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Circus Act

Chapter 9

C.I.R.C.U.S. A.C.T.

Robin woke a lot easier the next day than he normally did. But that would probably be due to the fact that he was up nearly the entire night figuring out plans and sneaking into places that would totally suck the aster out of his week if Pop Haley caught him.

He hopped out of bed at the first sign of light, knowing that it would gain some suspicious looks but not really caring. Hopefully the sidekicks will catch wind of it…

He got ready quicker than normal, pulling his mask to his face and smiled his trademark shit eater grin. There were only a couple more days until show night and his 'team' needed some desperate work if they were ever going to be ready in time - and he was going to take pleasure in wiping them into shape.

Robin wanted them to suspect him, he wanted to bring them down a peg when they finally revealed who they were and confronted them, ohh he wanted all the kids to stop freaking talking about the sidekicks at every show!

The kids were there to see the circus, to see THEIR show; so they should be ohh-ing and awe-ing and shrieking when he did his dangerous stunts. The last thing they should be doing is obsessing about the stupid sidekicks; sure if it was the superheroes - they were actually something to talk about.

But the sidekicks? Yeah, that didn't fly with him.

And if anyone could put them in their place he knew it would be him; they totally dropped the chance in his lap and he'd sooner quit the circus than not take it.

And anybody who knew him, they just knew. He'd never quit.

C.I.R.C.U.S. A.C.T.

"What took you so long?" Wally muttered, rubbing sleep out of his eyes as he lazily mixed the pancake batter. "Get lost or something? You were supposed to be here like thirty minutes ago."

Robin grinned, "I'm perfectly on time." He held up his watch which said seven on the dot. "You must have gotten here early; it's about time you showed some initiative around here."

"Brat." Wally scoffed. "You're watch is wrong. I got here at seven."

"Is it really my watch that's wrong?" The younger boy leant against the supporting pillar of the tent. "Positive nobody tampered with yours?"

He cackled that eerily familiar laugh that Wally had become way to accustom too the last couple days and ducked beneath the batter covered whisk when the redhead chucked it at him.

"Stop messing with my stuff twerp!"

"Stop treating me like a kid and maybe I will." Robin countered.

"Stop acting like a little kid and maybe I will!"

"Yeah, because I'm the one who acts like a little kid." Robin muttered to himself, low enough that Wally couldn't hear him.

Or so he thought.

"What was that?"

"I'm just saying," Robins lips pulled into small grimace. "I wasn't the one who made a huge deal about being kitchen partners last night. You threw a temper tantrum that could rival a two year old.

"Did not!"

Wally's face matched that of his hair and it took a lot of willpower for Robin not to point that out. "You totally did, I'm actually really surprised that you didn't run to Pop Haley and demand to switch then and there." He scoped the whisk off the ground and brought it to the sink. "I would have loved to see that."

The red head pushed away from the pancake batter and threw his hand up in frustration. "I would love to not have to be stuck with you. Can't you even attempt to be nice?"

Yeah 'cuz you've just been so nice to me. "Now why would I do that? It's so much more fun to be - "

"Rude, brash, cheeky, offensive, insulting - feel free to stop me anytime."

"Why would I do that? You're listing all my qualities."

Wally shot him a look, "you're impossible."

"Any you never shut up." Robin turned his back so the speedster couldn't see his face, not trusting himself to keep it blank, "I would have thought with your abilities you'd be able to make breakfast faster than this."

The freckled youth tensed, glad that the younger boy had turned to wash the whisk, "what do you mean?" His voice didn't crack like he thought it would, but it was still a little too shrill to be passed as normal.

Robins smirk turned feral. "I mean, with all the tactless things you say you're probably use to chores by now, something as simple as pancakes should only take you a second."

Wally relaxed, not catching the subtle undertone in Robin's voice. "I can say the same thing about you."

"People usually like the things I say, they usually thing it's cute." Robin let his voice pitch higher and smiled the smile he usually reserved for charming parents into sticking around longer so that they'd spend more money at the stalls.

The red head reeled back, his eyes blinking wildly. "Woah! Dude that's totally creepy! You could have passed for a nine year old!"

