"The Love Docter" By Anne Anime and Cecile.

Ok, So I forgot in the Last Story, But Most of my stories (all of my HA! Stories actually) Are written with my friend Cecile (CarmHelga@aol.com). I just happen to be the one who's putting our stories up here. So make sure you give credit to both of us.

The bell rang and all the kids ran into their classrooms. Mr. Simmons started class as usual, but Arnold felt strange, something was missing. He noticed he hadn't been hit with any spitballs yet, and when he looked behind him saw that Helga wasn't there.

"Okay class, tonight is a very special parents meeting, and I hope all your parents can attend." Arnold frowned, he wished he had a normal family in situations like this. Arnold loved his grandparents a lot, but didn't like feeling awkward at these child/parent events.

At the end of the day, Arnold was gathering up his things when his backpack ripped and everything fell out. Mr. Simmons told Arnold to use and extra bag in the room. Arnold piled all his books on the desk and began putting his stuff back into the bag. Phoebe came running in. "Mr. Simmons, I had a dilemma regarding delivering today's schoolwork to Helga. You see I have to report home immediately to prepare my essay for the assembly tonight."

"Oh dear, well thanks anyway Phoebe, I bet I'll find another person that can deliver the homework."

Arnold was just about to leave when..."Arnold wait!"

"Yes Mr. Simmons?"

"Phoebe can't take Helga's homework to her, can you?"

"I guess so Mr. Simmons." Arnold said hoping that Helga was sick enough that she wouldn't bother him.

Arnold arrived at Helga's house, and knocked on the door.

"What do you want Alfred?" Bob said answering the door.

"I brought over Helga's homework."

"She's up in her room, you better go give it to her." Bob said turning towards the kitchen. Arnold took a deep breath and knocked on Helga's door.

"Who is it?" he heard a weak voice from inside say.

"Helga, it's Arnold. I brought your homework."

"Okay bring it in." Helga said quickly stashing her locket beneath the blanket.

"Here Helga, I guess I should explain this contest thing to you."

"Contest, for what?"

"It's an Essay contest. You write an essay about your parents and how they've effected your life. It has a large prize for the winner."

"I don't think I'll bother, you gonna enter Arnold?"

"Yeah I think so, I mean I guess living with......" Bob barged in the room

"Are you kidding me kid, this a contest for kids who have parents, not orphans like you, Helga's gonna enter this contest and win, no parentless little boy is gonna beat her."

"Dad!" Helga said, seeing Arnold on the verge of tears.

Arnold looked at Helga, then Bob, and left the room, ran down the stairs and all the way to the boarding house.

"Hey short man, what's the matter?" his Grandpa asked as Arnold ran in.

"I don't want to talk about it Grandpa." Arnold said running up to his room. Grandpa went up and talked to Arnold, he got the problem out off him.

Later that night Grandpa was talking with Grandma about it. "Well Pookie, what are we gonna do, the short man's pretty upset."

"And all because of Big Bob Pataki."

"I know, why don't we get a professional to help him, you know one of the psycho-kiatist peoples."

The next day, Helga was at her weekly meeting with Dr. Bliss. "Why Doctor Bliss, why does my Dad have to do this to me?" Helga said sobbing.

"Helga, I'm sure Arnold is mature enough to realize that you had nothing to do with it."

"I know, but I wish I could do something without having to do something. My Dad doesn't even care I exist unless there's some contest to be won."

"Helga, I want you to take this anger and use it productively, write a poem or draw something, don't take it out on Arnold."

"Right, do not be mean to Arnold, gotcha."

"Well our time is up for today Helga, see you next week."

"Thanks Doctor Bliss, I hope you're right about Arnold."

Helga opened the door to see Arnold sitting in the waiting room. "Hey football head, what are you doing here." Helga said a little nervous.

"I'm here to see a doctor about something."

"Really, I just finished seeing my doctor, well see ya around football head."

"Sure Helga."

Dr. Bliss stuck her head out of her door,

"Um...who's next?"

"I am." Arnold said standing up and walking towards the door.

"So you are Arnold. Pleased to meet you, come on in." Dr. Bliss smiled, knowing this was the very Arnold, Helga was always talking about.

When Arnold went into the room and sat down, Dr. Bliss came in after him and began to talk.

"Hello, you must be Arnold, I'm Dr. Bliss, and before we start I just want to let you know that anything that you say in this room will not be taken out of it. You can tell me anything, and I'll never tell a soul"

"Yeah..." said Arnold, a bit depressed.

"So why don't we start by you telling me a little about yourself?"

"Well, I live in the boarding house on Vine street with my Grandpa and Grandma."

"And school?"

"I go to PS 118, most people there are pretty nice"

"What do you mean 'most people'?"

