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Sanji groaned, rubbing at his eyes. He could feel the bulk of his lover resting on his chest, keeping him from getting up.

"Ngh," He moaned, trying to push him off. "Move you shitty Marimo, I gotta get up."

Zoro scowled in his sleep, stubborn about staying where he was. He was comfortable dammit, the priss cook could wait a little longer for once, damn. Sanji propped himself a bit, glancing over at the shitty swordsman. He wasn't going to budge eh?

He put his hand on his shoulder and began to push, this time much more focused and more awake than just seconds ago.

"Come on, I gotta start breakfast." He explained. Surely the subject of food would make the moron move.

Zoro relaxed his face, letting out a deep sigh. His slumber had been interrupted anyway. He pulled his arm from where it lay, freeing Sanji from his grasp.

"What you makin'?" He mumbled, half asleep still. He moved to rub at his eyes then.

Sanji rolled out of his hammock, watching in the corner of his eye as Zoro swayed in it a few moments. It was so much colder now out here in the open and away from the human furnace. He really did hate leaving so early, but he had a job to do. The cook strolled over to his clothes and began to get dressed. Everyone was mostly still asleep except the other morning birds, so he continued to speak lowly. Not that that could wake up these stubborn rocks. "Not sure."

He was buttoning up his pants when his mind drifted to think about Zoro's question. What would he make for breakfast today? They had plenty of options to choose from, including all that fresh fruit from the last island if only- Sanji's eyes widened, his hand moving to his stomach. Something didn't feel right. Not again! He pressed his lips together quickly, kicking off the one shoe he managed to get on and high tailed it for the door.

Zoro's eye peeked open at the rush of movement. Why did the cook run out like that? Weren't they talking or something? Sheesh. He glanced around, noticing the rest of Sanji's clothes out and on the floor. He didn't finished getting dressed? Now he was a little concerned. Sanji cared way too much for his appearance to just rush out like that. He slipped out of the hammock and grabbed his pants, rushing out after.

It didn't take him long to find Sanji, he was lucky enough to not get too lost on their own ship this time. Sanji had fled to the bathroom and from the noises Zoro could pick out it didn't sound good. He winced knocking on the door, turning his chin towards it to better listen.

"Oi, Cook." He began, knocking with his knuckles. "You okay?"
Sanji glared at the toilet bowl. How many times was this going to happen? How long did these persistent food poisoning's last? He knew it hadn't been from his own cooking, there was no way. It had been nearly over a week or so since they made their last stop too, so it made no sense. Sanji didn't get sick and if he was now it shouldn't be so effective.

He grabbed a wash cloth and wiped his mouth, exhaustively sitting back. His chest felt sore from all the oral disposing. "Yeah..." He replied, his tone annoyed with the situation. "I'm good."

Zoro stared at the door a little skeptically.

"I'll go get Chopper."

"No! Don't." Sanji was up in lightning speed, moving to the door and opening it. He met face to face with Zoro.

Zoro looked him down. The cook did seem a little paler, but considering how he probably felt it only made sense. He held out the shirt he had grabbed from Sanji's pile, feeling it wasn't the right time to really tease him for running off without it. Sanji looked down at it and sighed, taking it and nodding his head in a silent thank you.

"Why don't you tell him?" Questioned the Marimo. He was equally as stubborn as Sanji when it came to seeing the doctor, but always when it was someone else he felt he was entitled lecturing rights.

Sanji pulled his arm through his shirt and glanced off to the side. "Eh, it's not bad. I can handle it." He muttered. Shitty Marimo being all concerned and shit. He could still feel him watching protectively.

It wasn't until Sanji had begun buttoning his shirt and Zoro stood around awkwardly, unsure if he should go back to bed or make sure the cook would be alright for a little while longer, that they had company. Chopper had made his way out of the men's quarters, ready to go spend the day in his infirmary. His eyes widened at the sight of his two nakama up, one of which he was more extremely concerned about.

"Sanji!" He called out, moving towards them while half yawning.

