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Dean and Cas weren't ones to celebrate their anniversaries. Their friends pushed the celebrations and Dean and Cas would always entertain them. However, this time, Dean decided to do things a little differently. He wanted to surprise Cas. Being a gay couple hindered them from experiencing some of the normal things straight couples got to experience, like getting married. Sure, they could go to one of the few states that had legal gay marriage, but Kansas wouldn't recognize the union in any form. But Dean still wanted to call Cas his husband. So, he made sure to get off work a little earlier than usual on Friday and he took a trip to the local jewelry store. Dean wanted to celebrate their fifth anniversary a little differently than how they normally did things.

Saturday morning, Cas woke up, stretching like a cat in the afternoon sun. He and Dean had stayed in last night, promising their family they would celebrate with them Saturday night. Dean cooked them steaks and after dinner, they had each other for dessert. Cas felt good. He was relaxed and sated. He rolled over to snuggle up to Dean, but found an empty bed instead. He knew Dean needed to change the oil in the Impala that morning, but he'd hoped to still wake up to the man.

Regardless, Cas got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. He passed by the bathroom mirror, but stopped. He had a hickey on his chest, right under his collarbone: Dean's favorite place to mark him. Cas reached up to touch the mark, but the ring on his finger caught his eye. He looked down at his left hand and saw a shiny piece of silver metal circling his finger.

He frowned, then chuckled softly. He grabbed a pair of pajama pants out of the drawer and pulled them on before going on a hunt for Dean. He found him under the hood of the Impala, shirtless and slightly dirty. His eyes shot to Dean's left hand, searching for his ring and he smiled when he found a matching ring.

"What're these?"

Dean set his wrench on the frame of the car before walking over to Cas. "They're wedding bands."

"I don't remember getting married last night," Cas said, smirking at the smiling Dean.

He shrugged. "If we could, we would, right?" Cas nodded. "I don't need a priest or a marriage license or the state of Kansas to tell me it's okay for me to call you my husband. You already are."

"And the rings?"

"They're just to let other guys know that you are off the market."

"And you."

"And me," Dean agreed with a smirk. "For true love, right?"

"For true love," Cas said, remember the first time they said those exact words all those years ago. Cas reached up and framed Dean's face, pulling him in for a kiss. Cas felt Dean's lips curl into a smile before he pulled away from him. "You are the corniest bastard, do you know that? Have I ever told you that?"

Dean chuckled. "Once or twice. I also remember you telling me to never stop being corny."

"And I will reaffirm that request. Never change, Dean."


Dean had never seen so much supple cleavage before in his life. He'd put off this LARPing thing for far too long as far as he was concerned – five years to be exact. Cas caught him staring. "Do you see something you like?" he asked, a little offended that Dean was looking so pleased with all the breasts that were threatening to fall out of the tops of the dresses the fair maidens were wearing.

Dean's smirk fell of his face. "No, well, kind of. Come on, Cas. Boobs are awesome. Even you have to admit that."

Cas' eyebrows rose in surprise as he shook his head. "You must've forgotten some time in between the last time I sucked you cock and now: I'm gay. Breasts hold no interest in my mind. But if they interest you, maybe I can stop those two girls so you can have some fun," Cas told him, looking past Dean and opening his mouth as if he were going to holler after them.

Dean quickly grabbed Cas' face and kissed him, right in the middle of the bazaar. Cas placed his hands on Dean's hips, pulling him against him as Dean lost one of his hands in Cas' hair, leaving the other to cup his face. After a moment, Dean pulled back, smiling at the blissful look on Cas' face. "You're all I need, Cas."

"That's what I thought," he told him before kissing him again.

Dean smiled into the kiss before pulling away to look at Cas who was smiling back at him. "Maybe it's time for the Queen's knights to go take a break, huh?" Dean suggested, wiggling his eyebrows at Cas.

Cas nodded, grabbing Dean's hand and pulling him back towards the royal tents. It was hard not to stay aroused with Dean running around the event wearing leather and chainmail. Dean was having the same dilemma with Cas. Charlie and Gilda did a great job on both of their outfits and it was driving Dean crazy watching Cas walk around wearing it.

