Tonight was fight night. Bob had been preparing for this moment for a very long time. He was finally going to gain recognition as an international martial artist, and course the fat round blonde American was aiming for the win! Another person looking forward to this fight was Nina, who under the tutelage of Bob was aiming to channel her heavy weight into a deadly weapon. She wanted to see her teacher in action on the big stage, one-on-one.

The Venue for tonight's big fight was the City of Manchester Stadium, which usually on every other weekend would host the home games of the local football club, Manchester City but it could host fights too. In fact, local boxing hero Ricky Hatton had defeated the Mexican Juan Lazcano at this very stadium to retain his various boxing titles. It was a proud moment for the man, as a record audience of 55,000 people attended this fight. With this in mind, Jin determined that it was the perfect venue for Bob's debut.

As for the opponent that Bob was going to face, Jin sought out Craig Marduk. Marduk was a tall muscular Australian who was once world Champion of Vale Tudo as well as a competitor in the Zaibatsu-sponsored "King of Iron fist Tournament", having competed in the last two tournaments. Jin thought of this as the perfect test and opportunity for Bob to prove that one could fight elegantly and swiftly despite carrying soft mounds of body fat. Bob had already disposed of muscular fighters before, but none more powerful or more seasoned than his Australian adversary.

Jin of course would attend along with Nina and the other two girls training under Bob. Aside from the competitors themselves who were still in their respective dressing rooms preparing, Jin and the three girls appeared to be the center of attention in a stadium that was slowly filling up with people.

Jin was standing alongside the girls finding the special seats he had arranged for them. He was amazed that the football stadium was temporarily transformed into the fighting arena that he specified at such short notice! But then again, when one is the richest man in the world, he can buy many things and can expect things to be done in a short space of time. The city of Manchester stadium was transformed beyond recognition. The grass was gone, only to be replaced by a black floor, and of course the ring itself, which was larger than a boxing ring but was still square-shaped.

Xiaoyu was anxious at the local onlookers who gave Jin some dirty looks. The media had already linked Jin with the kidnapping of their prime minister, and it wasn't long before the arriving mancunians would start booing Jin upon seeing his face.

"Maybe this was a bad idea", the young Zaibatsu boss thought to himself.

Though funnily enough, at the same time the girls, especially Christie and Xiaoyu were the centre of attention for a very different reason. Christie wanted Xiaoyu and herself to dress up in rather skimpy cheerleader outfits, as a way to show support for their teacher. They were even holding pom-poms in their hands and had come up with some rather ridiculous chants for the man. Nina opted not to join them. While she may have enjoyed wearing a dangerously short skirt, she didn't really think that crazy rhyming was the way to support the American. In fact, Nina thought it was a little silly.

"Get your tits out!" a random member of the increasing crowd shouted out to the girls. The girls were not quite sure how to react. Xiaoyu, feeling somewhat shy again started to feel uneasy and shivered a little. It wasn't until Jin gave that group a sinister look that they backed off.

Nina, who did have plenty of bubbly cleavage revealed was wearing an otherwise quite modest outfit. It a beautiful dress that reached the knees and was coloured in multiple shades of blue and purple. To cover her arms and shoulders, she wore a white cardigan. The dress itself was loose, so she could move around easily and since the fight wasn't going to start for another hour or so she decided to go and visit Bob's dressing room.

After descending a flight of stairs that triggered several wolf whistles from on looking "admirers", she made her way backstage. She could feel her partially exposed boobs bouncing inside her dress, yearning to burst free. They were heavy, but she was comfortable. Another set of onlookers simply stared. The ferocious jiggling of her hooters were enough to create a voluptuous hypnotic trance. Nina waddled along the corridors, naturally swaying her wide motherly hips looking for Bob's dressing room, until she was approached by a young lady.

"Excuse me, you're not supposed to be here!" the young lady was probably a chef, judging by the way she was dressed. A chef's hat was covering her head, and she had a skinny androgynous appearance which was further emphasised by her lack of breasts – a stark contrast to Nina's bulging figure. The woman was also holding something in her hand, and judging by the warm smell, it was probably food. There was nothing stopping Nina from snatching it away from her and devouring every last crumb for herself.

