A bone chilling yell broke through the madness, again grabbing the attention of those fighting. They all recognized the jolly roger immediately, having not lived under a rock for the past few years. There they were, the famous Mugiwara crew, at the railing of their marvelous ship, a mix of expressions. Scar face tightened his grip around his two hand sword.

"Sanji!" Chopper wailed out, tears already starting around his eyes as he could see Sanji's body sprawled out on the Marine ship's deck.

Luffy was silent and livid. He reached up and began to adjust his hat, hoping onto the railing of his ship. He was going to jump over and kick ass if it were the last thing he did-

"Luffy!" Nami grabbed onto his arm, confusing him a moment as he glanced back to look at his navigator.

She was equally upset, having drawn the same conclusion as everyone else when they saw their cook in a puddle of blood, but her grip was as tight as she could manage. She had to get Luffy to help them before he went on his rampage.

"You have to stretch and bring him over here! Now!"

Luffy's eyes gazed back toward his fallen Nakama. It was true, even if they traveled over there, he was in the cross fire. With a low mumble of 'yosh', because Sanji was their main objective, his expression changed to concentration and he stretched his arms out, aiming for the blonde.

Chopper was jumping up and down next to him, yelling random instructions of being gentle and not to grab him anywhere in the midsection. Luffy only nodded, a concentrated stretch on his forehead as he finally latched a hand onto their cook.

"Got him!" He announced and was about to pull him away when there was a flash of green in all their eyes.

Zoro, his swords already drawn, jumped up and onto Luffy's stretched arms. Using them as a bridge, he began running toward the enemy ship, his glare demonic and unforgiving.

"Zoro!" Usopp couldn't help but utter, having watched as he fled into battle with no warning. Then his senses began to pick in. If Zoro was going to go in first into a ship full of enemies, he'd need any backup he could get. The sharpshooter was already turning to his bag and retrieving his weapon. He'd give him all the air support he could manage.

Nami seemed to sense this as well, retrieving her own device and sending dark clouds into the sky. They wanted this over quick, didn't they? Their objective was to save Sanji and burst out of here. Well, at least it was before Zoro decided to settle a vendetta.

Zoro was running as fast as he could and as soon as he reached near Luffy's wrists, past where there was ship instead of water under him, he launched himself onto the deck. Only momentarily did his eye wander to the side, catching the sight that he'd rather not see. The cook's strained and motionless face, his skin and clothes dirty and tainted with fresh blood. Not to mention the locations of the wounds.

Had he lost them? His family? Zoro honestly wasn't sure, but his warrior spirit prevented him from dwelling on it. Yes, he missed Sanji and Satoru considerably, yes he understood the danger that they faced and had suffered, but his anger would not let him stop his new course of action. He was going to make those who decided to enslave and hurt his cook suffer.

So then, in the back of his mind, as he lifted his blade for the first time to come into contact with a grunt marine, he couldn't help but a silent plea to his Nakama. He was trusting them with two of his most precious possessions, arguably pieces of himself now. If he went back, there was no way he'd be able to focus, let alone be of any assistance to the situation. They would have to do what he wished he could, save Sanji. Meanwhile he could only get a sort of revenge and attempt to quench this growing desire for marine bloodshed. Starting with the asshole with the biggest smug grin, who wore a scar along his face that Zoro recognized, as it had been from his own katana.

Luffy's arms began to retract, Sanji in their grasp. Chopper watched with wide eyes. What was he planning to do!? Just yank him back here, he was injured dammit!

"Luffy!" He cried. He was being too rough!

But it seemed the others were already falling into place to provide assistance. Robin was already focused, summoning her strength to create a massive hand from the Sunny's deck, gently and cautiously catching their cook to ease his landing, since usually the landings from Luffy's grabs weren't always pretty. Her giant palm relaxed, moving and letting him roll down her fingers to a waiting Chopper, who was even more mortified at seeing him up close.

It didn't look good, he was dirty and more pale than he could remember. And although it was obvious he had grown in his midsection, he appeared a bit more thin than usual in the face and arms. Chopper immediately assessed the situation, applying pressure to the dagger wound.

"We need to get him to the infirmary now!"

But by the time Chopper had glanced up, Luffy was back on his way to the rail and making his way over. Nami glared and yelled at him. This hadn't been their plan at all. They were supposed to grab Sanji and burst out of there, no time to waste trying to get revenge! Of course, that went down the drain the moment Zoro fled to the enemy ship with swords drawn and Luffy felt his captain duties boiling through him to avenge his nakama.

So Luffy wouldn't be much help at the Sunny at the moment. So desperately, since Chopper didn't want to single handedly move Sanji, he looked between the remaining of his nakama who weren't providing backup aide. Brook was the first to step over.

"Allow me to help, Chopper-san!"

