So, I just finished watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and since I have to wait until Season 2 to find out what happens, I decided to write what I would want to happen, so if you haven't seen the end yet, don't read this! Right now, this might just be a one-shot since I have another story to work on, but who knows, I would like to start a fic about it. Anyway, its a little weird, I know, but whatever. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated =)


"Piper!" I called out, running towards the hunched blonde figure. She gave no sign that she heard me, still occupied with beating the life out of the meth head beneath her.

The ground was covered with ice and snow, making my boots slip and slide as I ran. The only thing keeping me from falling before reaching her was momentum. I grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her away. She continued to swing her bloody fists wildly and once I had her up against the chain link fence, she finally landed a punch directly into my right breast, almost knocking the wind out of me. "Fucking ow!" I seized her wrists, pinning them at either side of her head as she struggled against me. "Piper, it's me! Calm the fuck down!"

Slowly, she stopped fighting back and, through the blonde hair that had fallen to cover her face, she stared at me. I watched as her large, unfocused pupils shrank and her crazed look turned to panic, her clenched jaw going slack. I saw the recognition flash in her eyes as her gaze travelled past me and I turned my head to follow her line of sight, taking in the scene.

Doggett was damn near unrecognizable, swelling and blood covering her face. Red seeped into the snow from her mouth and I had no idea whether she was alive.

It really wasn't surprising that it had come to this. I always knew something would happen; that Doggett would take her overzealous bullshit too far. What I didn't expect was that it would be Piper who finally laid the bitch flat.

Still clutching Piper's wrists, I turned back to face her when I felt her begin to shake violently.

"Oh, God," she breathed, repeating the words several times. If it hadn't been for the severe shitty-ness of her current situation, I probably would have pointed out the irony of her words.

Having dealt with junkies, I knew a psychotic break when I saw one. She had blacked out from adrenaline and rage and was now in shock as she came to terms with her actions and, despite the fact that the last thing I wanted was to get tangled in another one of her messes, I couldn't just leave her.

"Hey!" I said loudly, trying to snap her out of her hysterics, "Look at me." It took a few seconds but she stopped whimpering, her eyes meeting mine. "We don't have much time before someone comes looking for you. You have to tell me what happened. Now."

"She-she was going to kill me," Piper whispered. "She cut me and I..." she trailed off, her eyes unfocusing once more.

I was losing her, again. Releasing her wrists, I took hold of her shoulders. "What did she cut you with, Piper? Where is the weapon?"

Her eyes scanned the ground before she raised a shaking hand and pointed towards the sharpened cross laying a few feet away from Doggett's body.

"Of course," I muttered and let her go. "Are there any others?"

She nodded, "I had a screwdriver... but I dropped it."

"You had a screwdriver? Are you serious? What the fuck were you thinking?!" I couldn't believe she would carry that around with her. Just being caught with it would add another five years to her sentence.

She started to cry and I silently cursed. If I didn't stay calm it would only make her more likely to lose it again. I searched the ground and found the screwdriver, kicking it towards Doggett.

"It's okay. You just have to tell them that they were both hers, alright?" Piper nodded. "Where did she cut you?"

She held out her hand, palm up, and I saw the small gash that extended from the bottom of her palm and downwards across her wrist. It wasn't very deep, but the exertion from her punches had made a it bleed quite a bit.

"Alex... Is she...?" Piper asked in a small voice, her eyes darting from mine to the body.

I honestly couldn't tell if Doggett was breathing or not, but I knew I had to convince Piper that she was. "She's just unconscious," I lied. "But you need to play this off as self-defense."

"It was self-defense!" she cried, sinking against the fence.

"Piper," I began, trying to keep my voice calm and steady, "You had her unconscious and disarmed on the ground and you kept hitting her. You went past self-defense. I get that you weren't in control, but if they figure that out you'll definitely be sent to Psych." That is, if she's not dead, I thought to myself. If she was dead and all Piper had to show was a small scratch, she'd be sent to Max. The fact was, if someone came at you with two weapons and you only had fists to protect yourself, their resulting death would mean excessive force. But I couldn't explain this to Piper in her current state of mind.

"I cant- I can't go to Psych, Alex," she said, shaking her head. "I'd rather die than go to Psych!"

"Just let me think," I told her firmly.

She wrapped her arms around herself and let her chin fall against her chest. "Healy didn't do anything. He just walked away... He's going to have me sent to Psych, I know it."

I had seen Healy standing by the door before I came out and had to hide until he disappeared down the hall. "He was blocking the door," I whispered to myself when I realized he had known what was happening. "That sick fuck..."

Now I knew Piper was in some serious shit. Healy had a lot of say in her fate and if it was our word against his, he would win.

I swallowed and tried to think of a plan, only coming up with one as time was running out. I picked up the cross and slowly began walking towards Piper.

She looked up at the sound of snow crunching beneath my boots and gave me a confused look, "Alex, what are you doing?"

My heart pounded and I second guessed myself but there didn't seem to be another option. "What are you willing to do to avoid Psych?" I asked her.

"Anything," she answered quickly.

I nodded and held out the cross, "Then, you'll have to stab yourself."

Her eyes went wide, "Are you fucking kidding? What good will that do besides scream 'crazy'?"

"If you stab yourself then the fact that it was self-defense will be undeniable; Healy won't be able to argue it. You say she stabbed you and they'll believe you. They'll be so afraid that Larry will write about it, they'll probably give you anything to keep quiet."

Her breathing became harsher, "Larry left me. You know that."

"Yea, but they don't."

"Alex, this is crazy..."

I knew she was right, but if I was in her place, I'd do it in a heartbeat. "It's up to you, Pipes. But we're running out of time. Unless you have a better plan..."

She bit her lip and stared at the cross, confliction and fear in her eyes. "I can't..." she said finally. "I can't do it myself..." Her eyes met mine. "Will you do it?"

I stepped back and shook my head, "I can't stab you, Piper."

"Please, Alex. I won't be able to do it," she begged, tears running down her face. "I know I've already asked too much of you and you just being here could be really bad for you, but you wouldn't be here if you didn't still care about me."

My hands were shaking as nausea settled in my stomach. I knew that this could save her life, but I never thought I'd be in this situation. And having her point out the obvious didn't make me feel any better. Why did I have to care so much?

Pulling myself together, I focused on my breathing and moved closer to her. "Where should I do it?"

I watched as she swallowed and slowly took the end of the cross, guiding it to the lower right side of her stomach, above her hip.

I held it steady, staring into her eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered, putting her hands on my shoulders to brace herself.

I held her gaze and said, "This doesn't mean we're okay."