"The Love Docter" By Anne Anime (AnneAnime@aol.com) and Cecile (CarmHelga@aol.com).

At the same time, Helga got a phone call. "Hello?"

"Moshi Moshi, Helga"

"No Japanese today, okay, Phoebe?"

"Sure, now I've called to bring up the topic of Arnold."

"Isn't it grand? My love god loves me back! "

"Well that's just it, are you sure that Arnold just doesn't love being loved?"

"I'm very sure!! At Dr. Bliss' we both wrote down what we wanted to say! He said he liked me before he knew I loved him!"

"Ok Helga, I'm truly sorry for my meddlings"

"It's ok, nothing can damper my attitude now!"

"I believe you've been hanging out with me too much Helga" Phoebe said with a laugh in her voice.

"You might just be correct on that one Pheebs!" Helga joked back.

"So do you feel jovial enough to relay the happenings of today to me?"

"Oh Pheebs, it was just wonderful. Dr. Bliss is the greatest!"

"So you previously mentioned that Arnold professed his inward intentions to you prior to your own confession."

"Yeah, he was really nervous and he said that he really liked me. I tell you I was shocked."

"Then what perchance occurred?"

"Dr. Bliss had me tell him that I've been obsessed with him all these years."

"What was Arnold's response to that."

"He looked quite shocked himself, then again I did ramble a bit."

"Helga knowing your prior ramblings, it was must likely not just 'a bit' You do have the tendency to prattle on and on about Arnold."

"Okay so I went over board and confessed everything. From the Cecile incident to the parrot, to the sleepwalking."

"And Arnold remained calm throughout this ordeal?"

"He looked very shocked and confused."

"So when did you two become a couple?"

"Well after the meeting we went out to the park when Gerald came up."

"Ah, yes Gerald relayed to me already the conversation he had with you and Arnold."

"So that's it Pheebs, the whole sha-bang."

"It's quite an interesting account of events."

"Well I better go Pheebs, Bob is mumbling something about Olga again."

"One more thing Helga, what are you going to do about our peers at school."

"I don't know Pheebs, I'll think of something." "Okay Helga, bye" "Bye Pheebs"

"Ok, so let me get this all straight, you were upset about Big Bob Pataki making fun of you, you went to the same shrink as Helga, Dr. Bliss made you realize that Helga acted like that because of her home life, and then you started Hanging out with her because you understood her?"

"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, at least the start of it"

"You mean there is more?"

"Yup, lots more"

"Gerald! Your mom wants you home! You had better go, she seems mad"

"Uh oh... she must have found the vase, gotta run! Bye Arnold!"


"So short man it was a date!" Arnold sighed, "I'll tell you some other time, right now I'm just tired"

The next morning Arnold was walking out of the boarding house for school, when he got pulled around the corner.

"Helga!?!? What in the world.."

"Hush Arnold, I don't want anyone to hear us, or see us. I got a plan that's bound to work."

"Plan for what Helga?"

"Well since I don't want the whole school to know that we are a...a....a...."

"..a couple?"

"Yeah that. So I came up with this brilliant plan to fool them all."

"Okay Helga, what is it?"

"We have to act the old way."

"We what?" "You know, me torturing you."

"And why?"

"I won't hurt you Arnold, it's just for show. If you want you can always fight back."

"How?" "Call me names, trip me, pick on me constantly."

"So act like you?"

"Yes exactly."

"Helga why are we doing this?"

"I'm not ready for them to know yet, you understand don't you Arnold?"

"Yeah I see your point there. Okay Helga, it's a deal."

"Thanks Arnold, you're a sweetheart!" Helga said hugging him. Arnold just smiled.

Once at school their plan went into action. Helga tripped Arnold as he walked up the stairs. Arnold slammed Helga's locker shut. Helga shot spitballs at Arnold during class. Arnold knocked over Helga on the way to lunch. At lunch, they sat with each other under the excuse that they were sitting with their friends. Helga used her spoon as a catapult and launched a cup of lemon pudding right into Arnold's face.

'Sorry Arnold' she mouthed, trying not to laugh.

"Hey look Arnold's a lemon head!" Helga taunted.

Arnold wiped the pudding off and threw a hand full of mashed potatoes that hit Helga right on the cheek. She gave a slight smile, then went over and got right in his face.

"You'll pay for that football head!"

Recess was just the same. They tripped, pummeled, splashed, beaned, and various other things that made it look like they were fighting.

