Hi. This is Plauge99 and finally I am back. I would like to apologize for my long absences. I had a lot going on and I just never had the time to write anything. Firstly I'd like to congratulate Don Socrates on completing The Rise of Pandora. Great job man! Secondly I would like to state that in my absence I have had time to review my work and honestly… I could do much better. Admittedly I wrote most of my chapters in under an hour due to how short on time I was, but that stops today! My readers do not deserve the garbage I have threw together into a story, so I have decided to revamp Jace one final time. I will be keeping most of the outline such as the Son's of Dogma, the Hyperion Invasion and a few others I had in my back pocket that you may have caught while reading The Rise and Fall, for the sake of staying true to the Fall an Rise of Pandora however I will be correcting many of the plot gaps (seriously 14 year old soldier?! What the hell was I thinking!?) and as much honestly my god awful spelling and grammar that I'm honestly ashamed of as I can. I will also be getting rid of the four other races of lycans as it ended up creating an absolute cluster fuck of main characters. Something that I hate working with. If you ever wish too drop a review by whether it be positive or negative please do so. The first chapter will be up in a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks. Thank you to those who continued to read despite my faults and of course thank you Don Socrates for using Jace in your epic story.