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Title: Prejudice and Torture (Part II)

Summary: Lord Balham, an old friend of Uther, comes to pay Arthur a visit. He isn't too happy when he finds out that sorcery is no longer banned and decides to take his anger out on the person that caused all this: Merlin.

Characters: Merlin; Arthur; Lord Bellham (OC)

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Merlin still tried to regain his breathing, but Bellham did not grant him the time.

A pair of rough hands gripped him by his shoulders and pulled him up, pinning him to the wall. Merlin sluggishly looked up at the Lord and was met with the most disgusting grin he ever remembered seeing.

Merlin still tried to recover from the previous strangling, but before he could even think about what he should do next, one hand left his shoulder and struck him across the cheek.

The young warlock instantly flinched and gasped in pain. He felt something warm trickle down his burning cheek and when he, still shocked, glanced at Bellham's hand he noticed a faint red staining his signet ring.

Suddenly, Bellham let go and Merlin toppled to the ground, his trembling hands gently touching his cheek. He brushed the blood away as cautiously as he could, but he winced and gasped nevertheless.

"What an eyesore you are." The cruel Lord growled and when his hand reached down towards him, Merlin instantly curled himself up in a protective manner. This earned a cold laugh from Bellham, who gripped the brand new red cape around Merlin's shoulders and tore it from them.

"I don't think you deserve that, what do you think?" He drawled and Merlin watched in wrath as Bellham drew a knife and started to cut the cape into half.

"H-hey, stop that!" Merlin protested with a cough and pushed himself up from the ground, steading himself at the wall.

It may be just a piece of cloth, but it hand been a present from Arthur. Even though Merlin hadn't want to wear it at first, he had come to accept and even like it. It was the first and only real present he had ever gotten from Arthur, after all.

Merlin had silently vowed to himself to treasure it and now that disrespectful, two-faced bastard of a Lord was just cutting it in half.

Merlin decided that he didn't have to use magic to hurt that man. Sure, he wasn't as strong as Arthur, but he wasn't weak either. (Carrying Arthur's armor every day had been a quite good training.)

Full of burning anger, the raven haired lunged forward, aiming his fist at Bellham's jaw. It hit its aim with a promising noise and the surprised Lord was letting the torn cape and the knife drop to the ground.

Bellham might've not been able to dodge his blow, but he was quick to react afterwards. Before Merlin could withdraw his slightly aching hand, the Lord gripped his arm and instantly twisted it behind his back.

"You little…! I had actually planned to let it end here, but it seems like that wasn't even nearly enough!" He growled and twisted the arm even further, simultaneously pushing Merlin face first into the wall.

Merlin screamed as his still hurting cheek was scrubbing along the rough bricks.

Suddenly, his arm was yanked upwards, resulting in a very disgusting crunching and an explosion of pain in his right shoulder. White sparks of pain danced through Merlin's vision and he cried out, his voice breaking after a moment.

A single tear slid past his closing eyelid and he scrunched his face up, trying not cry any further.

Bellham suddenly let go of him and pushed him to ground. Merlin heard his disgusting laughter as he curled himself up once again, clutching his shoulder in immense pain. It must've been dislocated…

Suddenly, something hard hit his abdomen and Merlin couldn't keep himself from gasping. He looked up, his eyes glazed over with pain and noticed the Lord's black boots rushing towards him.

This time, it landed on his chest and the young warlock started to whimper. His hands still clung to his shoulder, his knuckles turned white.

After another three blows, Merlin found himself begging, much to his own distaste. "P-please…S-stop now, please…"

But Bellham just laughed louder and let his foot rest on Merlin's chest. "But why, this is your own fault, you filthy little piece of crap."

So Bellham continued, blow after blow, only his laughing voice filling his ears and Merlin grew desparate.

He wanted him to stop, he should just stop already. It hurt, so damn much. He was sure that at least two of his ribs were already broken.

The raven haired couldn't hold it in any longer, and the tears started to run down his face.

Please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop, please stop, please sto-

Merlin was suddenly pulled upwards by his hair. His breathing hurt and was becoming frantic, tears still streaming down his cheeks.

Bellham grinned at him, a cruel glimmer in his icy eyes. "You need your eyes to perform your foul magic, don't you? How about I just pierce them with my knife? Then nobody will be able to ever see that filthy gold again!"

Merlin's eye widened in horror as the Lord pulled a knife from his belt and raised it above his head. Panic was starting to burn in the warlock's chest and he was starting to struggle, his weak, trembling arms trying to push the man away.

"N-no! S-stop, please! Stop!" He screamed, his voice sounding broken and rough.

