Working in the office was definitely a bore for Nina. She was much more suited to being out there, fighting on the battlefields against whomever she was assigned to fight or kill. But on the bright side, office work wasn't so bad. After all, she was paid handsomely by Jin, lunches in the office were free (Nina always took advantage of that aspect, taking as much food as possible!) and Jin allowed her to wear "Whatever she wanted" in the office, provided that her clothes still maintained some aspect of professionalism.

Today, Nina opted to wear a black skirt suit to work. The skirt portion of her outfit was short and fitted. So not only were her massive legs on display, the rest of the skirt was filled out quite well, accentuating the sheer width of her hips and impeccable roundness of her butt. The skirt's fabric was slightly stretchy, so she could walk a little easier, but that didn't stop the skirt from riding up as she walked. Although, Nina didn't mind if she flashed a little extra skin from time to time! To finish off the bottom half of her attire, she wore translucent stockings that reached up to her mid thigh, which were attached to a garter belt and lace string she was wearing underneath. Overall, the stockings gave an alluring appearance to her legs. It also highlighted their curvy shape. The stockings them selves fitted pretty snugly, with some fat pushing out of the top making Nina's thighs look even bigger! To finish off the bottom half, Nina wore high heeled shoes that made people wonder how a woman of such heavy weight could even balance herself.

On top, she wore a black jacket, on top of a cleavage-baring white shirt. She made sure to button up the bottom buttons of her jacket, making her full breasts look even bigger. The jacket itself gave her a much larger presence, not only asserting authority but also confidence in her large frame.

Nina casually made her way downstairs using the staircase. She didn't bother using the elevator as she wanted to feel the sensual rubbing together of her chunky thighs as much as possible. The clip-clop of her high heels was enough to indicate her co-workers that she was coming. A lot of her male co-workers were happy with her weight gain, often needing a change of underwear just by looking at her!

Nina finally made her way to the bottom floor and probably needed to eat something after walking all the way down! She noticed two plus-sized young ladies waiting in the lobby, just past the reception. The two of them were quite anxious and Nina noticed that they seemed to be hiding some frustration, as though the receptionist was determined to keep them here. The receptionist knew that many people probably wanted to see Jin Kazama, and the two young ladies were no different. Nina then realised who the young ladies were, although it was not so apparent due to the fact that both of them, like Nina had gained a ton of weight.

The receptionist was approached by Nina.

"May I know what they are doing here?" she asked the receptionist.

"Well, one of them wanted to see Jin and the other wanted to see Eddy. But I assured them that Jin was too busy and Eddy didn't work here. I was just doing my job, Miss Williams."

"Ah, I see. Though I'd like you to let me handle this", Nina replied.

"Of course, Miss Williams", the receptionist then returned to work whilst Nina approached the young ladies.

"Are you two Ling Xiaoyu and Christie Monteiro?" Ling Xiaoyu, the shorter of the two simply nodded, whilst Christie replied with a simple "Yes".

"Come with me...", Nina guided the two of them to the elevator, not explaining anything until they got in. All three of them managed to fit in to the elevator, just about. They then took the long journey from the bottom floor all the way to the top.

"My name is Nina Williams. I work for the Zaibatsu"

"N-Nina?! But you've become so..." Ling finally spoke.

"Big? Yes I suppose I have gained a few pounds, though I suppose I can say the same thing about you two!" Nina said, smiling bluntly.

"I couldn't help it. With Eddy gone, I felt so alone. I turned to food for comfort!" Christie said, getting out a Bar of chocolate from her pocket.

"Yeah, and I miss Jin. I hope he's okay. He's become so distant after winning the fifth tournament and taking over the Zaibatsu", Ling said as she was almost about to cry. Christie cheered her up by offering another chocolate bar that she had.

"Well, Jin is a busy man now. But don't worry; I'm going to take you two right to Eddy and Jin!"

"Nobody else would let us in, thank you Nina! I thought you of all people would never let us in. I thought wrong..."said Christie, whilst munching away. She was about to finish her chocolate and was going to reach for another.

"Well, actually. Since the two of you are here, I'm sure Jin and Eddy would be very glad to see you!" Nina said, winking.