Sanji let out a small groan. Just who he wanted to run into. He didn't hate Chopper, not in the least bit, but the ship's doctor finding him while he was trying to play off being sick to Zoro wasn't helping. Zoro raised his eyebrow glancing at the Cook. Why the hell was he groaning?

"You're still getting sick?" Chopper continued, coming to a halt. He gazed up at his two crew mates with big chocolate eyes. The sight made a shiver run up Sanji's spine, or perhaps it was just the morning breeze.

"Still?" Repeated the neanderthal to his side.

What had he been missing? This wasn't the first time the cook was getting sick? That's not right though, wouldn't he have noticed if the cook was running off like that? Chopper seemed to read his expression.

"Yeah. He's been getting sick every morning for weeks!" The little creature cried.

Sanji wanted to melt, the glare that he was receiving from his side. He laughed nervously, his eyebrow twitching and patted the doctor on his hat.

"Ha, Chopper, what did I tell you? I'm fine, it's just a bad bit of food poisoning..." He tried to explain, but the two other men were having a conversation of their own.

"How come I didn't know about this?" Zoro scowled, turning back to Chopper.

"Well, this is the earliest it's happened... it's usually after breakfast! It's not normal! Please Sanji let me do some tests."

Sanji had finished buttoning his shirt and almost completely turned around to leave when the attention was back on him. He froze when Zoro's tan hand rested on his shoulder.

"Oi, curly." Zoro's deep voice was suddenly much closer to his ear. "You deaf? Infirmary's that way."

Sanji turned to give Zoro a stink eye. Shitty swordsman, trying to tell him what to do. What was Zoro thinking motioning somewhere with his thumb? He had absolutely no sense of direction, was he retarded? He pushed away Zoro's hand.

"The hell I'm taking directions from you." he spat.

Chopper still watched them, his arms crossed closely on his chest. His eyes met Sanji's in worry. "Please Sanji, it shouldn't take too long."

Sanji sighed. Why did this feel like some sort of intervention? Least it wasn't about his smoking anymore, that had gotten old quick. Ah, memories from years ago.

"Fine." He finally gave in. It would just end up happening again the next day probably. Sanji couldn't help but wonder if maybe it wasn't food poisoning. Could people put curses into place to make people sick? Pfft, who would do that to him? At least this way he could probably get a medication to help keep it away. "Just let me finish getting dressed and start on breakfast."

Chopper smiled, excited Sanji finally was letting him give him an examination. "Okay! I'll go set everything up!" He announced before running off toward his infirmary.

Sanji glared at Zoro, running his fingers quickly through his fringe. Zoro eagerly met his gaze with an annoyed expression.

"Weeks?" He growled. "The hell?"

Sanji looked Zoro down. The swordsman was standing before him in only his pants and it made him grin smugly. Had that bastard ran out of bed just to see if he was alright? What a moron. He began to walk past him, brushing a hand by his chest and giving a slight pat.

"Food poisoning Marimo." He explained. "Food poisoning."

Breakfast that morning went by pretty quickly, as mornings usually did. Accompanied by Brooke's melody playing, the crew enjoyed a creatively constructed spread of fruits, breads and juices. After the ladies had filled their plates of what they knew they would want before needing to battle for more with their other crew mates, Sanji added some basic selections of meat to keep a certain Captain happy.

Zoro watched as Sanji paraded around the table serving the females of the crew. He had gotten used to this earlier on, so he wasn't particularly jealous, more concerned. Sanji and Zoro had an odd relationship, that was certain, but they were never one's to keep things from one another. The Marimo just couldn't wrap his head around why Sanji wouldn't let him know about being sick.

Perhaps, he wondered, it was for the sake of not bothering him? But Sanji loved to bother him! It also didn't help when he heard Robin to his side ask the cook over to softly inquire whether or not he was feeling better. Even she knew? Before Zoro, his lover, knew? It just made Zoro tense, steaming angrily to himself. He was so lost in his thought that his eyes widened when he noticed the absence of food on his plate. The crew, having watched as he was victimized, laughed as he glared at Luffy.

"Luffy!" He growled, ready to launch himself over the table at the Captain. He was pulled down into his seat again by the back of his shirt's collar though as the love cook slid into the chair next to him with his own plate.

