In his life, Sanji never had an interest with playing with dolls or anything of that sort. He'd always seen girls on the Orbit or the Baratie playing with them and hadn't had the slightest thought about going over among them and playing dress up, or knowing what outfits suited baby dolls best. If only that younger version of Sanji had realized how really fun it was. Especially that day when it changed from a baby doll to an actual living, breathing, adorable son of his own, who was staring up at him with a very memorable scowl as the cook approached with a tiny comb.

"Look at this." Sanji pouted, bringing the comb to Satoru's soft hair. "Messy moss bed head just like your dad. Tch well we'll take care of that, won't we?"

There was a tiny chirp underneath Sanji that made him grin, and with a slight comb back of Satoru's vibrant green hair, much like Zoro's, he stood back up straighter and fetched the onesie from the bed next to his precious little spawn. This was what he lived to wake up to, getting up and ready himself then waking up Satoru, his little man, and dressing him up for the day. Even if the first outfit barely lasted past a few hours.

Carefully, his fingers moved down his chubby tummy, unbuttoning Satoru's pajamas. Then his eyebrows furrowed and he let out a sigh, looking up at his son's innocent yet amused face. He'd be laughing if he could, an awkward half wannabe smile on his face that he just couldn't get down even if he tried.

"Who put this diaper on you huh? This was the Marimo wasn't it?" Sanji rolled his eyes. "Gets lost even putting on a diaper, I swear."

Letting his motherly instincts take over in full force, the cook just sighed, recovering his grin at his precious son. He fixed that problem swiftly, changing his diaper before reaching over and grabbing his attire for the day. A certain white and yellow onesie that had a tiny ship embroidered on it, a gift from his father no less.

"We're going to look good today aren't we? You like wearing clothes like Papa?" The cook couldn't help but snort. "Say no, you'd rather walk around half naked like daddy, wouldn't you? Mhm."

He tickled him under his chin with a grin, listening to the snort and babbles that followed. Damn his kid was just too damn cute. Finishing buttoning him up, bundling him and slipping a hat poorly over his hair, because holy shit who knew a kid could be born with so much hair already, Sanji scooped him up and against his chest. He cooed to him lightly with a light hum, cleaning up the mess they'd just made on the bed before taking him to the mirror he'd only really allowed to be hung here post recovery.

Sanji turned Satoru around and snuggled him close, his big blue eyes scanning it until settling on their reflections with a tiny squeal. "Alright my mini Marimo, we look good don't we? Lovely ladies can't wait to see us. You know, Nami-swannnn and Robin-chwannn."

He gently moved his hand to wave Satoru's hand at himself for a moment, his grin softening to a smile before cuddling him close once more and opening the door and stepping outside. Everyone else was probably already up, their breakfast being moved consistently later on some days due to the cook's new morning routine, but no one ever really minded. Who wouldn't be willing to wait at a chance to see the star of the show?


Past the stairs, the pair found their first obstacle. Chopper, Luffy, and Usopp were sitting on the edge of the ship, contently fishing when their heads perked around, the hatch to the lower decks stairs opening. Sanji had barely made it out onto the deck with his beloved bundle of joy before a rubber body came running at him.

"Peanut!" They all yelled happily in unison, having taken their uncle titles with stride.

There was a slight rumble against Sanji's chest where he held his peanut close. He recognized those voices already, they were of his friends and he too was excited to see them, but Momma, or well Papa, wasn't really one for sharing what was his.

The cook extended his leg out in time, his foot hanging in the air right in front of them and creating what he deemed a safe distance away from Satoru.

"Dammit, what did I tell you shit heads about running around him? What if you tripped and hit him, huh?" He scolded, narrowing his eyes.

The idiot trio was apparently unfazed. Certainly, their captain was at least. Using his ability to get ahead, literally, he extended his neck and let it coil around the cook and peanut, just so he could get a better look.

"Dammit Luffy, are you trying to make him cry again?" Since baby's first time seeing a rubber man hadn't been the best of memories.

"But we want to say good morning and see him!" Luffy grinned in Satoru's direction.

