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"Hold on a second. Why am I getting roped into this wedding thing? Jo isn't my cousin. She's Jess' cousin."

"Don't look at it as helping Jo. Look at it as helping Jess; who, by the way, is your family. Look, Dean, do it for me, okay? It's just for a couple of days."

"You know I don't mind babysitting the pipsqueak, it's just I was going to take up another shift at the firehouse."

"I'll pay you to babysit her."

"I'm not going to get paid to babysit my niece. I'm not doing the shift for the money, Sam."

"What's wrong?"

Dean Winchester sighed into the phone. It never failed. No matter how many damn times he told his brother he didn't want to talk about his feelings, Sam would always push. Dean was just restless on his days off. He was bored. He needed a hobby. He didn't need to talk to someone to figure that out.

"Nothing. I'm fine. I'll go pick her up tomorrow. Do you need me to drop her off, too?"

"No, no. I can do that. You just pick her up and keep her until I get off work. Are you sure everything's – "

"Yes. Good night, Sam," Dean told his baby brother before hanging up on him.

Dean set his phone on the island in his kitchen. He took the last swig of his beer and looked around. He was bored with nothing to do. He took another drink before deciding to just go to bed. He was going to need a lot of sleep to keep up with his niece tomorrow, anyway.


Dean woke up to his phone ringing the next morning. He contemplated not answering, and after he did answer it, he wished he hadn't.

"Dean, look, I'm sorry to ask you this. I really am – "

"No, you aren't, Jess. What do you want?"

"My really strong brother-in-law."

"Heavy lifting at – " Dean looked at the clock on his night stand. "It's not even eight, Jess! What the hell?"

"Dean, I'm really sorry. There are donuts here! I even saved some of those crème stuffed ones for you… and coffee."

"Dammit, Jess… fine. Where are you guys at and what the hell am I going to be lifting?"


When Dean got to the church, he was met with a cup of coffee, a crème filled donut, and his sister-in-law.

"Thanks, Dean. Seriously, thank you. Benny is going out of his mind trying to make Jo happy."

"Did she turn into one of those Godzille-brides."



"She's on the verge…" Jess said with a sigh.

Dean had known Jess, her cousin Jo Harvelle, and Jo's fiancé, Benny Lafitte, since they were all kids. They all grew up together. When Jo and Benny started dating, Dean was shocked. They used to fight like cats and dogs. Well, they still fight like cats and dogs, but he assumed the makeup sex is what kept them together.

"This should be fun."

"After we move the piano, you're free to go."

"I got up for a piano?"

"Benny is the only one here. Sam and Ash are at work."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay. Let's do this," he said as he finished his donut and downed the rest of the lukewarm coffee.

Dean followed Jess inside and found Benny and Jo arguing. They weren't shouting, but you could tell that if they weren't in a church, they'd be hollering at the top of their lungs. Benny caught sight of Dean. "Thank God! Maybe you can help get this woman to shut up," he said, looking at Dean.

Dean smirked as Jo backhanded Benny's arm. Benny didn't even flinch. "Good morning to you, too."

"Thanks for coming down here, Dean," Jo said, greeting Dean with a hug.

"You know me… anything for coffee and donuts."

Benny laughed as he gave Dean a hug as well. "Thank you, brother. Seriously, we can't find a good place for it without it getting in the way of something."

"Why not just keep it in the back and hook up a speaker?"

"The sound system in the church is getting worked on. It might be ready before the wedding, but they don't know," Jess explained.

"So we tried moving it to the front, but it doesn't matter what side we put it on it gets in the way of the wedding party," Jo told him.

Dean nodded. "So, you called me down here to move a piano… to… where exactly?"

Jo pouted at Dean. "We don't know."

That might've worked on him when he was younger. He always wanted to get into Jo's pants… well, until Benny did. Now she's nothing more than a sister. "I was never any good at Tetris," Dean told her. "I have no idea where to put the piano. Maybe you should find someone with a speaker system. There's bound to be a local band you could rent their equipment from."

