Takes place during the CPR scene in "Seduced". Pacific Blue belongs to "North Hall Productions, Inc", Bill Nuss, Rigel, and Gary Nardino. Some slight language.

Russ' breath caught in his throat when he saw Molly lying motionless. No, no, no, no, no, no! Please! Please, no! he thought to himself. This couldn't be happening. Not again. He couldn't let this crap take her away too. He couldn't go through another death. There was no way he'd survive losing Molly as well.

"Roll ambulance at the back of the PIP Studios West Washington and Cramer. Juvenile female, possible drug overdose. Initiating CPR," he said into his radio and then quickly ran over to Molly and started and checked her for a pulse, his heart plummeting when he found none. No, no, no, no, no! his mind screamed as he started the process. "Come on, Molly! Breathe!" he said. Please. Please, don't take her too, he pleaded. He couldn't lose her too. Not after Tim. God couldn't still be punishing him for his sins…could he? Breathe, Molly! Breathe! he silently urged. When she heard the location, Cory spun her bike around and headed in the direction of the studio. When she got there, she found Russ frantically working on a young blonde girl.

"I got her! I got her!" she said and started the counting. After five pumps, Russ breathed into the girl's mouth. Please, Molly. Come back to us, Kiddo. Come on. Don't you die on me! he screamed internally. "Nothing. Go!" the woman stated.

"Come on! Not again! Not you too!" he cried desperately. Please, please, please, please, please! I can't lose her too! Please don't do this to me! Molly, come on! he thought as he started around round of compressions. Again? What is he talking about? Cory wondered. How did he know this girl? She could hear the terror in his voice, not that she blamed him, but she had to admit, she was scared too. The girl was so young. She didn't want to have to tell this girl's parents about her dying. To her surprise, Russ pushed her aside and once more started the chest compressions. "Don't you die!" he cried emotionally. Then, he gave her a quick breath. He was about to start the next set of compressions when she started coughing. With a sigh of relief, Russ cradled Molly in his arms. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, he thought. He hadn't lost her. Molly was still with him. He hadn't lost her. He hadn't failed her too. Seeing this, Cory stared at the young rookie, realizing for the first time that there was more to him that she had originally thought…