"But now I'm having second thoughts. I don't want Jin to see me all fatty and chubby!" Ling said. She pulled down her skirt that had become several sizes too small, and like Nina's skirt it would expose her butt with every step she took. Ling was obviously very shy, though Christie seemed quite comfortable in her own (thick) skin. The elevator trip was coming to an end and the three ladies heard a great roaring sound. It was Nina's stomach.

"You got any more of those Chocolate bars, Christie?" The doors opened.

Even after reaching the top floor, reaching Jin's office proved to be a long walk in itself. The three full-figured ladies were almost waddling their way through the corridors one after the other (since they were all too wide to be walking side by side!), munching on chocolate bars in the process. Eventually, they found Jin's office. Nina knocked the door.

"It's me", Nina said whilst retaining her colder voice. Nina didn't want to let her boss know that she had company, or at least not yet.

"Come in", Jin replied. Nina opened the door; Christie and Ling followed, both being nervous and excited at the same time.

Jin was with Eddy and before being interrupted by Nina, they appeared to be discussing something. Both of them were quite shocked when they realised that Nina had bought company.

"Ch-Christie?!" Eddy said. His jaws dropped at the sight of Christie's newly voluptuous build.

"Xiao?!" Jin was equally shocked. He never fathomed that his once skinny short schoolmate would blow up in size. Although Jin was equally shocked by the fact that she was here. Nonetheless, Jin smirked almost as though he had a plan. Nina was thinking the same, as was Eddy.

"I believe the four of you have some catching up to do. Don't mind me though, I'm going to lunch!" Nina said, leaving the office and as closed the door, she heard a flurry of Portuguese voices firing their emotions at one another, whilst a kawaii schoolgirl fired her clingy emotions whilst speaking Japanese in her high-pitched voice.

Nina swiftly arrived at the canteen. It was empty at first. Of course, Nina was the first one there and wanted to make sure she got her pudgy little hands on the fresh food first. And as expected, Nina would eat as much as possible, as quickly as possible taking seconds and even thirds if necessary. Despite being the first one in, she intended to be the last one out!

The chefs waited anxiously to see what Nina would go for first. She started a small spicy Indian snack known as Bhel Puri, to get her tastebuds ready. Then, she guzzled her way through several bowls of Ramen, ate some succulent crispy southern fried chicken accompanied with plenty of French fries, ketchup and mayonnaise which progressively splattered onto her face. Her tummy progressively got bigger as the food entered and in fact, it expanded so much that the bottom buttons of her shirt and jacket gave in. Nina's glorious, soft belly splurged out for everyone to see. Despite the fullness of her stomach, she claimed to still have enough space for dessert. She first opted for a sweet, oily Indian dessert known as Gulab Jamun. The sweet splendiferous syrup tickled her taste buds before the main portion of the desert was given way. She munched through its soft morsels. Nina was finally satisfied that the food had filled her up, and indeed she was the last one in the canteen.

Before the bulging blonde made her way back to Jin's office, she took a look at her cleavage. It was decorated with the Mayonnaise, ketchup and syrup that were from her meal. Of course, no meal that Nina ate was ever complete unless plenty of food remnants conveniently spilled onto her bosoms. She quickly cleaned it off in plain sight of her on looking co-workers and took the elevator before carrying her stocking-covered legs to her boss' office.

Things appeared to have quietened down since Nina had her lunch. Everyone was sat down, waiting for her arrival.

"You're finally back. Did you have a nice lunch?" Jin asked.

"Of course! Thank you for making lunchtime at the Mishima Zaibatsu offices a great culinary pleasure!" the Blonde replied.

"Anyways, let's get down to business…" Jin said swiftly and coldly "As you guys know, G-corporation seemed to have evened the score with us. The fake-sheikh incident had set us back a little, and it seems that Kazuya has got two new bulging recruits."

"That Asuka and Lili. I never fathomed that they would jump on the fat wagon", Nina said, squinting with annoyance.

"Luckily, we also have new recruits! I have decided that Christie and Xiao will join us due to the fact that their… ample qualities are in fact invaluable. I will need to test their strength soon and come up with a suitable training programme for the three of you…" Jin said confidently.