The reindeer practically had tears in his eyes as he frantically nodded. "Brook!" He squeaked in his relief. "Please take his legs and we'll move him quickly!"

Meanwhile, Franky rushed back to the Sunny's steer. If they were going to stay around for a bit, he might as well get closer. He was stopped however by the hand of their archeologist, who urged him with her eyes to look further.

"Franky, head towards the other pirate's ship." She instructed, as her gesture fell to the appearance of a familiar face.

It was Elisa, or so they still knew her as the fortune teller. They didn't know why exactly she was here and what her purpose was, but they recognized her immediately, as she stood on the railing of the enemy ship and waved her arms to gather their attention. Franky gave a solid nod and with a forceful spin to Sunny's wheel, he shifted the ship in that direction.

Zoro's katana collided with the captain's blade, sending sparks flying. He clenched his teeth, applying his strength before pulling away. He could give the captain that much credit, to be able to hold off at least his first swing, but he wouldn't get a second chance. He ignored the way groups of the marine grunts were trapped by plant life in the corner of his eye, or how the rain had suddenly eased up and been focused elsewhere around him. Scar Face had the nerve to wear a smug grin.

He recognized this green haired pirate quite well, as he had seen him in only a flash when he was last defeated. Pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro, as he could recall from his many nights in the infirmary, glaring at the wanted posters on the wall. Not only had he desired revenge against that annoying blonde, but he dearly wanted to get pay back for the gashes that nearly sliced him into two. So when their swords met again, he could not help but chuckle. If fate desired he fall here, he would go out after having some fun.

"Roronoa Zoro..." He muttered under his breath, looking down at the Marimo, despite the situation's growing tension. "This is twice you've come to that scum's aide. Is it pure nakamaship or... is that your spawn growing inside him?"

Just hearing this asshole dare and speak to him about anything referring to Sanji made Zoro's eye flash white. He was going to kill him. He was going to fucking kill him if it was the last thing he did. Fuck messing around, he didn't train for two years to be held up like this and certainly not by someone who dared to take apart any weird ass family they were making. So before anyone could process it, he lunged.

Sanji gasped out, his head digging back into the pillow and his eyes wide. His head was throbbing, no his whole body was, it stung and yet it was numb. He felt heavy and exhausted and he wasn't sure why, the only thing replaying in his brain was the last sights he saw. It was like they had just happened moments ago.

Not even realizing where he was, his hand instinctively went to his abdomen, his breathing quickening as he was on the verge of an actual panic attack. Satoru, how was he? Was he alright? Was he still there? He propped himself up, wincing as he did, on his elbow to the side and gazed down at the blanket covering him. Ignoring the IV plugged deep into his arm, he yanked off the fabric and frantically placed his hand under his shirt. The bump and swell of his stomach was still there but he needed to know, he needed to feel him.

His heart was beating so hard inside his chest, his eyes scanning around so frantically at his body that it was probably the most agonizing few moments of his life. He was clenching his teeth, not even realizing the way his eyes began to water. No come on. He couldn't have lost him!

But then he felt it. The feeling that was just as precious as it had been before, a little stronger too, more than just its welcoming flutter. He sighed in such relief, slightly crying out as he fell back into the pillows. Thank god. He was there. Satoru was there and he had felt him. The cook closed his eyes for a long moment, trying to dismiss the tremble of his bottom lip before turning his face over and glancing around. Where was he?

It took him a moment, but then he recognized it. He was back in the Sunny, in the room Franky had made specifically for them. His arm was attached to an IV and he was even settled in his side of the bed. Not thinking, Sanji rose his hand up to feel at the soreness of his head, a little surprised to find the unique texture of stitches above his brow. He'd really been knocked out then, though he didn't know for how long.

Then there was the green to his side. Just turning a bit to look at him more clearly made Sanji a little nervous, his throat dry. It was Zoro, fully clothed resting sloppily on his side of the bed. The area around his eye was a little swollen and dark, no doubt from sleep deprivation. It was foolish, but for some reason seeing him after being apart for just those weeks made him a little nervous. But also, mad.

So even though he was being all affectionate to Sanji and staying close while he was asleep and recovering, Sanji moved his arm out and gave a solid push to the Marimo, enjoying the satisfying thump as he hit the ground on the other side. Then he moved to sit up again himself. He was back home, he knew that, but he didn't know anything that was going on or what had happened after he'd passed out.

Zoro was quick on his feet, having awoken the moment his thick skull hit the floor. He got up on his knees and looked over the side of the bed, his eye widened, as at first he was just as shocked to see the blonde up and moving.

"Sanji." He said dumbfoundedly, because no other words were coming.

Sanji pursed his lips a moment, then forced himself to scowl harder at the swordsman.

"What the hell Marimo?" He finally stuttered out. "What the fuck took you so long?!"

He grabbed the pillow from the idiot's side of the bed and chucked it at him. Then he turned, moving as if he were going to get off the bed.