Jess gasped. "I know who we can get it from!"

"Who?" Benny asked, excited that they wouldn't have to move the piano anymore.

"Mr. Novak! Haley's teacher! I overheard him telling the music teacher that he bought a sound system."

"Why does her teacher have a sound system?" Dean asked Jess.

"Who the hell cares?!" Jo asked. "We need that system. Jess, can you ask him about it when you go pick up Haley?"

"I have my dress fitting this afternoon. I can't get her. Dean's going to pick her up."

Jo turned to Dean. "Dean, can you please ask him about it?"

"You want me to ask a complete stranger if I can borrow his sound system…?"

Benny and Jo both nod and say, "Yes."

Dean sighed. "The things I fucking do for you people…"

"Dean, you're in a church," Jess reminded him.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure God understands my plight…" he said as he walked towards the doors. "Getting me up before God ever intended then getting me to do your bidding…" he mumbled on his way out. "The hell did I get myself into?"


Dean smirked to himself as he pulled up into the school parking lot. He loved all the looks he got from the moms of Lawrence as he got out of his Impala and headed inside. They were all staring at him, licking their chops as if he were just some piece of meat. It always made him laugh. He hadn't done this since Haley was in the first grade.

Dean walked into the elementary school, dodging kids as they ran for the doors. He smiled at them trying to escape school. He made his way to 'the third door down the fourth hallway on the right.' He had no idea how he found it with Jess' directions, but he did and there was his beautiful niece stuffing her backpack.

"What's up, Twitterbug?"

Haley looked up at her uncle, smiling brightly. She was so excited about getting to hang out with Dean today. When she hung out with Dean she got to do all the things she loved doing. He would stuff her full of junk food and let her watch scary movies and stay up past her bedtime. He would take her riding in his Impala. There was even the one time he let her sit on his lap and steer, though she wasn't supposed to tell her parents about that.

"Dean!" she called out to him as she ran towards him.

He picked her up and spun her around, making her giggle. "Are you ready to go?"

"I'm sorry," a man said behind him. "I don't think I know you."

Dean turned around to find Haley's teacher standing there. Castiel Novak was his name. Dean didn't know much about him. He knew he was new to the area, but that's all he remembered hearing about the man, besides his sound system, of course. Dean smiled at the raven haired, bespeckled man. Dean thought he looked more like a high school science teacher more than an elementary school teacher with that charcoal gray sweater vest he was sporting.

"Oh, I'm Dean Winchester. I'm Haley's uncle."

Haley let out a small gasp. Dean looked at her. "What?"

"I forgot to give Mr. Novak the note from Mommy!"

Dean put her down. "You were supposed to give that to the teacher before class so he could call your mom if he had any questions, Haley."

"I know, I know!" she said as she dug it out of her bag. She quickly handed it to Mr. Novak.

Mr. Novak read the note and looked down at Haley. "You can tell your mom I don't need any more notes about your uncle coming to pick you up. Can you remember that?" he asked, winking at her.

Haley giggled and nodded. "Yes, sir," she told him before going back to packing her bag.

Mr. Novak looked up at Dean. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dean. I'm Cas Novak," he introduced himself as he held out his hand for Dean to shake.

Dean took his hand. "Nice to be able to put a face to the name. Haley's always talking about what you guys do in here."

"Haley's a great student. Very smart."

Dean shrugged, as if he were a proud father blowing off a comment about his kid. "She gets it honest."

Mr. Novak laughed at him, and that's when Dean realized he was still shaking the man's hand. He took his hand back and laughed with him, albeit a more nervous laughter than anything else. Dean clapped his hands together. "Mr. Novak – "

"Call me, Cas," he told Dean. He hated it when the grownups called him that. It made him feel old.

"Cas," Dean restarted the request he was about to ask this complete stranger. "Jess wanted me to ask something from you. The sound system at the church our friend is getting married at is out. Jess said she overheard you talking to the music teacher and telling her you had just bought one. Is there… any way we could borrow that from you? Jo is about two problems away from becoming one of those… Godzilla-brides – "

"Bridezilla," Cas corrected him.