"Just don't make the girls train too hard, you might just make them lose their so-called 'ample-qualities'!" Eddy added jokingly.

Moments later, Jin took everyone to a white room which could have looked like something out of a sci-fi movie but in fact it was a training room.

"Nina, Christie, Xiao… I want the three of you to spar with one another. I need to see what you girls are made of. We have to be prepared for anything that G-Corporation throws at us!"

"Can we have food afterwards, Jin?" Christie asked.

"Of course! Now fight!" Eddy answered for Jin.

The three voluminous women fought one another in a three-way fatty scrap. Nina, despite wearing a skirt and high heels had no problem kicking, and proceeded to kick Xiaoyu, but she caught Nina's meaty leg and struck back with her signature move – the Storming Flower. It knocked Nina back a couple of meters.

"Sorry about that…" Xiaoyu said shyly.

"Don't apologize… Keep fighting!" Jin said with venomous encouragement. Xiaoyu was distracted as Christie used her Capoeira skills – taught to her by Eddy himself, to launch a flying kick to Xiaoyu's face. Both of them fell flat on their round butts. Though, Christie fell mainly due to clumsiness – it was clear that she still needed to get used to fighting in her new body. The same went for Xiaoyu, who was clumsy and misfired occasionally.

The three of them continued to fight. There only seemed to be one winner in this and that was Nina, who had managed to get them both into a submission lock, strangling Christie and Xiaoyu with her huge legs. Despite the two young ladies losing easily, Jin had optimism for them both and called for the sparring to stop.

"Alright then ladies, I think we can call it a day. Now as promised, you can now go and stuff yourself silly!" Jin said, with a bead of sweat dripping down the side of his head. He had optimism but still believed that lot's of work needed to done in order to train his plus-sized princesses.

After a long and stressful day at work, Jin would always retire to his luxury mansion. He still didn't know exactly how many bedrooms there were in it. In fact, he only needed one. Sitting down on the couch, he turned on his giant television and started flicking through the channels. At the same time, something was preying on his mind – his rivalry with his father, Kazuya and the need to train up his girls. He stopped flicking through the channels and arrived at an American Martial Arts channel. Jin of course loved Martial Arts.

The channel was showing some sort of National Martial Arts tournament. It was the final round, and whoever won would be Martial Arts Champion of America. The two competitors were a tall muscular man wearing a standard karate gi, and his opponent was tall but incredibly obese! He wore a red shirt and jeans, had blonde hair and was even bigger than Nina! Jin watched with amazement.

"How can a man that big be fighting?" He wondered to himself. He increased the volume of the TV and the fans of the fat man were cheering.

"Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight!" That seemed to be the fat man's slogan. Since the tournament began, he was a relative unknown who was written off for his size, but Jin saw with his own eyes why he got the slogan associated with him. The fat man had a very acrobatic fighting style and was also very fast and agile regardless of his size. He progressively pummelled his opponent, not giving him time to think with his speed and neither giving him time to breathe, with the girth of his belly. In a few short moments, the opponent was knocked out and the fat man became the Champion.

"Well, there you have it folks. Bob Richards is now the Martial Arts Champion of America!" The commentator of the TV program spoke. In the background, Bob's fans were cheering again.

"Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight!" The fans kept repeating until they ran out of breath. Jin was thinking to himself, flabbergasted by Bob's enormous build.

"Yes, he's the solution! Maybe I can use him and his fatty secrets to help the girls improve. He simply has to join us! I just need the perfect convincer", Jin said to himself as Bob was having an interview.

"So, do you hope to take your 'Speed and Weight' to the next level", Bob was now being interviewed shortly after his victory. The man interviewing him seemed nervous in the presence of the Large American.

"I certainly hope so! I wanna follow in the footsteps of American legends like Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law and hope to claim international recognition!" Bob said, with a grand grin on his face.

"So… the fat man wants international recognition. Then I will give him what he wants, provided that the girls have him as their trainer", Jin was talking to himself again. It was a habit of his when he was alone, and was incomplete unless he smiled. And there it was - a sinister smirk that said "I'm now one step ahead of you, Kazuya!"