"Oi! You're supposed to be resting!"

Zoro had the nerve to dive back across the bed, wrap an arm around the blonde and pull him back, despite hi instant protests. He didn't even waver when the cook turned his chin back to face him down.

"Why the hell did you go and get caught then huh?"

"Oh so it's my fault? Bullshit, wouldn't matter if you had a shitty sense of direction!"

"Sanji, you're awake!" The cheerful tone of their crew's doctor stopped their fusing. Though the positive vibes emitting from him wouldn't last, as his big brown eyes saw the way Zoro held the blonde down against his will.

"ZORO!? Get away from my patient!"

Chopper ran and jumped onto the bed, his tiny arms protesting against the brute. Zoro didn't need a lot of persuasion, though. He growled slightly in his annoyance then slid off more toward the side, crossing his arms. The doctor took the opportunity to start his examination on Sanji.

Sanji ran a hand through his hair, sighing. Damn, he was so confused about what had happened and to top it all off he woke up to the overly concerned mug of his fiancee and doctor. Not that he hadn't missed it, he was thrilled to be back, but…

"Chopper, what's going on? What happened?" He asked, looking at him worriedly. "When did you guys find me? Is Satoru alright?"

Chopper paused in his check of Sanji's IV, glancing up at Zoro and then at the cook. He tilted his head slightly.

"Satoru?" He repeated. "Sanji... Who is Satoru?"

Sanji could feel his cheeks threaten to flush and he shook his head. Crap, he supposed the crew wouldn't know of their chosen baby name yet, since they never had the chance to tell them, with Sanji never coming back that night.

"It's... um... Never mind, how is the baby?"
That didn't seem to help Chopper expression. The Cook watched in confusion as his small friend went through a select amount of emotions until settling on very sad, which of course didn't help his already crazy nerves. Chopper's eyes began to water to the point he was wiping at his eyes with a hoof, Zoro having to sit up straighter and ask him if he's alright himself.

Chopper shook his head.

"I-I'm sorry Sanji. I'm fine. The baby's fine too. It's just... It was a little scary for a while. You had lost a lot of blood and were very dehydrated. It was touch and go for a little while, for both of you but... I was able to stop the bleeding and treat the wound." He whimpered slightly, looking up at Sanji sadly.

The cook's chest felt a little empty. It had been that severe? He could not even imagine how that must have been for the others, having just found him in such condition. That and having almost lost Satoru... He protectively placed a hand over his stomach and glanced over at the Marimo, who was watching him closely with that dark gaze. How had Zoro been, he couldn't help but wonder.

"I did an ultrasound just to make sure though that everything was okay. Zoro saw it too. The baby is alright still and growing healthily. You just need to take it very easy while you heal, so you are on bed rest. Doctor's orders." Chopper's somber expression changed to determination. "I mean it Sanji!"

Sanji nodded. He didn't care. So long as Satoru was alright and he was alright, he wasn't going to protest. Though the idea of being stuck in bed for a while doing nothing but be pregnant did make him click his tongue on the roof of his mouth. That oughta be fun…

Chopper finished checking some things, prescribed his demand of more rest to Sanji then left the couple together. It was quiet for a while, nothing but Sanji moving slightly to get more comfortable, his body hurting a little less as Chopper had given him some sweet aide. Zoro still sat up in his spot at the edge, watching the blonde as he moved, observing everything curiously.

"You kept your ring on." He said finally, breaking the silence.

The cook's cheeks did flush a bit at that, his eyes moving to look at his hand. On his finger, in the light now where he could see, was the ring Zoro had given him, a comfortable fit. He hissed slightly, pushing said hands under the covers.

"Yeah well..." He began, slightly pouting. "I didn't want to lose it, is all."

Zoro's lips spread into a grin and he moved closer, spreading himself close to Sanji, lightly draping his arm over his chest and nuzzling at his neck.

"You've gotten bigger since I saw you last too..."

Sanji elbowed him in the gut.

"I'm taken away for two weeks and that's what you notice you Marimo bastard-"

Zoro ignored the pain, leaning up and stealing Sanji's bitter lips.

"You're back now, Cook. That's all that matters."
Sanji bit into his lip, fighting the surge of hormones wanting to take over him as he took in Zoro's expression. He could read it in his own way, tell the way it was strained with worry and was deprived of rest. He moved his gaze away before leaning slightly against Zoro's body.

"I missed you too, Marimo."

Author's Note: Thank you MyLadyDay for looking this over/ doing any beta-ing as I just couldn't make myself post without it XD. Though that made this update totally late and it doesnt help I skipped the fighting. ./o/ sorry not sorry that stuff does not help even the minor writing block. Welcome back home though Sanji & Satoru ~? Hope that regardless of the wait and quality -cough- you enjoyed the chapter!