They where doing a good job of it, and secretly, they where having the time of their lives. When Arnold was getting off the bus, Helga threw one more spitball, this time as a goodbye, and Arnold walked home, hardly being able to wait until tomorrow.

"What's wrong with you man? Don't you and Helga like each other?"

"Yeah! Quite a show we put on, huh?" Arnold said with a laugh.

"You mean all that was to keep people off the track? Heh! who came up with that?"

"Helga, and surprisingly, now that each of us likes the other it's actually fun!"

"You mean you had fun having spitballs thrown at you?"

"Yeah! Because then I get to figure out something to 'get back' at her"

"I think I see...."

"Tomorrow will be great" Little did Arnold know that the next day would turn drastically different... Everything went fine , Helga stuck a fake snake in Arnold's desk, Arnold hid her Math book, and so on, that is everything went fine until recess.

Arnold was in the process of hiding around the corner to scare Helga when Harold, Sid, and Stinky came up.

"Ok! Who are you and what have you done with Arnold!" yelled Sid.

"Why have you been actin' almost as bad as Helga. It's like you enjoy it, or somethin'"

"I'm... just getting back at Helga for those years of torture she put us all through..."

"That's not something the Arnold we know would do, he would sit back and ignore Helga, hoping she would stop on her own!" said A voice coming up behind him that turned out to be Rhonda, with a few other kids behind her.

" ::wheeze::...Yeah!!... ::wheeze::" said Brainy.

"Well...uh.." Arnold stammered, all the while thinking, 'Not another mob of kids asking me questions I can't answer'

"Leave him alone please. It's his business not yours." Helga said walking up.

"Okay I's gets it, Arnold's being Helga, and Helga's being Arnold. Wait that makes no dang sense at all" Stinky said trying to figure it out.

Phoebe then spoke up,

"I believe it's do to the fact that the trivial amount of time spent with the other party has effected their own personality causing them to reverberate traits of the other."

Everyone just stared at Phoebe, trying to figure out what she just said. While the group was distracted Arnold creeped around the corner where Helga was waiting.

"We are trapped Arnold, it's not fooling anyone."

"Helga calm down I'll think of something."

"Well think fast, here comes Geraldo."

"Is there anything I can do to help man?" Gerald said seeing the anguished look on Arnold's face.

"I don't know what to do Gerald, I just don't know what to do."

"We can't hide our feelings forever Arnold, they will find out sooner or later."

"Yeah but my man here still needs a plan." Gerald said trying to help Arnold out.

Surprisingly, when Gerald peeked around the corner, everyone had dispersed.

"That's Phoebe for you, she confused everyone into leaving!" said Gerald proudly, "She is such a fast thinker"

"Well, we could always just act truthfully" offered Arnold.

"And when people make fun of us?" asked Helga.

"We can just ignore them?"

"That should work... hopefully... maybe"


"Well I'm going to find Phoebe to thank her, bye Arnold, bye Gerald" and she ran off, and as she did, Rhonda came running up.

"Arnold I need to talk to you."

"What Rhonda?"

"Gerald can I talk to him alone?" Rhonda asked. Gerald shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

"Okay Rhonda what is it you want?"

"Well I overheard that you and Helga went to a group session."

"Yeah so you came to bother me about it?"

"No I feel partially to blame, with that whole Olga thing. I wasn't thinking, and I'm sorry."

"Rhonda that's nice, but it's Helga you need to apologize to."

"Okay Arnold, maybe I should."

Helga sat wistfully at her desk, staring out the window. "Uh Helga, I need to talk."

"Not today Rhonda, I don't feel like being berated."

"Helga I'm sorry about that whole Olga thing."

"You what?"

"I was just jealous."

"Jealous of what?"

"You snagged yourself a good kid Helga, and look what I'm stuck with."

She said gesturing to Sid and Harold.

"They're not that bad Rhonda." "Yeah I guess overreacting to stuff is kinda cute."

Helga smirked. "I forgive you Rhonda."

"You do?"

"Yeah I guess Mr. Do the right thing is rubbing off on me. Friends?" Helga said offering Rhonda her hand.

"Friends." Rhonda said giving it a shake.

"Hey Arnold!" yelled Sid, running up,

" I need talk to you!"

"What Sid?"

"Well, I just saw Rhonda and Helga making up and I guess that I should do the same, I mean, you and Helga are just good friends, right? and Me teasing didn't really help did it? I'm really sorry and I hope you can forgive me."

