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This is my first fanfic! I'm writing this because I love Shizaya, and it's good short story writing practice.

Anyway, I want the story's plot to be a bit of a surprise (although I'm sure some people will work it out straight away), so once all is revealed in a future chapter, I'll comment on it.

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Of course, this sound could only mean one thing. Shizuo Heiwajima, the monster of Ikebukuro, had just run into his arch nemesis, Izaya Orihara.

"Well if it isn't Shizu-chan~!" Izaya exclaimed with his typical, sarcastically sweet, tone of voice. "How can I help you on this fine afternoon, Shizu-chan?"

"How about you get the hell out of Ikebukuro, or let me kill you right here?" Shizuo snarled rhetorically, knowing that this fight would most likely pan out like every other one of their fights - with no victor. Izaya whipped out his knife and began taunting Shizuo, swiftly and gracefully dodging his attacks, and parrying occasionally with his blade. Suddenly, Izaya misread Shizuo's actions and a fist was heading straight towards his face. It was too late, there was nothing he could do to dodge. Just as Shizuo's fist was about to make contact, a bright light flashed and the pair lost consciousness.

When they came to, they were in a completely unrecognisable street, which to Izaya was slightly unsettling because he knew Ikebukuro like the back of his hand, and this place was definitely not Ikebukuro. He and Shizuo looked around simultaneously while blinking away the spots in their eyes, trying to get their bearings. When they looked each other in the eyes a silent, mutual truce was formed… at least until they figured out what just happened. Confusion clearly staining each other's faces, they pondered the phenomenon that had caused them to wind up in a strange area, still without uttering a word to the other.

Teleportation…? What the hell, that's not possible. Why the hell did I have to get stuck with this stupid protozoan, and where the hell are we?!

"What did you do, flea?!" Shizuo growled angrily at Izaya.

"Shizu-chan~" Izaya said playfully, his famous smirk spreading itself across his face, "You know perfectly that not even I would be capable of causing something like this to happen." Shizuo looked down, balled his fists and clicked his tongue. Tch. That annoying flea's got a point.

"Well then, if you weren't responsible, what the hell just happened?" Shizuo mumbled.

"How would I know, Shizu-chan?"

"Tsk. So what do we do then?" the frustrated blonde asked. Before Izaya had the chance to answer, a young male approached the pair.

"Holy shit! Your cosplay is amazing! You look exactly like Izaya and Shizuo!" he exclaimed with a big grin on his face. "Can I get a photo with you guys?"

"What the hell do you mean look like? I am Shizuo Heiwajima." Shizuo replied

"Oh yeah… And I'm Kida Masaomi," the male said sarcastically. "But seriously, great cosplay."

" - the fuck, punk? Is this some kinda joke? Because you're pissing me off. Do you want me throw you to the other side of Ikebukuro?! And what the hell is cosplay?! Did Izaya pay you to do this to annoy me on purpose?!" Shizuo replied through gritted teeth, bending down so he was face to face with the young man and glaring at him through angry eyes.

"Now, Shizu-chan, calm down, I'm sure he means no harm~" Izaya chirped. This is getting interesting. I'm just as curious about what this guy is saying as Shizu-chan is, but I'll let him embarrass himself first. This is fun to watch~

"Shut up flea," Shizuo snapped at Izaya

"No way," the male said, his eyes widening with excitement. "You guys are role players!? This is so awesome! You're exactly like them! By far, most realistic cosplay I've seen, you've-" The male was cut off by the buzzing of his mobile. He glanced down at it, made a disappointed face, then looked back up at the pair.

"I've gotta run, maybe I'll see ya 'round Shizuo and Izaya," the male said as he laughed to himself and ran off down the street.

"The hell was his problem!?" Shizuo grumbled

"Cosplay- " Izaya said, completely ignoring Shizuo's comment. Izaya paused, and continued once Shizuo had had the time to cool off and give him his full attention. "- is dressing up as a character from something… And role play is acting like them, haven't you seen Erika and Walker doing it before?" Izaya smirked, but something about his tone was almost… serious?

"What are you implying?"

"Implying! I'm surprised a protozoan like you would even know that word, let alone know how use it," Izaya taunted, swiftly changing the subject.


"ANYWAY" Izaya said, changing the subject once again in the hopes of distracting Shizuo from the rage that was quickly boiling inside him, "It's getting late. We should find some place to stay."

And find somewhere that has access to the internet. I need to check some things...