However, halfway back to the tents, Dean stopped them. As much as he wanted to fuck the hell out of Cas, he had to keep an eye on his niece. Haley was fourteen now and she was turning into a very lovely young woman… and Dean knew what fourteen year old boys thought about when it came to fourteen year old girls. Haley was standing there with a boy. He was tall and lanky. He kind of reminded Dean of Sam when he was that age. Cas followed Dean's gaze, smirking at the frown on Dean's face when he saw Haley flirting with a boy.

"Dean, she's growing up. This is going to happen."

"Not on my watch it ain't," he said, dropping Cas' hand and heading straight for Haley.

Haley was smiling up at the boy, but when she caught sight of her uncle, she rolled her eyes and sighed. "Here we go," she mumbled.

"And who is this?" Dean asked, looking the boy up and down, judging him.

"Dean, this is – "

"I am Demetri of Moondor, Sir Winchester. It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you," he said, nodding his head at Dean.

Dean frowned at him. "You know me?"

Cas walked up at that point, hoping to save Haley from embarrassment. "Opening ceremony, remember? The Queen knighted us?"

Dean looked at Cas sideways before narrowing his eyes at this Demetri fellow. He stood up a little straighter, trying to embrace his inner knight. "And your intentions with my niece?"

Haley buried her face into her hand. "Oh my God," she mumbled.

Cas bit his lips, trying not to laugh at the situation unfolding before him.

"I come with the purest of intentions, Sir Winchester. I wish only for a moment with your beautiful niece. It is the least that I could hope for."

Dean narrowed his eyes at him again. "And what do you plan to do in that moment, huh?" Dean asked, moving a little closer to the boy.

The boy held his ground. "Whatever the fair maiden wishes." Demetri said simply. "My only desire to make her smile." Haley looked up from her hand, smiling sweetly at the dark haired boy. He smiled back at her in return. "Your smile doth make my heart skip a beat, m'lady."

Haley giggled, biting her bottom lip and blushing as she looked up into the boy's pretty blue eyes. Dean was about to say something to the smooth talker, but Cas pulled on his hand. "Leave them be, Dean," Cas said softly into Dean's ear.

Dean looked torn. He really wanted to go have some quality time with Cas – again, but Haley seemed to have drawn the attention of Casanova. He looked at Cas. Cas nodded, stepping away from Dean and walking towards the royal tents. Dean sighed.

He motioned to the area off to his right. "Go over there for a moment, Demetri. Let me have a word with Haley for a second."

Haley sighed, irritated with her uncle as Demetri bowed, telling him, "Yes, sir, Sir Winchester." before walking away.

"Dean – "

"Shut up and listen to me for a second, okay?" Haley crossed her arms and nodded her head. "Do me a favor and don't go outside of the camp, alright? I know he's dreamy and he's saying all the right things, but he's still a dude and fourteen year old dudes only think about one thing."

Haley rolled her eyes. "Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"Of course not."

"Then why the third degree?"

"Because I don't know the little bastard and unless you have superhuman strength in those chicken arms of yours then I want you where people can see you at all times."

Haley hit Dean's arm. "I do not have chicken arms!"

Dean chuckled at his niece. "Just do an old man a favor, please? Just the one. I found a gray hair the other day and I'm not ready for that shit."

Haley tried to hide her smile, trying to keep her angry face in place. "Whatever."

"I love you, Twitterbug."

"I love you, too, Dean."

He pulled her into a hug and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I'll come looking for you in an hour, okay?"


Dean pushed her away, pushing her in the direction of Demetri. "If one hair is out of place…" Dean threatened Demetri, running his finger across his throat.

Demetri gave him a nervous smile as he offered his arm to Haley. "Yes, sir, Sir Winchester."

Dean watched them walk away before turning to look at Cas. Cas was standing there with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. "Feel better?"


"Want me to take your mind off of it?"


Cas took Dean's hand and pulled him in the direction they were walking before their side quest started. Charlie and Gilda stopped them as they were going into their tent. "Hey guys," Gilda said, carrying their little girl, Gwendolyn – or as Cas liked to call her, Gwenie. The little two year old princess looked just like Gilda.

"Where are you two going?" Dean asked, concerned. Charlie was ready to burst. She was pregnant with Dean and Cas' baby which was due in two weeks. However, she started having labor pains early that morning. Dean and Cas told her to stay off her feet as much as possible and to just relax.

Charlie put her hands on her lower back. "I need to walk. I'm tired of being laid up. It takes the pressure off my back. Also, I have a kingdom to run."

"Don't walk around for too long and take one of the guards with you," Cas told her.