The sugar sweet smile melted off Robins face, transforming into a glower. "I know, that's the point. Idiot." He grabbed the cleaned whisk and brought it back to the neglected batter, "now are you going to stare at me in awe all day or help so we can get this taken care of. I know you would love to skip practice, god knows you probably never practiced a day in your life before getting here, but I only have a couple more days to get you guys fit to perform.

The rest of breakfast passed in a blur of snarky words and sarcasm tossed around between the two boys. Eventually Roy and Artemis meandered their way into the tent and took a seat at one of the unoccupied tables. Robin noticed them when they entered and narrowed his eyes, making a mental note to check their work when they got to practice.

Wally finally stopped complaining long enough to serve pancakes to those in line while Robin poured more batter onto their portable grill.

C.I.R.C.U.S. A.C.T.

Megan watched in awe as Robin flipped and twisted in the air, no matter that they've been practicing with him for a week it still surprised her every time she saw him in the air. It always looked so natural, as if he had her Martian abilities and was defying gravity to stay in the air longer than should be humanly possible.

"Go have to jump as soon as I'm approaching your pillar," Robin shouted while swinging away from her, knees hooked over the trapeze bar and arms outstretched towards the ground. His back was facing her so he couldn't see the look of awe on her face, but he could hear the slight tremble in her voice when she replied.

"Ok, I think I'm ready."

The net was pulled back for this practice, he had finally got her to agree to go a practice without it, the only condition was that Conner and Kaldur had to be at the ground beneath them to hopefully catch her should she fall.

Totally stupid. Robin had thought when she had said it. Normal people would never be able to catch someone falling from that height.

His momentum was bringing him back towards her, and he braced his shoulder and knees for the extra weight he was about to hold.

She measured the distance between them and jumped right after he reached the peak of his height. And noticed her mistake as soon as her feet left the platform.

Robin grit his teeth, "You jumped too late."

Conner and Kaldur tensed on the ground, getting ready.

Wally stopped where he was on the tight rope, Roy let his bow string relax, and even Artemis glanced away from her shot to watch in awe as the youngest boy amongst them unlocked his knees from the bar and arched his back to grip the bar with his fingertips, letting his legs swing down towards the girl who had missed his hands. The extra length was just enough for Megan to grip onto his ankles.

"I told you to jump when I was coming towards you." Robin said past the pain in his injured leg and throbbing shoulder. "I wasn't saying that just because I like the sound of my own voice."

They reached the other side and robin tightened his core muscles to lift the girl high enough to place her feet on the platform and safely release him without getting dragged back into the next swing. She got the hint and luckily performed this without a hitch.

He dismounted on the opposite pillar and made his way to the ground where she had relocated herself.

"I'm sorry Robin, I thought it made more sense to jump when you were closest to me."

"That's because you don't think! Next time I tell you to do something, do it!"

"Hey, knock it off Robin, she already apologized."

"You think that matters? Who cares about an apology; that could have easily killed both of us! If I wasn't as good as I am there's no way I could have caught her, and someone else less experienced than me might have slipped themselves from shock. Not only that, but don't forget about the audience! People like to see danger, not death." Robin was breathing hard after his rant, but he didn't stop. "I understand that you guys don't understand normal people's capabilities, you all have a little something extra that make it easy for you to do things that normal people can't."

Kaldur tensed with narrowed eyes. "Normal people – what do you mean?"

Robin continued without missing a beat. "Normal people: people who grow up in families, living in the suburbs and going to school. Not us, we're different. We spend all day practicing circus acts and learning how to perform."

The sidekick team relaxed once he explained themselves. There was no way he could know; no way they could've blown their cover in the last two days.

Robin didn't miss it, and he suddenly felt the tension drain out of him, letting loose a little laugh. "You know what, I'm done." He made his way towards the exit.

Artemis scowled, "what do you mean done?"

"I mean I'm done for the day." He grabbed his bag off the floor and pulled the flap of the tent open, "you guys keep practicing; you aren't nearly ready for the show."

C.I.R.C.U.S. A.C.T.

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