Severus Snape was not a man to cross. But that was exactly what Albus Dumbledore did. For the summer Albus sent him to the muggle world: to 'enjoy his holidays from magic and duties.'

Severus returned to the Spinner's End and was currently deathly bored. Out of pure curiosity and boredom he had logged on his computer, that he had gotten last year.

Deciding to humour himself he wrote 'Hogwarts' in the search. At first his computer wrote back 'Did you mean Pigs and warts?' before displaying one link with Hogwarts on it.

Curiously he clicked on it and waited or the page to load. It read:

Hello and Welcome to the Union of Hogwarts (U.H.)!

In this chatroom you may speak to anyone, who goes/went to Hogwarts. All rivalries are away and no matter your House, age or gender you are welcome! Stay anonymous by writing a made-up name or be public by your real name, the choice is yours.

The password to the chatroom is the Hogwarts Poltergeist's name.

We hope you will have a great time!

Emerald and Mioneclaw (the Admins of UH)

Severus thought for a moment then wrote 'Salazar' in the gap for his name. The page loaded for a bit before he got another page.

SeamusLion: Im telling you Mioneclaw, he promised!

SeamusLion: Oh hey Salazar!

Mioneclaw: Hello Salazar! Welcome to UH. I am one of the Admins of the chatroom and am usually always here, so if you need anything, let me know.

Snape blinked and leaned forwards to write.

Salazar: Thank you Mioneclaw. And hello SeamusLion.

SlythDragon has joined the chat.

SlythDragon: Hey everyone!

Mioneclaw: Hello SlythDragon!

Some time went by before another message came up.

Mioneclaw: Well, SeamusLion, won't you greet SlythDragon?

SeamusLion: He's a Slytherin!

Mioneclaw: SeamusLion! You are lucky that Emerald is not here! Or you would have been blocked!

SlythDragon: Thank you Mioneclaw!

SeamusLion: But he's a slimy snake!

SeamusLion was silenced.

SeamusLion was kicked out of UH by Mioneclaw.

SlythDragon: That was good Mioneclaw. That Gryffindork deserved it!

Mioneclaw: Careful SlythDragon or you might be next!

SlythDragon: No thanks. I had enough from you punching me in our 3rd year.

SlythDragon: Do you think Emerald will come here today?

Mioneclaw: I don't know. He wasn't here yesterday. I'm worried.

Mioneclaw: Salazar, are you alright?

Salazar: Yes, why shouldn't I be?

Mioneclaw: You were silent. Don't be shy. Just write whenever you have something to say.

Salazar: Very well.

Salazar: May I ask something?

Mioneclaw: Certainly. That's what I'm here for. To answer all questions that I can.

SlythDragon: lol *cough* *cough* know-it-all *cough* *cough*

Mioneclaw: SlythDragon!

SlythDragon is innocent.

Mioneclaw: *Ignores SlythDragon* Well Salazar, how may I help you?

Salazar: Will I be forced to tell my identity later or may I always stay anonymous?

Mioneclaw: That is up to you, Salazar. The only two that have to give out their identities are Emerald and me so just in case there is something wrong, you may send an owl to us for help.

Salazar: And what are your real names, if I may ask?

SlythDragon: By your alias it seems that you're a Slytherin like me, so don't freak out when they tell you. They are doing a good job in keeping this place working, safe and peaceful.

Mioneclaw: Thank you SlythDragon. Wow I never expected that from you.

Mioneclaw: I am Hermione Granger, but Emerald will have to tell you himself.

Snape was stunned. If it really was Granger, then who was the other admin? Also SlythDragon was a Slytherin, but who...

His first suspicions were Draco Malfoy, but Draco? Being nice to Granger? No. No way.

Salazar: Thank you.

Mioneclaw: You're welcome.

Thing1 has joined the chat.

Thing2 has joined the chat.

Mioneclaw: Hey Thing1, Thing2.

SlythDragon: Hello.

Thing2: Mooorning

Thing1: To all Hogwarts residents!

Salazar: Hello.

Thing1: Ah a newcomer!

Thing2: Welcome Mr Salazar!

Thing1: A Slytherin no doubt!

Thing2: Keeping SlythDragon company I see!

Mioneclaw: *laughs*

SlythDragon: You two are giving me a headache!

Salazar: Indeed.

Thing2: Glad to be of service!

Severus snorted. Those were probably the Weasley twins.

Aknott has joined the chat.

SlythDragon: Hey Aknott!

Mioneclaw: Good to see you back from India, Aknott!

Thing1: And the one and only Aknott

Thing2: The master if all knots!

Thing1: Has come!

Aknott: *snort* Hey you lot!

Salazar: Hello.

Thing1: Thing2 can you hear?

Thing2: Yes, definitely.

Thing1: Got to go, lads.

Thing2: Mum is calling.

Thing1: Ciao!

Thing1 has left the chat.

Thing2 has left the chat.

Mionclaw: Those two!

SlythDragon chuckles.

Aknott is getting a Calming Draught for SlytherDragon.

SlythDragon glares.

Aknott sticks his tongue out.

Salazar: Very mature.

Mioneclaw is ready to bang her head on the wall.

Salazar: Are there really not that many people here?

Mioneclaw: Most if them don't know about this place, but usually they're all busy during day time or they are on holidays.

Salazar: Are there any teachers on here?

Mioneclaw: We aren't aware of who is who unless we get it from some hints or the person tells us himself. I and Emerald think that some are teachers, but they are welcome as well, so I don't see a problem.

Salazar: Thank you.

Aknott: Speaking of Emerald, where is he?

Mioneclaw: I don't know. I'm becoming worried.

Salazar: Why should you be worried?

Aknott: ...

SlythDragon: ...

Mioneclaw: Never mind.

SeamusLion has joined the chat.

SeamusLion: mioneclaw, y did u kick m outta ere.

Mioneclaw: Because you were behaving against the rules.

SeamusLion: forgt rules. thy r n the bin.

Mioneclaw: SeamusLion if you have something to complain about the rules, speak to Emerald. And honestly rule number 4: Use proper grammar! Some people may find it hard to understand!

SeamusLion: Fine, fine people. Jeeesh, you act like it's such a big deal.

SlythDragon: -.-

Salazar: Rules are rules.

SeamusLion: Whatever.

SeamusLion has left the chat.

Aknott: Rude.

SlythDragon agrees.

Aknott: :D

ChangeChang has joined the chat.

ChangeChang has left the chat.

Salazar: ?

Aknott: lol

SeriousKiller has registered and joined the chat.

Aknott: A newbie! Hey!

Mioneclaw: Welcome to UH! I am Admin Mioneclaw and here to help if you need it. Admin Emerald is offline, but he can help you as well.

SlythDragon: Heya SeriousKiller!

Salazar: Hello

SeriousKiller: Hey everyone! And thanks Admin Mioneclaw!

Mioneclaw: You are welcome SeriousKiller. Please call me Mioneclaw.

SeriousKiller: OK.

Just then, Severus' timer sounded. He had 5 minutes to get to his potions lab, before the potion was ruined. He quickly wrote an excuse.

Salazar: Please excuse me. I have something to attend to. Good bye and thank you.

Mioneclaw: Good bye Salazar! Hope you had fun and that we'll see you later!

SeriousKiller: Bye

SlythDragon: Bye

Aknot: Bye Salazar!

Severus closed the page and hurried off.


A new fic again. I just had the idea when I did some Role-Plays. I hope you liked it!

Try guessing, who was who! Mostly I already told you, but you can try guessing.

Who do you think Emerald is?

Thank you for reading!