"Actually, I'm allowed to be here", Nina said whilst dragging out a pass that was buried deep in her cleavage.

"Fair enough, but where are you going?"

"Bob's room", the woman replied.

"I see. In that case, could you give this to him? I figured our American friend could do with a little Pie before the fight!" The skinny woman handed over the food to Nina. The blonde was tempted to eat it herself.

"How thoughtful of you. Thank you. I'll see to it that he eats it!" Nina said. The skinny woman smiled and walked off. Nina did the same in the opposite direction, for Bob's room.

Nina arrived, and knocked three times.

"Bob, it's me. I have pie!"

"Come in", Bob said in a deep husky voice. As Nina opened the door and came inside, Bob was rather astounded by Nina's appearance.

"M-Mother?" Nina's appearance and outfit seemed to remind bob of his mother, who too was rather plump not to mention the fact that she was blonde and wore similar motherly clothing. To take it even further, Bob's mother loved making her son food – especially pies.

"W-what did you say?" Nina asked, giggling to herself. Now that she thought about it, she did look quite like an attractive mother and housewife!

"I-I mean… I like your outfit. Your legs look rather nice and juicy too. Ahem, I mean… thanks for the pie!" Bob said rather nervously drooling over Nina's seductive "sexy housewife" look.

"Ah, you're welcome. A woman from the football club's kitchen gave it to you. Be sure to eat up, big boy! You're gonna need all your strength to beat the big bad Craig Marduk" Nina replied, winking and smiling at the American. She couldn't help but notice Bob's swelling belly. It was enormous and perfectly round and couldn't help but think that the man's belly was rather attractive. She wondered if he would use it as a weapon against Marduk.

"Well, I'd best leave you to it. If I stay here any longer, I'll probably fall hungry from the sight and smell of that pie. Good luck for the fight, I'll see you afterwards!" Nina concluded as her exposed chunky legs carried her massive body back to the stands where the crowd had expanded, filling up almost every seat in the stadium. It was roaring loudly, with one portion of the crowd going "Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight!" in support of Bob, another portion yelled "Marduk Madness! Marduk Madness!"

Nina returned to her employer and two chubby cheerleader accomplices who were waiting for her in the rather lavish executive boxes of the Stadium. They would provide an unrivalled view of the fight, and after the fight Nina and Co. would be treated to a luxurious late dinner. She simply couldn't wait for that. She noticed that Jin was not inside the seating area of the box, but was actually outside talking to other VIPs who would occupy the other executive boxes around the Stadium. Nina remembered that another VIP was supposed to be here and the man behind his disappearance had unexpectedly turned up. There were still some VIPs surrounding Jin, who were eager to talk to the Zaibatsu leader, but Jin ignored them for now.

"Well, you have a lot of nerve showing your face around here!" Jin said to his father, who gave a sinister grin, knowing that he was somewhat in control.

"Whatever are you talking about? After all, we are all here to watch this big fight. I just want to say how proud I am of my son", Kazuya replied in a somewhat sarcastic manner.

"Cut the act 'dad', I demand to know his whereabouts"

"He is just fine, though I would like to talk to you in private, as father and son" Kazuya replied to which Jin grew disgusted with his father's words. The flock of VIPs wishing to see Jin had quickly dispersed and now the two of them were inside the box, in company of Nina, Xiaoyu and Christie.

"You Bastard!" Christie Yelled as Kazuya approached the box. She attempted to punch the man but Kazuya quickly stopped her attack.

"My my, your fingers have sure become pudgy. Bob must have trained you well. I don't wish to hurt you, but I think my girls do which moves me on to the reason why I'm here…"

"Hmph, alright then. Be out with it, Kazuya!" Nina said, glaring at the man.

"Now, as I said to Jin the prime minister is safe but you want him back, I propose that we throw a tournament!"

"A tournament?" Xiaoyu said curiously.

"Yes, but not like the 'King of Iron Fist Tournaments' that we have had before. Oh no, that would be boring. I propose that we have a tournament where the fattest flabbiest but strongest females in the world slug it out on the big stage. You see, my girls want to fight your girls one on one in a fair fight, and win of course", Kazuya said.