"That's what you get for day dreaming you shitty Marimo." He teased, practically displaying his food to the swordsman. It was practically the fullest plate at the table, simply because the cook always decided to eat last.

Sanji leaned back in his chair, listening to the commotion of his nakama around him. He reached into his jacket pocket, retrieving his lighter and cigarettes. He paused only for a second before lighting it, the slight threat of nausea lofting around again. In all honesty he wasn't that hungry.

He picked at some things, mostly moving them around the plate as his friends began leaving the kitchen to start on whatever it was they were doing. Chopper gave him a wave on his way into the infirmary. When it was just Zoro, Franky, Brooke and the Cook, Sanji finally set his fork down and shoved his plate to the side so that it sat in front of Zoro.

Zoro stared at it questioningly at first, looking at Sanji for some kind of hint behind the gesture. Sanji was too busy trying to keep a cool composure, staring off at something else while exhaling his smoke. In all honesty, he wasn't feeling too hot and hating to waste food he knew the moron would finish it for him.

"What's this? You aren't gonna eat?" Mumbled Zoro, eyeing the full plate.

He was talking kind of hush, as he usually did when it was out of concern. Franky and Brooke were too busy discussing a song they wanted to compose with their instruments to notice anyway. Sanji glanced over at him, pressing his lips into a thin line. He sighed, lowering his hand and cigarette before pushing himself up off the table, his chair scooting back.

"Nah, not hungry." was his subtle reply, as he grabbed some of the dishes from the table to put on the island. He'd have to deal with cleaning those later.

Zoro shrugged then, beginning to side feed food into his mouth while he watched the cook in observation. Franky and Brooke finally got up to leave, thanking Sanji on their way out. Sanji gestured the same grin before freezing in his work again. There was that feeling! What was happening to him? It was so annoying.

He set another stack of plates down then turned towards the door.

"Where you going?"

Sanji stopped in his tracks. Really? The Marimo couldn't just eat his food and shut up? Now what the hell did the guy want? He lazily rolled his head around to look at him.

"The hell do I have to tell you?" He questioned irritably, then took a long blink. Alright, so the guy was probably just worried about him. "Bathroom."

Zoro rested his chin in his hand, chewing his bread loudly. His eyes were studying Sanji down and it made him uncomfortable under the gaze. Usually it would have been flattering, but he knew it was for different reasons.

"Feeling sick again?"

Sanji winced at the brute's motherly concern. "No!" He snapped, starting off for the door again. "Taking a leak, jeez. I told you I'm fine."

Zoro wasn't buying it though. Now that he thought about it, the cook really wasn't eating a lot in the mornings anymore. He could recall several times Sanji sliding it onto Luffy's plate. What was going on here? Was the morning sickness that bad? It only made him want to physically grab the blonde and shove him into the infirmary, but the Cook had already left in his agitation.

Instead Zoro looked around at the dirty dishes around the kitchen. There was one thing he could do to get that Cook to hurry up to Chopper. He would just need to get rid of anything else that could be a distraction. He quickly got up from his seat, collected a bunch of plates messily and rushed to the sink to get to work.

Sanji ran his fingers through his hair again. He had taken a little longer to get back from the bathroom, the light headedness clouding his mind with several false alarms. His hand hesitated right in front of his mouth, as he tried to come to terms if the spell was over or not. It had seemed to pass but the cook could never be sure. He was about to open the door to the kitchen when a frightening sound of a dish hitting the counter roughly made his heart jump. Who the hell was touching his stuff?

He swung the door open in a hurry; his eye's jumping straight to the culprit. Sanji however wasn't prepared to see who he did. Zoro looked over his shirt at him, his hands deep in sink water.


Sanji had to take a moment to come back to reality. Zoro? Doing the dishes? He was still on the same boat right? He wasn't dreaming? He wondered over, dramatically stunned and eyed Zoro's hands on his china.

"What are you doing?" He asked finally, right next to the swordsman and the sink. His hand was lying on the counter as he peered over at his work.