Since of course it wasn't like they all lived on the same ship and got to see each other daily and at each meal or anything. Granted, Sanji understood their excitement – having never wanted to leave him himself. But instantly there seemed to be a fire to his aura as he glared over at Chopper and Usopp, who having seen Luffy invade space, approached closer, then back at Luffy who started this.

Obviously he wasn't going to get rough and show them a piece of his mind when he was holding something so fragile, but he still had his ways.

"You idiots…" He hissed under his breath. "Your poles are going to fall into the water…"

Usopp's tilted his head a moment before looking back at where they'd come from, his eyes widening when he saw their fishing poles nearly bent in half from a big haul. He let out a yelp.

"The fishing rods!" And the three of them dispersed quite nicely.

It made Sanji roll his eyes, looking back and adjusting his bundled baby. His face was still soft and curious, so at least they hadn't upset or him. The mini Marimo wrinkled his nose slightly, creating a minor fuss in his blanket restraint. The cook sighed.

"Sorry bout' that kiwi," he gave him a gentle smile, though furrowed his eyebrows next. Did he like that as a nickname? Shit, calling his kid fruit, what was he turning into, his old man? "Nah let's forget that nickname and how about we just get you your formula, yeah?"

He was sure, to the little baby that was probably the best idea he'd had all morning, even if technically he had been fed about two hours ago by Zoro, who took nightly duties. It was a simple schedule really, they spent the later afternoon together as a family or cuddling, but Zoro took night watches. Either he was up on watch for the crew, so already awake, or had to be the one to get up and serve a certain little prince when he cried at night.

Thus, wrong way diaper when Sanji woke up and took over. He was the morning and first half of the day parent, though he'd rather be there 24/7. Figured the Marimo would need to at least eventually sleep at some point, but at least they also could have breakfast together. Not that he cared about spending time with Zoro or anything embarrassing like that, it was good for Satoru. They had that quality couple time a little in between, when the self-proclaimed auntie and uncles step in.

There was even more crew members inside the kitchen excited to see Satoru. The ladies, mostly, as they already helped themselves to making some coffee and helping clean up Sanji's counters. Without realizing it, something inside themselves had already been awoken that quite admired their motherly cook and wanted to help ease his work load the best they could, even if he resisted it. And if he brought up to much of a fuss about them lifting their lovely hands, all they needed to do was make him look down at the bundle in his arms.

Sanji had learned the hard way that he had that new weakness. Who could say no to such an adorable face such as Satoru's? He greeted them happily, turning the baby in his arms slightly who grumbled once more. It wasn't that he didn't enjoying smelling daddy's shirt on his Papa, that Sanji wasn't too thrilled to be stuck in again, but it was loose without being too loose, it was just that he liked to see his friends and listen to where all these sounds were coming from. He was the center of attention after all, let him see his fans.

The girls smiled in his direction, but knew even if they were in the kitchen first and wanted to see their sweet nephew, there was someone else in the kitchen just as eager to see his little man. The Marimo was already drowsily sitting at the counter, but had twisted his head back around to look as soon as the door open and his lips morphed into a very proud, fatherly grin.

He was the first thing Satoru saw when Sanji turned him around in his arms to give him a better view, and the tiny Marimo nearly squealed like a piglet in his excitement of seeing his dad, the other Marimo. Sanji couldn't help but let out a tiny laugh at that, he had the cutest and most expressive kid on the planet, but really? That kind of greeting for Zoro?

Still, Sanji couldn't help but bring his baby to its father, who already had his hands out to grab at his son's feet under the bundle. That bastard.
"Finally," He teased, looking down at his son's face that mirrored his significantly. "Taking forever like your mom, eh Sato?" They weren't really sure if he recognized his name yet either, but a certain Marimo felt he loved whatever they said, so long as they were looking at 'em.

"His Papa." Sanji corrected, rolling his eyes slightly, but bouncing the baby gently as he watched as he shifted in his blanket restraint. He was a mover too, which was expected of course, knowing his parents. "And we would have been here sooner, if someone knew how to put a diaper on right."

"Oi, I did it just like you showed me to!"

"As if, now come on, hold him a sec, he's been dying to see you again and I gotta get him started on a bottle."