"Okay, but what has that got to do with the Prime minister?" Jin replied, tired of his father's blabbering.

"It's quite simple, really. If my girls progress further than your girls in the tournament, the PM dies and I'll make sure that his death is linked to you. No country in Europe would want to do business with the Zaibatsu! But if your girls win – which they won't, the PM will be set free. No questions asked!"

"I suppose you leave me no choice. Girls, are you up for this?" Jin asked, turning to face his girls. They all nodded.

"In that case, I accept!" Jin concluded.

"Now that's a very wise decision, my dear son", Kazuya finally said.

"Stop calling me that!" Jin replied, annoyed with Kazuya's verbal torture. Kazuya turned and walked to his own set of seats where Anna, Asuka and Lili would all be waiting.

"Well that escalated quickly", Nina said as she sat herself down on two seats – one for each of massive butt cheek.

"I'm confident that we'll beat them at their own game. I'll even announce the tournament right after this fight!", Jin replied

"Excellent! I can't wait to flaunt my bulging curves in the ring, in front of the whole world!" Christie said whilst jumping for joy. In the process, her tiny skirt would fly up too exposing her nearly bare butt, which jiggled rather wildly. Xiaoyu was sitting next to her, and without even realising it, Christie's grand Derriere was planted into Xiaoyu's innocent face.

"That… Butt… So big… Can't… breathe…" Xiaoyu struggled for words as the Brazilian's meaty ass overwhelmed her.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" Christie made way, making sure her ass didn't land in Xiao's face. She sat down, also occupying a second seat and was ready to watch the upcoming fight. Excitement, tension and noise would consume the stadium entirely.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my proud honour to bring you an Exhibition match organized by the Mishima Zaibatsu and hosted by Manchester City football club. Are you ready for some fighting action?" the master of Ceremonies asked the 55,000-strong audience. Jin knew one person who could fill the role of the master of ceremonies. He first considered a number of candidates including the British fighter Steve Fox, but in the end he chose veteran of the Iron fist tournaments and ladies man, Lee Chaolan. His silver hair, good looks and captivating voice were perfect for this occasion, and as a little bonus, Kazuya was rather annoyed too with this selection. Lee and Kazuya went back a long way and rather disliked one another.

"Yeah!" the audience shouted in unison, Xiaoyu and Christie did the same from the executive balcony, nearly destroying Nina's eardrums in the process.

"I said, are you rrrready for some fighting action?!" the master of ceremonies repeated, hoping that the audience was a little louder in response.


"Good! Now let's welcome our fighters. Hailing from Texas, USA, weighing four hundred pounds, standing at six feet four and making his international debut, I bring you Bob Richards!" Lee announced, and with that, Bob's theme tune played; "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen played loud in the stadium and almost as in response, the Bob fans in the crowd bellowed out "Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight!" Bob's theme tune then slowly dissolved out into silence, but the crowd were still shouting. Eventually they silenced themselves for Lee to continue.

"And Bob's opponent is one who comes from Perth, Australia, weighs four hundred and fourty pounds, stands at a humungous eight feet, it's the Mad, the Bad, Crrrrraiiiiiig Maaarduk!" Lee announced, and just like with Bob, Marduk's theme tune played; "My Michelle" by Guns 'n' Roses Blared out in the Stadium, and an even louder chant from Marduk fans soon followed "Marduk Madness! Marduk Madness!"

A short pause soon followed as Lee made his voice heard before letting the fight begin.

"Now that our fighters are here, let us have an excellent fight!" Lee enjoyed saying the word "excellent", but his fangirls enjoyed it even more as a small flock of girls in the stands started screaming high pitched. Their screaming would be further accelerated as the man grinned and put his thumb up towards them.

In the arena, the referee arrived, Bob waddled into the ring and the mammoth Marduk jumped in like an animal.

"Okay gentlemen, I want a good clean fight. And…"

"Yeah yeah, peace and love ref, we get'cha mate. I just wanna kick this fatso's Yankee arse and get my paycheck from Jin!", Marduk interrupted, grinning arrogantly towards the referee, making his large, muscular presence known.

