I should really stop starting new stories, but I just caaaaaaan't! Oh well I got this idea while I was lying in my bed desperately trying to fall asleep and as all of my night ideas it might get a bit crazy. This first chapter is a bit bad, but I assure you that it will get better.

Disclaimer: I own only my night time ideas! No Drrr cast or story or anything like that.

„I'm sorry, but your son is dead."


„That can't be!"

I'm alive.

„Tell me it's no true, it can't be true!"

I'm still alive.

It was dark. Everything was dark. Darkness ate his world away and all he could hear were his mothers crying. He couldn't talk, couldn't move or see, just listen to her sobs as he felt sheet cover his face. Muffed sobs continued to invade darkness that was now his world.

Was he really dead?

He didn't feel dead, but then again what does he know how death feels. He was completely aware of all the sounds emitting around him, but he could not respond. He wanted to yell, to cry, to do something, but he couldn't find his eyes or his mouth. Tears welled up and stayed put, floating in the darkness, drowning him in sadness.

It all began just like any other fight. He got mad because of something stupid and lifted the first thing that he could find which landed him in the hospital. But this time was different. He couldn't wake up. No matter what he did, he couldn't wake up. He couldn't open his eyes and he couldn't breathe correctly. He started to feel nauseas, claustrophobic even. He couldn't control his own breathing and the darkness would not let him out. He was drowning in panic, drowning in tears.

He listened to his mothers cries until they got further and further away….and then there was just silence. Never-ending, eternal silence. The silence lasted until he felt warm hands wrap around him and carry him off. He was still trapped in the darkness, but maybe whoever this was realized that he still wasn't dead. Maybe they came to save him.

He woke up in the back seat of a van. The world was hazy and he had to blink few times to stop it from moving. He looked around, but there was not much to see. It was just an ordinary van, a one you can see every day. He realized that his hands were constricted and started to panic. He tried to break the bounds with his strength but found it impossible. Something was wrong; he felt dizzy and couldn't use his strength.

"Now, now, rest still Number six. We drugged you so there is no use in struggling anywise."

"Wha…" he slurred as he felt a hand pat his head.

"Just take example in Number seven. She's been completely peaceful the entire ride."

Shizuo's eyes traveled to see an older girl sitting on the opposite seat. She was maybe nine years old and her long hair was pitch black which was a great contrast to her giant blood red eyes. She wore a read dress with silver lining and looked rather uninterested by the strange situation.

He shifted his gaze to look at the tall man in the white suit with a scar. The man pushed his head back downwards, making him face the floor again. Shizuo was just about to move his head up again when sharp pain passed through his spin and he was left in the darkness once again.

-Time skip-

"Here is your room. Don't be noisy and go to sleep now, you'll need it for tomorrow."

Shizuo groaned as he was pushed into small, dark room and the doors were shut behind him. He still felt dizzy, but his strength was coming back so he punched the door with all his force. The door stayed put, but he his fist hurt a lot now and he thought that, that maybe wasn't his wisest move. He huffed in annoyance and decided to really on his voice this time.

"Hey let me out of here, you here me!"


"Let me go now!"



That time something happened and that something was a pillow that came flying straight to his face.

"Would you shut up, some of us are light sleepers." Came an angry huff from somewhere in the darkness.

Shizuo spun around in alarm his eyes scanning the small room, but there was not much he could see, for his eyes were not used to the dark.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" he called out, not really sure did he want to see his attacker.

The light flickered and Shizuo spotted a short, annoyed raven head standing next to the light switch. His eyes very half lidded and reddish-brown, his hair messy from sleep and covered with a blanket that fell over him, like if he was just done playing ghost. He wrapped the blanket further around him, so only his face stuck out and gave Shizuo another annoyed look.

"Go to sleep, will ya. I'm tired and I can't sleep with you yelling all the time."


Before he knew it Shizuo had the boy in his hands and was shaking him thoroughly in blind rage. Blanket fell off of the surprised boy, revealing a frail frame of a shaken up six year old.

"The hell do you mean by that!? How can I just go to sleep? I don't even know where I am and you expect me to go and sleep!"

"Yeah I do, let me go and be quiet before they come here!"

"Before who comes here?!"

"The guards!"

"What guards?!"

"Those behind you!"

Shizuo turned his head and sure enough there was a man standing behind him pointing a gun at his head. Shizuo gulped, his hold on the younger boy growing subconsciously stronger.

"Hey that hurts, let me go!" the boy whined, trying to squirm out of his reach.

"Put him down and go to bed, No. Six." The man said sternly and Shizuo blinked in confusion.

"He means you, you imbecile. Let me go, your crushing me!"

Shizuo blinked and looked from the waiting man to the struggling boy and finally gave in, releasing the raven of his hold.

"To the bed, both of you." The man growled.

The younger one huffed in annoyance, but picked up his pillow and blanket and returned to his bed, acting like a pouting child. Shizuo however had other ideas.

"Where am I? Who are you?!" he yelled aiming his fist at the man.

The man blocked him with his gun and pressed a pressure point on his neck, making him lose consciousness. The man grabbed Shizuo before he fell down and dragged him to his bed, leaving him there.

"No. Five!" the man called out to the other boy across the room.

"A guy really can't get any sleep here, huh!" the boy answered, his head popping out of the blankets; "What is it?"

"Keep an eye out for him, make sure that he knows the rules by breakfast tomorrow." The man said and left, leaving the room in dark once again.

Reddish eyes shone in the darkness, more aware then before as the boy scanned over at his new roommate across the room.

"Yeah, leave it to me to tame the monster." He huffed, pouting and hugged his pillow closer, dozing of to light sleep.