Zoro lifted a plate out of the water and began to scrub it. "Washing these."

Sanji raised an eyebrow, his curiosity still peeked. "Why?"

"So you can't stall going to see Chopper."
Sanji's head fell back. Ugh! It just always kept coming back to his doctor visit, didn't it? It was slightly frustrating. But then he grinned, finding this a perfect moment to tease his marimo. It was the least he could do for that bastard after he trapped him into this.

"Wow marimo." His eyes lightened. "You look good domesticated."

The growl that escaped from Zoro was just the reward Sanji was trying for.

"Watch it, shit cook." Warned Zoro. His moments of kindness were few, the bastard should be cherishing his concern a little more.

"Alright, Fine! Shitty marimo. If you wanted me gone that bad for your rendezvous with the sink you should've let me know." Sanji gestured to the sink before he began to turn around and head for the infirmary. "I'm going now."

"Oi wait." Zoro said suddenly, pulling his hands from the water.

Sanji turned on his heel to see what he wanted, only to meet with Zoro's lips on his own. It made his cheeks flush and he pulled away. "Bastard... what was that for?"

Zoro grinned. "If you're dying I'll kill you. I mean it." He lightly nudged Sanji on the shoulder.

Sanji scowled, shaking his head. "You're an idiot you know that. I'm not dying."

This time, adamant about not being interrupted he made his way to the other side of the kitchen and towards the infirmary door. "Don't break my china, Marimo." He called out in warning before finally slipping into the Doctor's room.

Sanji yawned, closing the oven for lunch. He had already left Chopper's infirmary, a light pink band aid on his arm as proof and started back on his cooking duties. Luckily his mystery illness only seemed to bother him in the mid-morning hours, now he felt absolutely fine. Well, except for a sudden spill of drowsiness.

The Galley door opened again, catching him in another mid yawn. It was the last person he wanted to see – well no maybe that was a lie. Alright, it was the last person he really expected to check up on him. Really, the Marimo was losing his touch. Zoro watched him as he came in, wiping his sweating forehead with a towel.

Sanji didn't mind that view at all, the sweaty swordsman after lifting his weights, standing in his kitchen. Zoro moved over to the island and automatically Sanji knew what he wanted. He shot an annoyed glare, but decided to comply just this once. He went over to his sake stash and picked out a bottle that was close to being empty before tossing it at the green haired man.

Zoro grinned, clasping the bottle. He tilted his chin slightly in thanks before popping off the top and beginning to drown it out. Sanji started on another cigarette.

"Tired?" Asked Zoro as he sat down, peering over at the cook. When had he become such a stalker?
Just mentioning him being tired made Sanji want to yawn. It didn't make sense to him; he'd gotten a full night's rest. He shrugged in a half assed reply, bringing his cigarette to his lips. He let it settle there a moment before glancing back at Zoro, tucking his carton away.

Zoro pursed his lips, holding his bottle inches from his lips, contemplating on continuing talking or taking another swig.

"How was it with Chopper?"

Sanji made his way around the kitchen island to where Zoro was. He turned so that his back faced it and leaned against it, letting out a drag into the air.

"Worried about me marimo?" pondered the cook out loud. A smile tugged at his lips. He'd just love to hear Zoro admit something like that.

Zoro snorted. "More like checking for liabilities."
Sanji wrinkled his nose, his eyes narrowing. What a bastard. "Only liability here is you, you shitty swordsman."

The marimo let out an irritated growl. To take the cook's bait or not to take his bait. Instead he sat down his bottle and tilted his head to the side in thought.

"It'd be bad if we lost our cook this far in." He finally decided on the words.

Sanji grinned, standing up and moving behind Zoro. His cigarette tucked in the corner of his mouth he wrapped his arms around the marimo's shoulders, his face close to his ears.

"Getting all sentimental on me shit-head?" He whispered into his ear.

Zoro averted his eyes downward, a flush regretfully heating at his cheeks. So what if he was concerned, did he not have every right to be? Sanji hummed lightly, one of his arms retreating and wondering downward and around Zoro's exposed chest. The swordsman was so warm and inviting, his scent practically begging Sanji to come closer.