"Oh, and Haley is hanging out with some punk kid… if you see her, threaten him for me, okay?" Dean requested.

Charlie laughed, shaking her head. "I hope you have a boy," Charlie told him. She saw what he went through with Haley and she was just his niece. She knew it would be one hundred times worse if it were his daughter. "And one of the guards should be here any moment. What are you two doing?"

"Urm…" Cas' was at a loss for an explanation.

"Planning war strategies," Dean told her.

Charlie rolled her eyes. "Don't you think you've taken over Normandy enough?"

Cas smirked. "Hardly," he said, pulling Dean into their tent.

Gilda reached over and flipped the sign on the outside of their tent to Do Not Disturb. "Don't want to scar the townsfolk."

Cas attacked Dean as soon as the curtain was closed. Cas kissed Dean heatedly, running his hands through his short brown hair. "I love how these clothes look on you, Dean," Cas said, trailing kisses down Dean's neck. "But I hate that it's so difficult to get out of them."

Dean spun Cas around, pulling him tight against him as he positioned them in front of the full length mirror attached to the tents main pole. "Then let me fuck you with them on," he said grazing his teeth against the back of Cas' neck as he palmed at Cas' dick through his pants.

"Fuck," Cas panted out. He grabbed Dean's hand and shoved it down his pants. "Okay," he agreed.

Dean pulled Cas' pants down, jerking Cas off as they watched each other in the mirror. Dean pressed his lips against Cas' ear. "You look so fucking hot, Cas." Cas smirked as he reached around, grabbing at Dean's ass with one hand and grabbing at his dick with the other. Dean reached around and pulled Cas' shirt up, giving him the view of his flat stomach and jutting hip bones. "So hot," he mumbled.

Cas pushed Dean's hands away as he turn around. "Enough of your hand. I need you mouth," Cas said, pressing down on Dean's shoulders. Before Dean knelt in front of Cas, he pulled his pants down enough to get his hardened cock out so he could jerk himself off as he sucked Cas off.

Cas' eyes rolled into the back of his head as his head fell back. Dean's mouth always felt so good. It was like the first time every time. Cas ran his hands through Dean's hair, holding his head in place as he shallowly fucked Dean's mouth. When he looked down at Dean, he found a pair of green eyes staring back up at him. Dean winked at Cas as Cas continue to fuck his mouth. Dean reached up and pushed his hand up Cas shirt so he could run his hand over his stomach and chest.

Dean pulled back, replacing his mouth with his hand. "I know we said we'd fuck with the clothes on, but I really need you out of that shirt, Cas," Dean said as he got to his feet.

Cas smirked at Dean before he crashed his lips against Cas'. Both men moaned deeply as they're hard dicks rubbed against one another. They got out of the chainmail, tunics, and wrist bindings as quickly as the clasps and ties allowed them. Once they were shirtless, Dean's lips found their way to Cas' collarbone and chest and Cas dug his fingers into Dean's scarred back. Ever since Dean's accident, Dean would often wake up to Cas kissing the scars on his back. Dean hated them, but Cas loved them. To Cas, they meant Dean survived and he would take ugly red scars over nothing at all any day of the week.

"Lay back on the bed," Dean told him. If that's what you could call the itchy wool covered hay bed they were sleeping on. Somehow, the Queen gets a real bed, but her knights are sleeping on cow food.

"What about our pants and shoes?" Cas asked, looking down at the bed.

"Leave them on," Dean told him as he walked over to their suitcases, pulling out the condoms and lube. Dean didn't realize they were going to be basically camping during the event, so when he found out there were no personal bathrooms; he went to the closest convenient store and got supplies.

Cas frowned. "You sure?"

Dean tossed the condoms and lube on the bed before pushing Cas back on it. "I'm sure."

Cas smirked up at Dean as he grabbed a condom out of the box. "Come here, Sir Winchester. Let me sheath your sword for you."

Dean chuckled softly as he knelt in front of Cas. Before Cas opened the condom, he wrapped his lips around Dean's dick. "Fuck," Dean hissed. "Get on your hands and knees, Cas." Cas did. "Turn sideways."

Cas did as Dean asked. Dean grabbed the lube, slicking up his fingers before working Cas' hole. Cas moaned as Dean thrust his fingers in his ass. The vibrations on Dean's cock made the blow job even better. Once Dean had three fingers inside of Cas, Cas stopped sucking Dean off to focus on pushing back against Dean's hand.

