Harry breathed in the smell of a nearby lake and forest. It all smelled like home. The castle stood proudly, bright and alit against the night's sky.

Harry stepped from the train and headed towards the carriages with the other students.

The feast as always was delicious, but this time the elves had truly outdone them, or was it simply because Harry was away from the muggle world?

Soon the feast ended and the students were getting ready to leave, but Dumbledore standing to give a speech, stopped them.

'What in Hades' Nine Level of Hells does the bloody bearded monkey want now?' Harry thought grimly and tried his best to ignore Hermione's look, as if she knew what he was thinking.

"The great news are that the Minister sends some orders that will help our school to be stronger. And thus no one may converse with students outside of their houses, except in classes!"

Dumbledore looked around, no one looked happy.

"It appeares that if we do not do so, then the Ministry is deeming the sorting useless and it shall be cancelled. But remember, it is temporary, unless, of course, we decide differently. Thank you!"

He sat down quietly in the silence. No one dared to breathe.

Most students turned to look at Harry, who gave a small smirk and Severus felt a pang of pride.

Reassured the students began chattering.

That night every UH chatter logged on. What they found was a public message.

UH chatters,

By your faces in the Great Hall I understood that none agreed with Albus old-[censored]-idiotic-bloody-[censored]-[censored ]-[censored]-Rumbled-ore-[censored]-Mickey-Mouse-l ike-[censored]-Not-worth-a-single-house-elves-sock -Dumbledore. You'll probably see most of the words censored due to High Moderator Mioneclaw, so don't blame me,

We will not be bowing down to the Ministry or Dumbledore, so feel free to choose to either side with us or go to Dumbledore. We aren't holding you.

It was decided by High Mod Mioneclaw and me that all Moderators meet us on the 7th floor on Tuesday at 6 and what we shall do later will be decided there.

Remain Strong, Remain United.

Administrator Emerald

Indeed true to his word on Tuesday, precisely at 6, four students entered the Room of Requirements.

The room was finely furnished.

Books on shelves around them. In the middle stood a table for four.

Neville, Luna, Harry and Hermione sat down.

"Ok, let our meeting begin."

UH chatters,

I am aware of this short notice, but it is vital. We seek of 2 students from each house. The student that wishes to be named UH [house] Alpha must

1. Agree to let their real name known

2. Know well his/her house

3. Receive power and responsibility equally

4. Be loyal to the UH members and room alike

5. Must have never received a warning from any Mods.

May the best be chosen fairly.

Be Strong. Be Proud. But Do Not Be Loud.

Admin Emerald

Harry was not aware just how many students were in the UH chatroom. There were many messages offering to be Alphas of their Houses.

However over many evenings of hard work, Harry filled the last name required on the parchment Hermione gave him.

UH chatters,

I am proud to present you all the Hogwarts Alphas.

Slytherin Alphas: Draco Malfoy, Daphne Greengrass

Ravenclaw Alphas: Terry Boot, Sally-Anne Perks

Hufflepuff Alphas: Hannah Abbott, Justin Finch-Fletchley

Gryffindor Alphas: Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan

Alphas, please meet us on Saturday at 5 on the 7th floor.

Do not be disappointed for not becoming an Alpha. I'm sure they will be begging to get out of the job quite soon. (Harry could almost see the appointed Alpha's squirming)


Fight and Never Give Up, As The War Will Go On. With Or Without You, That Is A Decision Of Yours.

Admin Emerald

It was Friday. Harry was pacing the Gryffindor common room. He didn't even notice as Hermione sat on a couch next to him. Ron wasn't talking to them since Harry had not given him the Alpha post, but Harry wasn't too disappointed about Ron's tantrum.


Harry jumped and turned. When he saw Hermione he relaxed.

"Sorry, Mione. I didn't know what happened. I was just zoning out," said Harry.

"Any reason for zoning out?" asked Hermione.

Harry sat on the couch next to Hermione and pulled out a piece of parchment.

"You see Mione, we have students from every house. But what about the staff?"

Hermione's eyes gleamed and she smirked.

"Leave that to me."

"Mr Potter, stay behind."

Harry waited for the students to leave, before turning to McGonagall.

"Yes, Professor?"

She sat down at a desk and Harry turned a chair to face her.

"Mr Potter, I am aware of Emerald," she said, quietly, yet casually. Harry tried his best not to act surprised and merely raised his eyebrows.