"Don't worry," He teased, his fingers playing with the waistband of Zoro's trousers. "I'm not going anywhere."

Zoro had turned his face away; not wanting to give Sanji any satisfaction, but the words of the chef whispering into his ear wasn't helping his physical state. The cook wanted to tease did he? Well two could play at that. Zoro was just about to make his own move when the door to the infirmary slammed open abruptly, making Sanji jump away and Zoro freeze as his head jerked to look.

Chopper was staring at them wide eyed. Sanji blushed, turning his face slightly away. The little reindeer hadn't seen them had he? Oh fuck what was he thinking doing something like this when everyone was still around – and the doors were unlocked! What was getting into him? He met eyes with Chopper. What could he need? Were his test results already back?
Chopper took a step out, glancing between both men before clearing his throat. "Um." He began, crossing his hooves in front of him shyly. "Sanji, can I see you a moment?"

Sanji's eyebrow rose a moment, but he didn't protest. He glanced at the marimo once more before moving towards Chopper. "Yeah, what's up?" Why was he so nervous? Was something really wrong. "Something wrong with those tests?"

Chopper shook his head, looking away from the blonde. He seemed tense. "No, no of course not, I just need to do some more tests is all."

Sanji watched him a moment, thinking. More tests? Hadn't the guy done enough? He sighed.

"Jeez, alright." He gave in, moving and opening the door behind Chopper. "But don't bleed me dry."

There was a perverted part of him that wondered if the doctor would be able to get any at all, the way it had just been circulating below the belt.

Zoro watched as they left, taking one last finishing swig of his sake. More tests? Well, doctors did take tests to get the right diagnosis, didn't they? It was probably nothing to worry about. He set the empty bottle down before grabbing his towel, getting up and heading back to training.

The cook seemed off during dinner. Zoro usually wasn't so observant, but now that there were reasons to be somewhat concerned, he could tell. It worried the marimo. Twice Chopper had come to find the cook and ask him to participate in more tests. What kind of illness took so many tests to confirm? Was something wrong with him?

He stayed behind again after everyone had left.

"What's going on?" Was his only question.

Sanji stopped washing the dish he was on and set it aside. His hands rested on each side of the sink, his shoulders dropped. Hell, he wasn't even sure.

"Don't worry about it shit head." He mumbled. "It's nothing, he's just trying to confirm something."

That's what it was. That's what it had been. The little doctor was just thorough, that's all. Sanji shouldn't be alarmed just because he's only come out to eat and get him for more tests. Chopper was dedicated to his work, this was normal. Sanji felt fine now, so he was fine.

"Oi, I'm just wondering-"

"Well stop it." Snapped Sanji, turning his head back around. "It's fucking annoying."

Something about just hearing the marimo at that moment was so infuriating. Why did he keep asking him what was happening when Sanji himself didn't even know? But shit! He was just concerned? Why was that annoying the hell out of the cook? He ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a slight hiss.

"No wait, shit." He looked Zoro down, his face softening. "I didn't mean that."

Zoro rose from his seat, a little perplexed. First the cook wanted to know if he was worried, now he said it was annoying? Alright, that's fine, he knew when he wasn't wanted around anymore. He glanced up at Sanji, meeting his eyes for a few moments of understanding. Then, he looked away a little defeated on his way out the door.

"Well, just let me know, I guess."

Sanji wanted to slam his head into the wall when he saw the marimo leave. What was he doing? What was up with him getting all irritated like that? Was this really stressing him out that much? He looked back at his dishes in the sink. Ugh, he didn't even want to be bothered by that. He wanted to smoke, that's what he wanted.

He shakily took his carton from his jacket pocket again, but only to clumsily let it tumble out and onto the floor. He cursed out loud, hurrying to grab at his addiction.

The door to the infirmary opened again then, causing Sanji to shoot up, leaving his cigarettes. "More tests?" He groaned, looking at the doctor.

Chopper stared at Sanji a long moment, seemingly fighting a battle within himself. What was he hiding? He shook his head. "No, no more tests. Sanji could you come in here a minute?"

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