"There's Gerald who's my best friend, and my other friends or Sid, Stinky and Harold. there are other people too, like Phoebe, Nadine, Rhonda and Lila, everyone is pretty nice except..."

"Except who?"

"Helga... she's so bossy all the times, and never seems to think of anyone else but herself"

"Well perhaps Helga has a reason for being that way, maybe her family isn't that nice to her. Have you talked to your grandparents about her?"

"Yeah, my Grandpa thinks it's because she likes me."

"Oh really? Well Arnold why don't you tell me why your grandparents decided to have you see me."

"Well, you see my parents, aren't around. We aren't quite sure if they are alive or not."

"Tell me a little more about it Arnold."

"Well my Grandpa told me that my father and mother were like explorers and they got called away on an urgent mission. I was two then, they left in a plane and have never been seen since. I grew up in the boarding house with my Grandparents."

"And so you are having problems dealing with that?"

"Well I really don't mind that much, it's when people tease me about it."

"Like who Arnold?"

"Helga's dad. He always calls me orphan boy or parentless or...well you get the idea."

"Does Helga also do this to you Arnold?"

"No she just calls me football head and throws spitballs at me."

"So then compared to her father she's not all that mean?"

"Yeah I guess so."

"What about the other people in the Boarding house? Are they nice?"

"Nice, but a bit weird, There is Mr. Potts, who is a demolition worker, Mr. and Mrs. Kakoshka, who fight all the time, but always get back together. Then Mr. Hyunh, but I'm not sure what he does, he's a good singer though, and then of course there's Grandpa, Grandma, and me."

"And do you sort of count them as a large extended family?"

"Yeah, I do"

"Well then your not really "parentless" are you? You have a whole house filled with adults."

"It might, but I sometimes think that I'm the one who's more adult, sometimes the whole house will be angry and I'll be the only one who's sane enough at the time to actually get everyone to sit down and talk"

"I see, and sometimes you wish you could be more like a kid, and have someone else take care of everything?"


"Hmmm, well that's a lot to think about Arnold, but our time is up, I'll see you next week."

"Okay Dr. Bliss."

The next day at school, Harold decided to bother Arnold about seeing Dr. Bliss.

"Hey Arrrrrrnoold, I here you're seeing a shrink, did your football head get all messed up? Hahaha." Harold taunted.

"Back off pink boy!" Helga said shoving Harold aside.

"Ooooooooh" All the kids said in reaction to Helga standing up for Arnold. Helga pinned Harold against a wall.

"You listen to me, and you listen good fatboy. Dr. Bliss is not a shrink, and if I ever hear you say anything about her again, Old Betsy will have a meeting with your face." Helga dropped Harold and he fell to the ground. She turned back towards Harold,

"And one more thing Harold, if anyone has a messed up head, it's not Arnold or even me, it's you. You and your constant mocking of others, so get a life Harold." Helga said storming off.

Arnold decided to follow Helga, he felt a strange connection with her since she had stood up for him.

"Helga! Wait up! Why'd you stick up for me?" said Arnold chasing after Helga.

"I didn't do it for you, I did it for Dr. Bliss"

"Oh" said Arnold, who was shocked that he was actually disappointed.

"I still don't see why you would want to go see her, you're Arnold, you don't have any problems."

"I have plenty of problems. I'm human too, plus my grandparents suggested it" said Arnold getting ticked that everyone thought he never had any problems of his own.

"Well that's great football head, but I got to go" said Helga sarcastically, shoving passed him.

"Helga wait, you know Dr. Bliss?" Arnold said, having a delayed reaction to it all.

"Yeah so what's it to you?"

"So that's why you were up there the other day, you see her too."

"And what's your point?"

"Helga, I didn't know, can I talk to you about something then?"

"What?" Helga said quickly, getting really nervous. "Well, how can I put this, um.....you see Dr. Bliss said something about..." Helga began to cringe. "She said something about, maybe the reason you are always mean is because of your family. Is that why you see her?"

"Yes Arnold, I may have parents, but they aren't that wonderful."

"Helga, if you ever need to talk about your parents, I'll be willing to listen."

"Really Arnold? Wait a minute, why would you do that for me?"

"Because, well I think maybe like me you've had to practically raise yourself to a degree, and I don't know about Phoebe, but Gerald just doesn't understand that, he has a nice family. You know how it feels Helga, and I just wanted you to know I'm willing to talk to you if you have any problems."

"Thanks Arnold." Arnold started to walk away.

"Arnold wait!" Arnold turned back around. "Arnold, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll listen. Hey maybe we can have a good conversation about how much we hate Big Bob." Helga said laughing a little.

"Sure Helga." Arnold said slightly laughing. Helga looked around to make sure no one was around, then she spoke.

"Thank you Dr. Bliss for being right on that one."