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PREVIOUSLY on "Life's Like This All Over Again!" . . . . . . . ( a quick reminder to what's been happening. . .)

"So the wedding's back on!" Sierra cried, as James and Lily both emerged a few minutes later from Lily's room. They were laughing and holding hands, like they should be.


They both ran into the living room.

"Alright, and they bridesmaids' are, of course, Sierra and Ali."

"And our best man is Sirius," James added.

"And the bride and groom are US!" Lily finished.

James smiled and kissed her. "That's right."


Lily let the assistants fit her into a lovely white dress. It was kind of a halter top type dress, with a long veil down the back and criss-cross tying in the back.


Remus rolled his eyes. Then he voiced something. "You guys. What ever happened to Peter?"

James and Sirius looked at him. "I dunno," Sirius answered mildly.

"I invited him to the wedding, but he never RSVPed, so. . . yeah." James said.


They didn't know that far away, darkness was lurking.

"A wedding? Why would I want to go to a wedding?" a high voice snapped.

"My lord, it is James Potter and Lily Evans whom are to be wed," another voice said.

And out of the black, the high voice laughed.


A huge crowd was gathered outside James's large back yard. Pretty flowers decorated the deck and gazebo and the long wooden tables were laiden with soft, pastel colored petals.

The guests were all chowing down on all sorts of yummy treats, while talking, laughing, singing and dancing. All at once, a wizard-priest entered the clearing and declared "It is time to begin!" (A/N: Hey, there can be wizard priests if I want there to be!)

All the people there scurried quickly into seats set out for them on either side of a blood red carpet squishing the grass. James practically ran up to the alter, trying to stand next to the priest, though he was quiet nervous.

'What if she says no?' he thought. 'What if she changes her mind and decides that she doesn't love me?? That she loves Lucius Malfoy instead?' 'Now, now, James,' James fought with himself. 'That's just nuts. Get a hold of yourself!'

Sirius stood on the other side of the alter and priest, feeling sympathy towards his best friend, who looked as if he was just about ready to throw up. 'And we thought that a girl could never change us,' Sirius thought, laughing to himself. 'Boy, we were really kidding ourselves.'

The priest took his position at the head of the party, addressing for the music to begin with a wave of his hands. The traditional wedding song was heard loudly and clearly in the back round.

All attention was fixed on Madison, Lily's 7 year old cousin, who, besides Lily herself, was the only other magical family member. She obidently pranced down the aisle, tossing white flower petals all around in her wake.

Justin, James's cousin, walked steadily after Madison. Perched atop his arms was a bright green velvety throw pillow, gold trim around the edges, and on top of that was the ring. A perfect golden ring.

Next followed the bridesmaids, bowing their heads slightly, trying hard not to grin. Ali was just about to laugh at the look on Remus's face. From his position in the back, being an usher, he had gasped and stared, open mouthed, when Sierra had walked down the gazebo steps and on the red carpet.

Sierra grinned, seeing her brother's face glowing in admiration at her. His eyes turned on Ali, and the look was beyond decribing. You could practically see his love for both of the girls, bouncing of of him, though the love for them both was quite different.

The bridesmaid dresses were truly beautiful. Both Ali and Sierra looked amazing in white halter dresses, their hair done up nicely, and their make up toned to perfection.

Back in the house, staring out at the crowd, Lily took in a shuddering breath. She could see Madison and Sierra and Ali, all looking stunning in fancy clothes - even little Madison. She noticed Remus's back to her, tuxedo and all, looking very grown up. She glanced up at Sirius, and noticed his eyes glazed on his sister and girlfriend. And she noticed James, her James, about to become her husband. Lily smiled to herself, and found that she wasn't nervous at all. This was the moment that she'd been waiting for, ever since they'd played in their first sandbox together.

She couldn't help but whimper: her parents were supposed to be here for her. James's parents were supposed to be here for her. She needed both sets to be complete, as she knew James did as well. With one last look in the mirror at herself, she smoothly paced outside.

As soon as the bride hit the soft padded ground, everyone in the audience stood respectfully. Lily walked past Remus, shooting him a small grin. He smiled back, giving her thumbs up.

She swallowed slowly, not daring to look into the faces of the guests. Lily felt flashes of light graze her sides, hearing all the clicks of cameras. As she reached the alter and every behind her sat down, she looked at Sirius and began to tear up silently. Sirius smiled at her, and she could see that he was just as happy for her as she was for herself. A grin broke out upon her face, now lightly smattered with tear drops.

And now Lily faced James. She'd never seen him look so handsome. Well, maybe it was because before, he was just cute. Hot maybe, but never handsome. Handsome makes you sound old and aged, too mature sounding to be used for James. But there was no other word for it now. He truly had become the man he'd always wanted to become, with having a serious nature.

As the priest began to speak his words, James gazed at Lily, unsmilingly. She looked so young, so beautiful, she seemed so fragile. Her bright green eyes were wet and shinny; her Christmas hair was hanging loosely down, though a veil in the back covered it. She'd gotten some make up applied to her as well: rosy cheeks and very lightly eye shadowed eyelids. Her lips were full, red and glossy. Her mouth parted as she repeated the words the priest said to her. James quickly followed suit.

With Lily's hand in his, it just felt right. Nothing in the world could have taken him away from this moment. Nothing at all. And as James whispered the final words of "I do," to his soon-to- be wife, he realized that it would be the last time she would be speaking as Lily Evans.

"I do," she said softly.

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