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Lust filled moans echoed the small bathroom, Izaya's shirt laid forgotten on the floor, soon joined by the one of his partner. Anxious, hungry hands caressed the small body that shivered unprotected and disarmed by the pleasure. Shizuo was hovering over the smaller male, sucking on the tender flesh of Izaya's neck, his hands busy with stimulating Izaya's nipple and rubbing Izaya's crotch. Izaya's head was thrown back in pleasure as his body rocked slightly too blonde's accord. He had long before given up all the fight and all the teasing; he no longer even tried to sit up on his own. He allowed Shizuo to dominate his body completely.

Shizuo's tongue traveled down the informant's neck, trailing down to raven's nipple, licking around it as his hand gently pulled down raven's boxers. Izaya looked up hazily, barely noticing the absence of the cloth before Shizuo bit onto the teased flesh sending him back into delirium. Blonde's finger gently massaged raven's entrance, earning aroused moans and a twitching cock from the informant.

"Shi-Shizu-chan, p-please stop teasing." The raven gasped as the finger pressed hard against his sensitive hole.

"And why should I? You never stop teasing me. Think of this as a punishment for that." The blond growled.

Watching Izaya's aroused, flushed face, the way his cock throbbed with need, the way his hole twitched in anticipation every time Shizuo touched it, it all brought blond to the edge. He kissed the informant roughly, making up for all those years lost as he pushed one finger in that small, lustful hole. Izaya moaned in surprise and pleasure, his eyes shutting tight as the appendage moved in him, looking for that one special spot. Small tears trickled down Izaya's face at the stinging pain of having something inserted in him like that. Shizuo's eyes snapped open when he felt the saltiness of tears.


The raven didn't answer, shaking and squirming, trying to adjust to foreign feeling and Shizuo had to smile at his partner's flustered expression. He leaned forward, gently kissing away Izaya's tears and tilted Izaya's head up, making those beautiful, tear stained orbs meet his.

"Don't worry Izaya. I won't hurt you. I would never hurt you." He promised and kissed the smaller male, gently moving his lips across the others as the second finger was added.

Izaya's hips bucked up as he moaned into the kiss, sensation of the Shizuo's fingers scissoring him loose filling his body with ecstasy. He closed his eyes, relaxing and giving in, allowing Shizuo to claim full control. The blond greedily accepted the control, pulling out his fingers and lifting Izaya up in his lap, his own pants and boxers already down from the previous actions.

"Shi-Shizu-chan. It's…it's…" the raven gasped as Shizuo's cock throbbed hungry against Izaya's butt.

"You are so cute like this, Flea." The blond growled possessively as he attacked Izaya's ear with his tongue, sending the raven mewling in desperate please. "I love the way you are blushing, I love the way your cock is calling for me, begging me to help. Beg for me, Izaya."

Izaya shivered at the words, his need and his pride battling one last battle until Shizuo's hand on his cock made the decision. As the blond caressed him with butterfly like touches, he turned his head around, looking at Shizuo, looking at the one he needed and he shyly but surely spoke.

"Shizu-chan, I n-need you. Please Shizu-chan."

A satisfied smirk appeared on the blonde's face as his finger rubbed the head of Izaya's cock, luring out the precum. Izaya's eyes rolled up as his head fell back on Shizuo's shoulder, moaning and gasping, begging for more.

"What exactly do you need from me, my little flea?" Shizuo teased in that deep, arousing voice that send Izaya quivering every time it ghosted across his skin.

"I…I need…I need your cock, Shizu-chan. I need your cock inside of me. Now. Please." Izaya begged, his eyes shut tight and his face flushing red as his cock quivered in excitement from what was too come.

"As you wish." The blond smirked, lifting the raven up and positioning him above his hard member.

"N-no, wait!" Izaya panicked as he was pushed down on hot, hard flesh that tore through him, sending him moaning in pain and pleasure that filled his being to the brim.

Shizuo kissed the back of Izaya's neck, gently playing with the younger's nipple to distract him from the pain. Izaya mewled and writhed in his arms, his face dusted pink and his eyes closed in concentration as sweat rolled down his skin, harsh gasps tearing through his lungs. When the informant finally settled down, getting used to the felling of blonde's length inside of him, Shizuo moved. At first gently, only to get rougher and rougher he rolled his hips, slamming from beneath into the overwhelmed raven. Hot sound of skin slapping against skin filled the small bathroom as the smell of sex spread across arousing them even more.

Shizuo hungrily slammed into the small raven, intoxicated with the smell, sound and sight that was Izaya's aroused body. Sweat rolled down his forehead, his eyes shut tight as his hips bucked to Shizuo's rhythm. His pale skin smelled of vanilla, something Shizuo couldn't figure out why, and his ebony black hair glistened in the light. Shizuo hungrily grabbed those skinny white orbs that gave him so much pleasure, drowning in the tightness of Izaya's ass that was practically swallowing him whole.

Izaya groaned and moaned, unused to the strange filling of being filled from the back. His vision was hazy and Shizuo's cock made him see all white so he closed his eyes, gritting his teeth to bare the pain. Suddenly a spark of pleasure lit up and Izaya gasped loudly, earning a chuckle from his older friend. He mewled unwillingly, ashamed of his human reactions to such little stimulation. He couldn't help it though. Everything that Shizuo did brought him to the edge. But it still hurt. Shizuo's reckless pounding; no matter how much pleasurable it may be still felt like it was tearing through him. And he wanted to stop. He needed to stop, just for a bit.

"Shizuo nhggh Shizuo. That hurts hrgh stop!" the smaller ones please were lost in the pleasure filled moan that emerged from his throat when Shizuo found his special spot.

Shizuo smirked and hugged Izaya tighter, busying himself with the lithe body that was left to his care. His right hand traveled down to flustered, red flesh of Izaya's member and he pressed the tip of the head roughly, rolling his thumb around it, making Izaya moan even louder. His left hand busied itself with teasing the hard nipple as Shizuo skillfully sucked on Izaya's tender neck.

"Nghnh, Shizu-chan, s-stop. Not that many, p-please. I can't, I can't, I'll-"

With one last moan of Shizuo's name the raven came hard, splattering his stomach, Shizuo's hand and the nearby wall in white strings of cum. Shizuo groaned, felling the tight, hot walls of Izaya's caver tighten around him making him come in union with the raven.

Gasping for air, Izaya let himself go limp in Shizuo's arms, and the blond pulled out carefully, making sure not to hurt the little raven. He kissed Izaya's cheek, hugging the raven as close as he could, afraid to let go, to lose his friend again.

"Izaya. I love you." He whispered into raven's ear.

Izaya smiled, looking up dazedly. His lips parted to let out words, but the exhaustion won and he fell asleep in Shizuo's arms. Shizuo smiled as well, moving hair away from Izaya's face, watching him sleep and enjoying the moment of peace and happiness that stranded into their chaotic lives.