"And I'm out to prove that Speed and Weight is the way to go!" Bob said, assuming his fighting stance.

The referee was shorter and much scrawnier than Bob and Marduk, and was therefore rather intimidated. He felt it best not to interfere.

"Okay then Gentlemen, I'll leave you guys to it! Fight!" The referee signalled nervously as he blew his whistle. Marduk also assumed his beastly fighting stance and with that, the fight began.

Marduk roared and began by tackling Bob down by the waist. It would prove to be a difficult task, since Bob's waist was ridiculously wide. Marduk struggled to get a hold of the American and let go to try another tactic. This time, Marduk dived towards Bob's legs, making the American trip and fall to the ground. It would prove to be the start of a classic Marduk pummelling as Marduk had the American right where he wanted him. The Australian was placed on top of the fat, soft blonde ready to deal several excruciatingly painful punches to the head. Bob sat helplessly attempting to block each shot with his pudgy hands. Some of Marduk's attacks connected, some simply dissolved into Bob's fatty flesh. Eventually, after the floored onslaught, Bob managed to break free. The crowd then roared in excitement as Bob stood back up. Although a little bruised in the face, he wasn't going to go down so easily.

The two of them stood about two metres apart, sidestepping a little, anticipating the other's move. Bob responded first by doing a high front flip, which seemed almost impossible for a man of Bob's size, but managed to do it. He surprised both his opponent and the crowd. He followed his flip with a hard airborne kick to Marduk's face before landing on the ground to drum in several quick punches to Marduk's rock solid abdominal area. Afterwards, Bob spectacularly uppercut the Australian looking almost as though he was going to smash Marduk's jaw. The attack managed to knock Marduk flying. Was it game over for the Australian?

"Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight!" the crowd roared as Bob looked like he was going to win the fight. Marduk was hopelessly knocked to the ground. His mouth was bleeding and he even spat out a few broken teeth. Bob's fans silenced themselves, believing the fight was done but not until Marduk slowly picked himself up.

"Marduk Madness! Marduk Madness! Marduk Madness!" Marduk's fans roared once more, encouraging their hero to recover. In order to make sure the job was finished, Bob ran towards the Australian opting to jump and kick Marduk as he did before. But Marduk saw through it. He grabbed Bob's incoming leg, and slammed Bob's bloated sphere-like body to the ground. Marduk then aimed to punch the floored American but Bob reacted quickly by rolling to the side and standing up once more.

"Oh my, this fight is so tense. I'm sweating all over!" Xiaoyu said.

"We just gotta believe in Bob. He had every chance of beating that Neanderthal!" Christie replied.

"Right! Let's do the chant! Let's show Bob our support!" Xiaoyu said. Xiaoyu and Christie prepared to stand, with their pom poms in hand. They jumped and danced before reciting a rhyme in unison they made themselves.

"Bob Bob, he's our man. If he can't do it nobody can! He eats drinks and looks like a fat man but his Speed and weight gives him moves like Batman!"

"Just… Ridiculous…" Jin and Nina responded in unison.

The fight continued. It looked very evenly matched with the two fighters figuring out how to win this. The two of them ran towards eachother. Marduk managed to grab Bob's pudgy shoulders and knee kicked the American in his belly, winding him temporarily in the process. The Australian raised his and bent it, then launched the bent arm into Bob's neck.

"Lariaaaa-" Marduk missed his target as Bob ducked, then launched Marduk into the air with a sole rising kick before launching a tornado of flying kicks at lightning speed. Marduk had no time to block as he was still airborne. This was "Speed and weight" at its very finest. Even though Marduk was knocked to the ground and eager not to give up, he quickly got up. But Bob was too quick for Marduk now as he prepared to strike one last punch in Marduk's abdominal area before jumping and rolling himself up into a fat boulder, kicking the Australian into the ground. For good measure, Bob landed on his fat ass, planted into Marduk's unsuspecting face. The arrogant Australian passed out, not being able to handle the sheer volume of Bob's plump rump. Marduk had finally been defeated.