"Mioneclaw has been talking to me and I'm aware you need help. Messages sent to Grey might just help you," she said with a smile then hurried him out from her classroom.

One staff member down, one to go.

"Professor Flitwick, the magic is dampening on Hogwarts."

"Miss Lovegood, you sure gave me a scare," said the squeaky voice of Flitwick. Luna merely smiled.

"But there are some that seek help," she hummed. Flitwick thought for a moment, then nodded with a smirk.

"Muggles have made great things. Internet is one of them. It is fascinating, is it not? I wonder if it has any information of Hogwarts in it," she said thoughtfully.

"Well," she said with a smile. "I should get going, before my Fufusinks escape."

Dolores Umbridge was a proud woman. She prided herself with power and knowledge about others. However, she was deeply surprised, when the Great Hall was silent.

Finally. Probably the brats realised that manners existed.

At the staff table there were two new chairs. Visitors, perhaps?

Fillius Flitwick was absent, she noted. As she took a seat, two Hogwarts students walked through the doors, laughing.

A loud whistle stopped them.

It was Draco Malfoy, who waved. Potter, who was one of the two students that just entered, waved back.

Potter and Granger walked over to the staff table calmly and sat down in the two new chairs.

Potter sat next to Snape and Granger next to McGonagall. They began to talk and suddenly the Hall was full of chatter and laughter.

Harry grimaced for a moment then leaned in and whispered in Snape's ear, praying that the man would play along "Professor, it will be explained later."

The man raised his eyebrows, looking at him coldly, then looked around. He nodded to Harry. On the other side of the table, Hermione and McGonagall were talking loudly about Transfiguration, so Harry engaged Snape in a conversation about Potions.

Most teachers had been in shock at first, but then recovered and began to act as if everything was fine, except for Umbridge and Dumbledore.

The lesser two's eyes grew wide as students began changing tables. Slytherins greeted the Gryffins as if they were old friends. The same went for various Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

Suddenly the doors burst open Flitwick ran in.

Small leaflets flew around the Great Hall. They called students from various houses to come and join clubs and groups.

Harry saw Dumbledore try to smile grandfatherly, but it looked more of a grimace.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Came a shout. Everyone turned to Umbridge. She was crimson. For the worst, Harry was sitting right next to her. He cursed Hermione silently for the unfortunate place of seating. He flinched when she shouted and stood, making her chair fall back with a BANG.


Suddenly all leaflets collected them selves. While in the air, they burst into flame. The flames began to form words.

We May Be Punched

From What We Stagger Down

However Not Even Fire

Can Make Us Bow

We Have Our Leaders

Whom Guide Us All

Who Taught Us To Stand Up

For Those That Gave Us The Call

We Shall Remain Strong

We Shall Stand United

We Will Not Be Accused Wrong

We Are

The Union Of Hogwarts Houses!

Harry gaped. He certainly didn't expect such a poem. He and Hermione had given the Hogwarts Alphas a job of making a sign, but never had he expected a poem...

There was a thump and a CRASH.

The great toad had fainted, and the chair she had once been seated on was broken in a SMASH.

The entire school burst up into applause. Harry smiled proudly as they stood.

He turned his head and saw Draco give him a thumbs-up. Even Snape gave him a proud smirk.

In a couple of years, it would be a historic event that none would forget. It was an event that years from on, the students would learn of.

It was the greatest day if friendship the entire school would celebrate.

It shall now be celebrated every year. Over the night, all students slept in the Great Hall together, switched tables at meal times and instead of lessons they had different games or simply fun activities to do.

"So uncle Harry was the one that made the tradition?"

"Seems so, Scorpius," said Albus.

"But why didn't they tell us anything?" whined Scorpius.

"Dunno," said Albus. He suddenly brightened up. "Maybe this time, instead of research, we should ask uncle Severus or maybe uncle Mark how Voldemort was defeated?"

Scorpius smirked. "That's a good idea, because I'm not doing any more reseach. Ever."

"Aw come on, Scorp!"

Scorpius stuck his tongue out.

"Why you..."

Albus hit Scorpius with a pillow that he took from the couch.


The two looked up to see ther fathers standing there.

Albus crossed his arms. "Why didn't you tell us that you were the ones that started the UH?"

The adults shrugged.

Albus looked at Scorpius, who nodded. Together the two young second-year Slytherins attacked their fathers, with pillows, so that the entire room was soon covered with feathers.

Hermione walked into the room.

"Boys," she said to herself, rolling her eyes. With a shriek she was pulled into the fight.