes and shocked, "Yu-Gi-Oh World and Japan?!"

"The world you're now in will be based on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster series, but there will be some change due to your appearance. It will start from Duelist Kingdom Arc. If you really want to get out of this world, you must beat a certain person! After you beat a certain person, you will have to beat me in a duel. A certain person will be last boss. You are not required to duel at all. You're free to do anything in this world. There will be like daily life in real world. Yes, there will be even death and pain!"

Nathas scoffed, "It will be easy because I know what they will play a card since I watched that series."

"However, I will replace your memory of this series," said Victor.

Nathas shocked, "W-What did you say?!"

"You will not remember what they're going to do, but you will remember only in real life. Not this series. In other words, you will not know what they're going to play a card. When your memory is replaced, you will know some of your random friends. You will know where you live. You may meet Yugi and others or not. Also, some of your cards won't be available in Duelist Kingdom Arc. That means you will wake up with some of missing card. You will have to buy new cards in store. Now, I will start the game. I shall replace your memory. You shall wake up at your random home. You shall wake up with your new memory of this series. Enjoy the game," finished Victor.

Nathas shocked, "W-Wait!" Suddenly, he started to sleep and yawned, 'Dammit! I'm tired. I can't stay awake! I feel like someone drugged me!' He fell asleep on the ground.

To be continued…

A/N: Yes, he got locked out in Yu-Gi-Oh World. Thanks to Victor's nasty technology, now they must find a way to get out of Yu-Gi-Oh World. Yes, this is Duelist Kingdom Arc, but they will have to do something before Duelist Kingdom started. I will not focus on Yugi and others. I will focus on Nathas and Joey. Joey's username will be revealed later.

Oh, yeah. Joey is not Yu-Gi-Oh's Joey. I will use Yugi and others' Japanese Verison name. For example, Joey Wheeler is Jounochui. Tea Gardner is Anzu. Tristan is Honda. Don't foget that. :)... See you next chapter!

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