The metal of the knife shone above him and was closing the distance to his cerulean eyes. "Say goodbye to your vision, boy!" Bellham drawled and started to bring down his knife.

"Lord Bellham! Stop this instant! Let the knife fall and back away from Merlin!" A loud voice thundered through the hallway, filled with anger and concern.

Bellham looked shocked and let go of Merlin with a growl. He took a few steps back and threw the knife to the ground.

Merlin slid down the wall, confusedly looking up through his lashes and spotting a certain young King just a few steps away from him, Excalibur drawn and pointing towards the Lord.

"This is not what it looks like!" Bellham protested raising his arms in a surrendering manner. Arthur just bared his teeth, his steel blue eyes seemed to throw sparks of blue fire.

"I KNOW WHAT IT IS! AND I DON'T TOLERATE VIOLENCE AGAINST ANYONE IN THIS KINGDOM! Let alone by best friend!" Arthur roared in fury and stepped towards Bellham, who backed away in fear.

"Guards!" Arthur bellowed over his shoulder and instantly a pair of guards came rushing by, as if they had just been waiting for his call. "Take this man to the dungeons!"

The guards nodded in understanding and pulled Bellham away by his arms. "I've always known you'd be a rotten King, Arthur! I always knew!" He screamed as he was pulled around the corner and his voice faded into the distance.

Now it was only Merlin and Arthur.

The blonde instantly closed the distance between them but before he could even say anything to his Court Sorcerer, the warlock had thrown himself at his King and sobbed into his shoulder.

"I'm s-sorry, Arthur, s-so sorry!" He brought out between the sobs, ignoring the pain all over his body.

"Merlin! Merlin, calm down!" Arthur laid his arms around his trembling friend and gently rubbed his back. "It's okay now, that bastard won't hurt you anymore."

Merlin looked up at Arthur, a small, almost invisible, smile on his lips. "I-I know, thank you." The smile, as small as it had been, warmed Arthur's chest and he helped his friend to stand up.

"Would you tell me what happened?" Arthur asked, trying to suppress his anger when he glanced at the knives and the torn red cape on the floor.

Bellham that piece of shit, how had he dared to lay hand on Merlin!? Later, Arthur would go down to the dungeons and then he would pay for what he'd done!

Merlin seemed to hesitate a little, but then he nodded and looked up at Arthur once again.

He then told him everything, really everything, since he had sworn to himself that he would never lie to Arthur again, that had happened since he had left the throne room.

Merlin noticed how Arthur grew concerned and then furious and then concerned once again, and when Merlin came to the last part, the blonde actually punched the wall.

"Arthur, calm down! I'm okay now!" Merlin tried to reassure his king, but Arthur was in a rage. "No, you're not! If what you said is true, then that filthy dog has almost strangled you, slapped you across the cheek, dislocated you shoulder and broke half of your ribs! So don't tell me you're okay, I know that you're in pain."

Merlin didn't want Arthur to get all worked up about this, but he couldn't keep a smile from crawling onto his face. It was good to see how much Arthur cared for him.

"And in addition" Arthur continued, oblivious to the smile on his friend's lips "He tore the cape I gave you."

Merlin was startled for a second (Why would Arthur care about a bloody coat?) but then it occurred to him that the cape maybe held the same meaning for Arthur as for him.

Suddenly, Arthur undid his own red cape and in one swift motion, draped it over the warlock's shoulders. "That's yours, from now on."

Merlin instantly protested, by Arthur just shrugged him off. "Don't worry, I've got hundreds of those. Alright, we should get you to Gaius."

They walked for a few minutes, Arthur steading Merlin and making a break so he could catch his breath every few meters, before Arthur spoke up again.

"Say, why didn't you use magic to defend yourself?"

Merlin blushed a little and stared at the ground. "Well…He said he would cancel the alliance with you if I did…And I didn't want that…"

"Merlin!" Arthur scolded immediately, once again surprised by the warlock's selflessness. "You're such an idiot! He could've killed you and you care about the alliance? I would never want an alliance with someone like him in the first place."

"I know, I know!" Merlin sighed and drove a hand through his hair. "Next time I-"

Arthur stopped walking and turned towards his hurt friend. "I will make sure that there won't be a next time. Let's make a promise."

Merlin looked up in surprise, had tilted. "A promise?"

Arthur nodded, placing his hands firmly on Merlin's shoulders (who winced a little, since one of his shoulders was still dislocated).

"I promise that I won't leave you alone with someone like him again, if you promise that you'll use magic if necessary. Alright?"

Merlin smiled warmly at his best friend, all pain forgotten in this moment.

"I promise."

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