"Get on your back, baby," Dean said softly as he removed his fingers.

Before Cas did, he grabbed the condom and slid it down Dean's cock. Dean got more lube in his hand, working it over himself as he watched Cas work his own dick. Dean grabbed Cas' legs. Keeping them firmly together, he pulled Cas closer to him. Dean maneuvered Cas' legs over his head. His pants were keeping his boot clad feet together, making it a little difficult to get Cas' legs around him.

"Maybe we should've taken them off."

"Too late now," Cas said breathlessly.

Dean pressed his forehead against Cas' as he slid inside of him. Cas pressed his head back into the pillow, exposing his neck to Dean. Dean showered his neck and shoulders with kisses as he waited for Cas to get used to him. Cas started rolling his hips, giving Dean the silent go-ahead to start moving his own hips. He set a slow rhythm at first, enjoying Cas' little gasps and soft whimpers and moans against his ear. When he picked up his pace, he moved his head so he could kiss Cas.

Dean picked up his pace again, bracing himself on his arm so he could jerk Cas off. Cas pushed Dean's hand away. "I want you closer," he said, pulling on his shoulder.

Dean rested on his elbows as he continued at his hard, fast pace. He pressed his face against Cas' neck. Cas ran his fingers through the back of Dean's hair before moving his hand to grip his back. "Dammit, Cas," Dean moaned against Cas' slick sweat skin. "I'm close."

"Me, too," Cas panted against his ear.

Dean started fucking him harder, wrapping his hands around his shoulders as he picked up his speed a little more. Both men were grunting and moaning on the brink of orgasm. Finally, it hit Cas hard. He gasped, tensing up as came on his chest. The tightness around Dean's dick triggered his orgasm, slamming himself into Cas as he grunted against his neck.

Dean collapsed onto Cas, swearing softly. Cas chuckled, as he wrapped his arms around him. "You okay?"

"I can't feel my legs," Dean mumbled.

Cas chuckled again. "Me either."

Dean pulled back and looked down at Cas with a lazy smile before kissing him. They laid there for a moment, Cas slowly and softly stroking Dean's back, kissing languidly. Dean rested his forehead against Cas'. "We need to go check on Charlie," Cas said softly.

"And Haley."

"You know she's okay."

"She's never okay."

Cas smiled. "Dean, she's going to have to – "

"Not yet, Cas. Give me ten more minutes." Cas kissed Dean soundly on the lips. Dean pulled away after a long moment. "Keep kissing me like that and we're not going to be able to go check on anyone," Dean said before kissing him again.

Cas smiled into the kiss, before pushing on Dean's chest. "Come on, Sir Winchester. Let's get cleaned up."


Dean and Cas were almost dressed. They were both still shirtless, but they'd taken their rag baths and were about to pull their shirts on when there was a knocking on the sign outside their tent.

"Sir Winchester? Sir Novak?" someone called to them in a panic.

Dean and Cas frowned at one another. Dean – never one to care who saw him without clothes – walked over to the entrance to the tent and pulled the curtain back. In front of him stood a rather shaken lanky guard, one he remembered from the opening ceremony the other night. Dean looked around, wondering what was going on but all he saw were girls stopping and staring.

"What's wrong?"

"It's the Queen. She's gone into labor."

Cas was on his feet and at the entrance to the tent beside Dean before Dean could respond. At this point, the girls that had stopped and starting staring at Dean started whispering and giggling – all of which was going unnoticed by the two knights. "She's what?" Cas asked. "Did you say labor?"

"Yes! She sent me to summon you. She's at the food court."

"Tell her we're on our way," Cas told him before pulling Dean back into the tent. The two men were out of their boots and pants as fast as they could get them off. They weren't going to welcome their baby into the world wearing chainmail. Once both of them were in t-shirts, jeans, and shoes, they ran out of the tent and straight to Charlie. Gilda was there keeping her calm while Haley and Demetri kept Gwen calm.

"You took time to change?!" Charlie screamed at them.

"We were half – " Dean stopped himself. "No, we didn't. Come on," he said, getting her to her feet.

"Get her to the hospital," Gilda told them. "Haley, Gwen, and I will be right behind you guys."

"Gilda…" Charlie called out to her, not wanting her to leave her side.

