"You may now kiss the bride." The priest said.

"Best part." Punk whispered before leaning in and kissing his new wife April.

They had moved back to Chicago for their wedding and AJ was now 8 months pregnant with a baby boy.

AJ was currently home alone with Asher. Punk was at work and the girls were over at their auntie Paige's. April walked into the toilet when a watery substance came from her mid section.

"Ash!" AJ screamed in pain.

Asher ran into the bathroom seeing if his mom was alright when there was water all over the floor.

"Ash your brothers coming, phone your father." AJ managed to get out before another contraction came.

Asher quickly ran to the phone and phoned his dad.

"Dad, mom's having the baby, hurry up and get home." Asher nearly screamed down the phone.

Punk could hear AJ's screams and knew Asher wasn't kidding on so he quickly hopped into the car and drove straight home.

AJ's contractions were coming fast and she began to slide down along the bath and had an urge to push but resisted it.

Punk ran in the door and headed straight to the bathroom to see AJ puffing and panting sitting down on the floor.

"Ok come on, let's get you to the hospital." Punk said going to lift AJ up.

"Punk, this baby is coming and it's coming now." AJ said sweat already dripping from her.

"I can't deliver a baby, I'm not a fricken midwife." Punk said worriedly.

"Phone the hospital, they'll talk you through it." AJ panted.

"Ok, Ash go get me some towels." Punk said taking off his jacket and going to get some hot water and his phone.

Once Punk had got everything he needed he shut the bathroom door, he didn't want his 6 year old son to see things he didn't need to see at that age.

Ash sighed as he sat on the couch listening to his mothers screams. He also heard his mom and dad bickering hearing things like his mom saying 'you did this to me.' Ash was confused, it wasn't his father's fault god decided to give her a baby.

Then he heard what would be his new little brother scream the house down and he smiled.

"Hey Ash, come in and meet your brother." Punk shouted from the bathroom.

Ash sprinted off the couch and ran into the bathroom. His mother was all icky and sweaty and the baby was covered in mucus and blood but never the less it was his brother and he couldn't wait to hold him.

Punk put his new son into Ash's arms.

"What's his name?" Ash asked looking at his brother.

"Aston." Punk said.

"Hey Aston I'm your brother. The girls are going to love you." Ash said.

From meeting AJ at that bridge, to losing his son, to finding out he had a sister, to having 4 beautiful children, everything seemed to work out perfect in the end for AJ and Punk.

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