"I forgive you"

"And I'm sure that Helga isn't all that bad if you want to hang out with her and all"

"Helga is the nicest girl, once you get to know her, she kind and..."

"No one can compare to Rhonda! Once she stops talking about fashion she's really cool..." Both of the stopped when they realized what they where talking about.

"This conversation never happened" stated Sid.

"Got it" said Arnold, and both walked swiftly away in the opposite direction.

Helga walked over to Arnold. "What were you talking to Sid about?" She questioned.

"Uh...um..he was just telling me that he overheard that you and Rhonda made up."

"Oh okay."

"Hey Arrrrrnold, you gonna kiss and make up with you little girlfriend now that you stopped fighting?" Harold said coming up to them.

"Harold, leave Arnold alone, please. I don't care if you bother me, just don't bother him."

"You two really do like each other don't you?" Harold said, making the obvious observation.

"Yes Harold we do, so please don't bother me and Helga, okay?" Arnold said placing his hand on Helga's shoulder.

"Okay you two, I won't bother you.......much" Harold said before walking off to get a snack.

Gerald tapped Arnold on the shoulder.

"What Gerald?"

"I need to talk."

"Again with the talking, okay Gerald." Arnold said reluctantly walking over to Gerald.

"I get it now."

"Get what Gerald?"

"Your thing for Helga, I just saw what she did. She is nice."

"That's great Gerald, now can I go back over to her?"

"Not yet, about this bracelet thing..."

"What about it Gerald, it's right here." Arnold said pulling back his sleeve to reveal the bracelet.

"Did she really make that for you?"

"Yes she did Gerald."

"That's nice, well you need to get back to Helga, so I'll see you later man" Arnold came back over to Helga.

"Sorry I was gone so long, Gerald needed something."

"That's all right my dear." Helga blushed at what she had said.

"I'm glad you understand Helga." he said smirking and taking her hand.

"Arnold, the bracelet it's showing!" Helga said releasing his hand and trying to fix Arnold's sleeve.

"Helga it's okay, I don't mind."

"You don't?"

"No I don't" Arnold said smiling.

After school Arnold practically skipped home, and when he got inside the boarding house, grandpa greeted him.

"Hey Grandpa! how ya doing?" Arnold said as he smiled happily and walked to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice.

"What are you so happy about short man?"

"One word Grandpa: Helga!"

"Ahh! So, I'm guessing nothing horribly horrible happened today."

"Nope! Everything was great!"

"Thats good to hear!"

"Well Grandpa, got to go, I'm planning to meet Helga on the internet today"

"Inter-what? I can never keep up on these things"

"Internet!" Said Arnold as he raced upstairs, A huge smile still on his face.

At the next meeting with Dr. Bliss, Helga was ecstatic.

"That's nice Helga, so you talk over the internet?"

"Yeah it's great, Arnold's so wonderful. We talk about everything, from our favorite show, to our families. We just hit it off so well. "

"That's great to hear Helga. How are you handling school?"

"Most of the people that were bugging us, stopped. I guess being nice isn't so bad after all. I mean I thought nice was bad and bad was nice, but now I think bad is kinda okay and nice is wonderful because Arnold likes me more when I'm nice."

"Well Helga, time's up."

"Okay, but one more thing...."

"What Helga?"

"Just a second...."

Helga ran out the door and came back in with Arnold.

"Okay Helga, just like in the email okay?"

"Right, Arnold."

"Um... Dr. Bliss the reason Helga and I wanted to talk to you is because this whole thing that happened."

"Yeah, you helped me and Arnold realize how much we have in common, so we made something for you to thank you."

"Oh really?" Arnold pulled out a package from behind his back. Dr. Bliss opened it to reveal a braclet made in the same way as the one Helga made for Arnold. Also a card. She opened it.

'To the greatest doctor there ever was

We give you this gift, just because

To thank you for all that you have done

Dr. Bliss you're clearly number one.'

She took the braclet and tied it onto her wrist, it read 'Dr. Bliss' on it.

"Now we are three of a kind." Helga said holding up her arm to reveal a braclet on her wrist.

"Thank you kids so much, you are both so nice."

She said giving them both a hug.

"Okay I better go now, it's Arnold's turn to gush." Helga said starting to leave.

"Helga wait!" Arnold said grabbing her wrist.

"Yes Arnold?"

"Have a good day." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I sure will" Helga said smiling from ear to ear and heading out the door.