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Circus Act


C.I.R.C.U.S. A.C.T.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; I present to you, the fearless Flying Grayson's! As always they're performing their daring feats without the safety of a net!" The ringmaster, C.C. Haley stood in the center ring, his hat in his hand in one hand, microphone in the other.

John and Mary Grayson waved to crowd; bowing and smiling, ready as always to give a performance to the awaiting children and parents who came to see them fly. Their son, Richard, stood hidden behind them, itching for his turn in the spotlight, ready as ever for his turn to spread his wings and fly with the big birds.

His father pulled the trapeze bar down from its place on the post behind them, gave a final wave to the crowd and a wink to his wife then he was off.


With grace that one wouldn't expect from a man of his size, he soared across the tent, letting his hands slip from the bar, he flew threw a double summersault before catching the second bar with the back of his knees. He smiled; hanging upside down, ready to fly with his wife when she jumped into his awaiting hands.

The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering; the children left in awe at the sight of the flying man.

Mary caught the first bar as it swung back towards her; its weight familiar in her hands. She smiled back at her son, then turned towards the front where her husband was waiting, and then she was off.


Her red ruffled leotard whipped back from the wind, the wispy pieces of her hair pushed out of her elated face as she flew. The spotlight followed her threw the air, the crowd silent as they watched her take flight.

Richard could swear in moments like these, he saw wings on his mother's back, helping her soar across the colorful circus tent.

Mary dismounted from her bar, doing a back layout with no hesitation, showing her confidence and trust that her husband would catch her. He did, grasping her wrists with an easy smile.

The wires creaked with the extra weight, but the next announcement drowned out the growing danger.

"And now, the youngest member of this amazing family!"

The spotlight shifted over to the platform Richard was standing on, illuminating his figure as he waved to the crowd below him. His smile was bright and energetic, his eyes shining with the adrenaline that never got old. It was always like this before a performance, it was like this every time he was allowed to fly. Just like their title said; they were the Flying Grayson's, and that was exactly what they did.

They flew. Together.

Richard returned his eyes to his parents; they were heading back his way. His mother's encouraging smile, urging her eight-year-old son to fly to her awaiting hands, giving a silent promise to help him in his flight. As he was still a little bird, his wings not fully developed, it was big birds job's to be his safety net; the one that they flew without.

The wire creaked again, louder.

The little bird looked up at his parent's wings; his heart dropped to his stomach and his throat closed.

Their wings were clipped.

The next seven seconds went in slow motion from Richard; it felt like a lifetime.

The smile slipped off his mother's face when she saw the wires.

The horrified look she sent him, stemming from the thought that her son might still fly into her hands.

That look made him hesitate, saving his life.

She knew.

His father's face when he realized there was nothing he could do to save his wife.

The resignation that filled their eye's when they accepted their fate.

And finally the small smile when his mother realized he wasn't going to jump to still out-stretched hands.

She's glad I'm not flying tonight, because tonight our wings are clipped.

Richard was deaf to the loud snap of the wire; the only thing he heard was his mother's soft whisper as she fell.


Time picked up speed again; his mother's fingertips brushed his.

"Mother! Father!"

They didn't slow as they approached the ground, not like he hoped they would. If anything, they picked up speed. Tears pricked at his eyes.

"No, Mommy!" Richard was on his knee's leaning as far over the platform as it'd allow without falling off himself. "Father!" His hand was outstretched as far as it'd reach, hoping to catch their hand; to catch anything to hold onto.


They hit the ground, and something inside of him broke. Tears slipped down his face, his breath came in short bursts, his vision darkened around the edges. They were gone, never coming back. He was a little bird without his parents.


Their bodies were managed on the ground below him.

His world was spinning, chipping, cracking.

They hand landed close to the center ring, their faces peaceful. Accepting of their fates.

His stomach was in knots.

They looked like they could just be sleeping, if only his father's neck wasn't bent at a weird angle, and his mother's leg's weren't twisted.

Hands were shaking him, hoping he'd respond to their voices. The world was silent, with the exception of his mother's echoing voice.


"Mother, Father!"

Blood seeped from the back of their heads, slowing covering the ground under them. Staining it as a reminder of the tragedy.

Staining his world. Making it spin more. The tears come faster, no sign of slowing; his breath become shorter.


C.I.R.C.U.S. A.C.T.

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