"I'll be right there, love," Gilda promised. Charlie just nodded her head bravely and let Dean and Cas take her to the hospital.

They were only a few hours away from Lawrence, but they weren't going to drive all the way back to have the baby. When Charlie's doctor found out she was going to take a trip this close to her due date, the doctor arranged for her to be able to have the baby there in case she went into early labor. Charlie, Dean, and Cas even met with the doctor a few times just to make sure they were comfortable with him delivering the baby instead of her regular doctor.

"Call him," Dean said. "Let him know we're on our way."


When Gilda, Haley, and Gwen got there, Charlie, Dean, and Cas were already set up in a hospital room. Charlie was poking her numb legs and munching on ice chips while Dean and Cas sat patiently at her bedside.

"How are you feeling?" Gilda asked her.

"Funny," Charlie said as she giggled.

Haley walked over to Dean and Cas, sitting on Dean's lap. "No Demetri, huh? I was certain the two of you would be getting married by now."

Haley rolled her eyes. "You're the worst." Dean chuckled. "How much longer until the baby is here?"

"Her contractions are getting closer," Dean told her. "Should be soon. We've already called everyone. They're probably not going to get here before the baby is born, though."

"Do you guys need anything?"

Dean shook his head. Cas smiled at her. "No," he said softly.

"I'm about to have another one, I think," Charlie said. She could feel the pressure, just not that pain. "Yup," she confirmed.

Haley frowned. "I thought that was supposed to hurt?" Haley questioned.

"She's had an epidural," Cas explained.

Dean checked his watch. "Still five minutes apart."

"Haley, why don't you go show Gwen around? Take her to the babies," Gilda told her. She could tell Haley was going to get restless until the action started.

Haley agreed and took Gwen. Gilda waited for Haley to leave. "Thanks to the two of you, I had to avoid the question of what lube was used for."

"What?" Dean and Cas asked together.

"I got all our bags since I didn't think we'd be going back to the game. She offered to get your things after she'd gathered her stuff together. Apparently it was on the – "

"We know where it was," Cas stopped her. "What did you tell her?!"

"You're other niece started crying at that point and it bought me some time. I told her Dean used it for his burn scars. It shut her right up."

Dean started laughing. He couldn't stop. He doubled over laughing so hard. At one point he stopped breathing. This caused Cas, Gilda, and Charlie to laugh at the situation. Dean could only imagine how awkward that conversation was for Gilda, but he was just ridiculously happy that he didn't have to have that conversation with her. However, during the laughing session, Charlie had another contraction. They were getting closer together.

Before they knew it, it was time to have the baby. Gilda, Haley, and Gwen waited in the waiting room down the hall, entertaining Gwen as best as they could. She could tell the both of them were nervous about something and that just made her nervous.

Dean and Cas were by Charlie's side. She had one on either side, holding their hands in a death grip as they coached her to push. The time seemed to fly by and before they knew it, there was a piercing cry.

"It's a girl!" the doctor announced.

Dean and Cas looked up at one another, happy as could be that they were proud fathers of a little girl. They had kept the sex of the baby a secret for this reason right here. Dean had tried to pick out names for their kid, but Cas said that he was going to have to hold them before he'd settle on a name. The nurses cleaned her up as Charlie relaxed against the bed. "Wow…" she said.

Cas smiled down at his sister. "You doing okay?"

"Yeah, I'm… good, considering…" she said with a chuckle.

"Charlie, we can never thank you enough."

"Consider us even," she said, winking at him.

Cas laugh. "Deal"

Dean walked over to Cas. Cas didn't even notice they'd cleaned her up that fast. Dean had their daughter in his arms and tears on his face. She'd stopped crying and was just staring at him. "Hey, baby girl. Hi," he said softly before pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Dean reached out for Cas, pulling him against them. "Hey, sweetheart," Cas said, grabbing her little hand, chuckling as her tiny fingers wrapped around his finger. "You're so tiny."

"Here," Dean said, giving Cas their baby. "Hold her, give her a name."

"What were you thinking?" Cas asked him, as he held his daughter close to his chest, pressing his nose and lips against her forehead.

"Grace," Dean said. It had been his favorite of the girl names he'd narrowed down.

Cas looked down at the green eyes looking back at him. "My Grace," he said softly. "I like that. That's perfect."

If Dean thought anything was perfect, it was the sight in front of him: Cas holding their daughter. That was perfect.

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