"Right. One of those things, and none of us really want to deal with that."

Cas chuckled. He wasn't so keen on just letting complete strangers borrow his very expensive sound system, but it was for a wedding. "I… I, uh, I don't know."

"I promise that you will be reimbursed completely for any damages should any take place. Plus, if you want, you can come to the wedding," Dean told him as Haley walked up. He covered her ears. "There's an open bar at the reception," Dean whispered.

"Hey! No secrets!" Haley said as she pushed her uncle's hands away.

Dean picked her up. "I'd tell you the secrets but you can't seem to keep them."

"That's not true! I never told anyone about that time you let me drive your car!"

"You let an eight year old drive your car?" Cas asked, bemused.

"What? No. I let her sit in my lap and steer as I went five miles an hour down the road," Dean explained before looking back at Haley. "And you just told your teacher."

Haley opened her mouth to argue, but she realized he was right. "Sorry," she said softly.

Dean smiled at her and shook his head. She was too cute. He looked back at Cas. "If you want to give Jess a call to let her know if you can help, that's cool. You don't have to decide now."

Cas smiled at Dean. Cas wanted to help, but he knew the only reason he did was because of the pretty green-eyed man standing in front of him. He doubted Dean was even remotely gay. He looked like a ladies man, wearing his black leather jacket, a blue plaid shirt, and a gray t-shirt and jeans. His hair was all crazy, like deliberate bedhead. Cas didn't like finding straight men attractive. To him, that was just a recipe for heartbreak. Plus, no one knew Cas was gay, not even the school board. He didn't want to be judged on his sexuality before he was judged on his teaching skills. But here he was standing in front of this Dean Winchester guy, feeling like a twelve year old girl with a crush.

And it had only been five minutes.

"I'll help," Cas found himself saying.

"You will? Really?" Dean asked, surprised he got a positive answer.

"Yeah," Cas told him.

"Oh, man. That's great. Really," Dean told him, relieved that this problem could be diverted. He set his niece down. "Let me give you my number. I'll come and help you load it up and bring it over to the church."

"O-okay," Cas said as Dean grabbed a pen off Cas' desk and grabbed his hand. He wrote his number on Cas' palm and clicked the pen a couple of times as he let go of Cas' hand. He had no idea why he didn't grab a piece of paper off the man's desk instead.

"Give Jess a call and see when she needs the system brought over. I don't even know if she knows, to be honest. It's crazy how hectic weddings get when it's down to the wire."

Cas chuckled. "That's what I hear."

"You aren't married?" Dean asked him.

Cas chuckled again. He wasn't sure how to answer the question. He wasn't married, but he'd never be married as long as he lived in Kansas. "Too much of a geek, I suppose," he said, which was what he always figured was the reason behind his single status.

"I hear ya, man. Ask a girl to sit down and watch Star Trek and they look at you like you're a weirdo."

Cas smiled a little brighter. "You can never go wrong with Star Trek."

"Right?!" Dean smiled back at Cas.

There was a moment of silence where Cas and Dean stared at one another… and where Haley took the opportunity to tell her uncle, "I'm hungry."

Cas and Dean looked over to find Haley standing there fidgeting with her hands and her backpack strapped to her back. Dean smiled at his niece before looking at Cas. "She gets that honest, too," he told him before walking over to Haley and picking her up.

Cas chuckled. "Have fun with your uncle, Haley."

"Thank you, Mr. Novak! I'll see you tomorrow!"

Dean stuck his hand out. "Thanks again, man."

"For true love, right?" Cas said, chuckling softly as he shook Dean's hand in parting.

Dean nodded. "For true love," he agreed.

After Dean released Cas' hand, he turned his attention to his niece. "Burgers? Pizza? What do you have in mind?"

"Pizza! Can I call the pizza place?!"

"We'll see…" Dean told her as he walked out of the classroom.

Cas leaned against his desk, taking his glasses off and rubbing the bridge of his nose. What was he doing?

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