Naked. Or at least Nina Williams was mostly naked as she stood in front of her big mirror in just her underwear. She was currently staying in a safe-house in Belgium arranged for her by her employer, Jin Kazama due to the fact that she had a one month long assignment to accomplish. She looked at her body and wondered what was wrong with it. Society for the most part thought nothing was wrong. Nina was blonde, blue-eyed and had a noticeably svelte hourglass figure comprised of slender legs, average-sized breasts and a small waist. What was not to like? But Nina Williams felt that something was missing. She had never felt like this before. It didn't matter what size she was, she never really wondered whether she was beautiful or not. She was also employed by the Mishima Zaibatsu as the top employee which would therefore mean she was paid very highly. So why was she not happy? In any case, it was the first day of her month-long assignment and she wasted no time in getting ready for her first mission. So she put on her clothes, appropriate for this kind of task and set off into the cold Belgian night.

She was to locate the house of an employee of someone working in Belgium's Rue de la Roi – A road consisting of governmental buildings that ran through central and eastern Brussels. Nina's target didn't live too far away from there. Essentially, she had to assassinate her target without being caught (something Nina was very skilled at!) and then attend her workplace under the guise of the employee. The employee in question was none other than the prime minister's personal assistant, a Miss Caroline Mignolet. Jin thought it best that Nina used her position to pass on sensitive political and military information. Effectively, Nina was spying on the Belgian government, and Jin wanted her to do so because it was said that his father Kazuya, who was also leader of Jin's Rival company G-corporation, was to agree a military deal with the Belgian Army and possibly more armies across Europe. Jin was keen to stop his father from having an influence of Europe. It was all part of his big plan. But to Nina, it was another mission she had to do.

Nina finally arrived at the location, wearing her signature purple skin-tight cat suit which clung on to her slender body. It was like she was wearing nothing at all. As she walked she felt a little uncomfortable with her skinny legs and arms moving through the barren cold night. The house itself was quite small but still very lavish. Caroline Mignolet lived alone, so the task was even easier for Nina. Using her skills, she was able to lock pick into the house without anyone noticing. Now it was time for Nina to locate the target. Nina went upstairs and noticed a few lights were on, one in the bedroom and another in the bathroom. The bathroom door was locked, so obviously Caroline must have been in there! Nina heard some singing in French. The singing was terrible but it would seem that this Belgian woman loved singing in the shower. She was now going to die in the shower. Nina broke open the bathroom door urging Caroline to scream in response, but Nina was quick to act. In order to minimise the noise she quickly put her hands over Caroline's mouth and then in one fell swoop, she got out her knife and slit Caroline's throat. Mission Accomplished. She then looked at the naked body of her victim. It indeed matched the description. Amongst the bloody and the soap, Caroline was a plump middle-aged woman with dark brown hair, an actual pot belly and chubby limbs – a stark contrast to Nina's youthful, slender appearance.

Nina then quickly needed to dispose of Caroline's body, hoping there was a basement or something similar where she could drag her heavy body into, and hide it away so that it could not be easily found. Nina then thought about that package she was sent. It was the disguise she was going to use whilst posing as Miss Mignolet. It was essentially a fat suit for Nina, with the other essentials for a disguise like a wig and whatnot. After disposing of Caroline's body, she examined the house to look for clues as to what kind of person Miss Mignolet was. She first took a look in her bedroom, of which the light was still on. In there she found a double bed. Did she have a boyfriend? Or was it a big bed simply to accommodate her ample size? Then she looked at the bed itself, very expensive looking and at the head of the bed were some beautifully decorated red pillows with Belgium's coat of arms embroidered onto it and golden tassels at the corners. She then noticed the box of Belgian chocolates that where tucked in between the pillows. It appeared that Miss Mignolet found comfort in eating such rich food, especially at night and Nina confirmed this when she looked in the fridge. It was full of fattening foods so it was no wonder that Miss Mignolet was the size that she was!

Nina, for some reason wondered about that woman's figure. Was Caroline always that big? Nina wondered if she herself could ever be that large. Looking at her own figure, she realised that her arms and legs were quite bony and her collarbone was very visible. Did she find that attractive? Well, for the next 30 days, during the day she would have to pretend to be this corpulent lady and pass on information to Jin. It was actually one of many tasks she had to do during the month. By evening she had a few other smaller assignments that included killing an important Belgian politician and making it look like G-corporation were behind it, in order to hamper relations between the two parties. Before leaving Miss Mignolet's residence carefully, covering her tracks as she would leave, Nina took that box of chocolates. She figured she needed something to relax with after a hard day at work. So every night for the next thirty nights, Nina Williams would sit on the couch munching on Belgian chocolates while watching movies in her safe house. Feeling the creamy sweetness of the chocolates was quite a joyous experience and it was the start of a big change in her life.