"And we have our winner, our international Debutant… Bob Richards!" Lee announced to the audience. Bob raised his arms in triumph as he acknowledged the crowd. From all four corners of the Stadium, the crowd shouted "Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight! Speed and Weight!" Bob managed to break into a joyous grin. The chubby cheeks of his were raised and his mouth was in perfect parabolic shape. He then waved to a section of the crowd. It was Jin and the girls, and in response all three of the girls, including Nina were screaming for joy. The crowd then silenced once more, as Lee had some more things to say.

"And, I believe we have some words from the man who made it possible, Jin Kazama!" Lee said, pointing towards the executive box where he was sitting. The Zaibatsu leader stood up, a light was pointing in his direction so he could be seen. He produced a microphone in his hand, and was met with boos from some parts of the crowd, but he ignored them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you very much for attending this wonderful and prosperous event. I hope the fight was entertaining one and one that remains in your memories for years to come. I thank all of the staff at Manchester city football club, our fighters for bringing an excellent show and I thank all of you for being a fantastic audience. Give yourself a round of applause!" Jin said to the crowd. They clapped in respect of the man's speech, though some still opted to boo and jeer at Jin. He then continued his speech. He made sure the cameras got a good view of him.

"Before I bring this event to a close, I will announce an upcoming event. It is a unique and exciting fighting tournament but with a twist. We at Mishima Zaibatsu believe that every size of person is beautiful, but furthermore in a society that sometimes shuns the bigger size, I wish to promote its large flabby beauty. Which is why I will announce the coming of the first Queen of Iron Fat Tournament. This tournament, as the name implies is open to all plus-sized females who wish to prove themselves on the big stage. We hope that this will raise awareness of those with fuller figures, and as a great man once said 'Big girl, you are beautiful'. But they are also strong, and powerful creatures. So once more, I would like to thank you all for coming. Good night!" the crowd cheered, this time much louder, and this time no boos were heard from the crowd. Jin then retired into the executive box with his girls.

"Hey Jin, that was a great speech!" Xiaoyu said, going all starry-eyed in front of her friend. Nina decided to descend the stadium's stairs once more, which raised Christie's eyebrow.

"Where are you going, Nina?" the Brazilian asked.

"Oh, I'm going to Bob's room, to congratulate him!" the Blonde replied as she waltzed her way through the crowds, and then into the room where Bob was revelling in victory.

Nina arrived and opened the door, noticing the American with several boxes of Pizza beside him. Bob was guzzling his way into a piece.

"Hey Bob! Congratulations on the fight. You did awesome out there! And oh goody… Pizza! Can I have some too?" Nina pleaded.

"Of course you can! I was actually hoping you'd get here! Damn, the chefs from Manchester City are awfully kind, to make me so many Pizzas and they just taste so delicious " Bob replied, licking his lips whilst making his way into another box, taking a cheesy, juicy piece of pizza with a colourful array of toppings. It made both his and Nina's mouths water. Nina took a seat beside Bob and the vast number of pizza boxes and started eating. They feasted on the Boxes, savouring the tanginess of the tomato, the stringiness of the cheeses and the natural flavours of the green and red pepper toppings. The base was rather soft too, creating an overall delightful sensation in the mouth.

The two of them would feast on all of the boxes of pizza for that night, until one piece was remaining. Both of them were adamant to have the final piece, but were unsure at first whether to be polite and let the other person have it. Then, Nina came up with an audacious idea. She snatched the last piece of pizza, lifted her dress slightly so that the thigh was exposed and carefully lay down the last piece on her exposed thigh. Bob's mouth watered even more.

"It's yours if you want it! But do not use your hands" Nina said, looking sensually towards Bob. The American's heart beat faster and faster. He simply couldn't resist but eat the last piece of Pizza right off Nina's luscious thigh even licking off the residual tomato that was on Nina's thigh.

"Well, that was even more delicious, Nina!" Bob said, rather satisfied albeit a little confused with what just happened. Nina chuckled as she let Bob's head rest on her lap. She then stroked the man's hair.

"And now, you should probably get some rest. You fought very well tonight. Feel free to use me as a pillow!" Nina said, chuckling once again as the fat American drifted into a sleep in Nina's lap.