[ A/N ] Hi everyone. I probably should have done this ages ago, but I didn't think to do this until I saw a similar thing on someone else's fic.

Anyway, for those of you who follow this story, and were looking forward to the sequel but haven't bothered to browse for it - is has been published!

[ s/9540773/1/Return-to-the-real-world ]

Yeah, now because I think this kinda thing is actually against the rules (seeing as it's not actually a chapter) here's a little mini story about Izaya and his companion. (It'll probably make more sense if you've read 'Return to the real world')

Izaya stood and admired his work. Lined up all around the apartment were little cereal boxes, the type often found at breakfast buffets in hotels, which had been decorated to look like mini vending machines. Along with those, there were also hand crafted, miniature, street signs. Now that his enemy was armed, Izaya walked over to the kitchen counter and armed himself, stuffing his weapon of choice into his pocket.

Everything was in place. Izaya grinned mischievously.

Time to release the beast.

"Oh Shizuuuu~"

Izaya opened the door to his bedroom, and Shizu-nyan bounded out towards him. Izaya jumped backwards, dodging all the mini vending machines the clumsy kitten knocked in his direction, and pulled out his weapon. Catnip.

He thrust the catnip at Shizu-nyan, causing the cat to become even more angered, charging at Izaya. In reality the cat, of course, was not angry, but instead was just extremely interested in the catnip.

"You damn flea" Izaya imagined Shizu-nyan mewing.

"Catch me if you can, Shizu-nyan~" Izaya said, genuinely laughing for the first time in months.

Shizu-nyan's eyes glittered cheekily as he crouched down, not taking his eyes off the catnip in Izaya's hands.

When Izaya let his guard down for just a moment, Shizu-nyan pounced, landing on Izaya's chest and subsequently knocking him off his feet.

"You're strong for a little kitty~" Izaya said as he lifted the small animal above his head before nuzzling its nose with his own. "Just like Shizu-chan~!"

Shizu-nyan mewed happily, licking Izaya on the cheek with its rough tongue.

"How about we get you some milk~?"

"Mew mew"

"I'll take that as a yes then, Shizu-nyan~"

You really are just like Shizu-chan. If only he was as cute and cuddly~"