As if Zoro would say no to that. He reached out, scooping his hands around his son and lifting him out of the cook's arm and tucking him into his. There was a slight moment in the exchange where their eyes, happy like their smiles, met but quickly they focused on other things like the real dorks they were.

Sanji didn't even notice the ladies had politely excused themselves so that he could work, he was doing that more and more lately. His attention wasn't only on them now, which they secretly were thankful for, but his new family. He moved over quickly to start on getting some formula thawed from where he'd already premade it. Their routine was like this too.

Zoro stayed at the counter, cradling Satoru and whispering sweet things to him, things that even surprised the cook that he'd be willing to say out loud, then infuriating things about how his 'Papa's' (because he couldn't pass up the opportunity to sass that word) body was very alluring in his clothes. He received a glare, and then a bottle to begin their routine feeding.

He slipped out of the seat, keeping his head upright as he fed him, walking him around the kitchen and cooing at him from under his breath as they had a very interesting staring contest. It was endearing, the way Satoru looked up at his father's face in confusion, most likely at the green color, when he seemed to not be aware he had it himself.

His papa, however, right away started on feeding the crew. It was nice for Sanji, finally losing a lot of his baby weight and definitely the giant hump off his frame that kept him moving at a snail's pace. That and his mind wasn't clouded with the oddest cravings he'd ever mixed together – for once, or rather from now on they could all eat normal delicious meals together that Sanji could plan with a sane mind.

Which everyone really appreciated, the crew life hadn't been changed that much when their cook was pregnant, but in the odd ways that it had been changed, things had gone back to normal. Starting with that stupid do and don't chart on Sanji's wall. Everyone came in the usual suit from their morning activities, each making sure to greet the hungry little baby as Zoro got stuck playing Mr. Mom and giving him a tour of the kitchen he himself often seemed to get lost in.

The poor little guy, it was hard for him to be so cute and awake, being tired right after the first feeding of the day, yawning as he drank and stared up at Zoro until finally just letting his eyes close and sleep take him away. It was easier to do than stare and watch so many colors walk in and out of the kitchen for breakfast. When they'd all be gone, leaving just the expecting parents, Zoro would lift Sato's arm, watching as it fell right back down.

"He's milk drunk."

It'd make them chuckle, he always looked so content and wasted after a feeding that he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore, like a certain alcoholic they also knew. Sanji moved over, carefully taking his son back from his father. On their ever changing schedule, after milk drunk came the Marimo's daily nap to make up for what he lost in sleep getting up for diaper duties (though Sanji would wake up as well, he just knew how to last on less sleep better.).

"Alright Marimo, see you in a few hours." Sanji would say softly, careful not to wake his sleeping baby as he put him on the little seat Franky made for him that he could sit on his counter safely and be close to him.

He froze for a second, before grinning when he felt an arm wrap around him and kiss at his neck. "We meeting in the crow's nest today, finally?" The Marimo whispered into his ear.

Sanji rolled his eyes. Idiot purposely saying his words and hinting at something else that was most definitely not happening any time soon still. He grabbed his hand and unraveled his arm from around his frame, kissing his knuckle before moving out of his grip.

"Got the green light Marimo, I'll see you there."


But just like Sanji had known, it wasn't for sexy times like the Neanderthal probably would have liked.

"Oi, Cook."

Sanji snapped back to reality, turning his head to glare at the bastard staring at him. This was the third time already he'd caught him staring at the hatch to the crow's nest worriedly. It made his face burn softly.

It wasn't his fault! Sure he wanted to get back in shape as soon as possible for the crew, but it was still difficult! He wasn't pregnant anymore, he refused to be the weakest link so that's why he was here, with the Marimo, forcing him to spend the few rare hours of alone time they had to join him in training. Even if he only had the options of light lifting or stretching.

But regardless, that didn't mean that every inch of him wasn't urging him to go find his child and snuggle him, to just see that he was alright. It was killing him, the strong motherly instinct rolling around inside and keeping him from really focusing on what he was trying and what he wanted to do.

"What the hell, Marimo?" He snapped. "What are you trying to do, check me out?"

Zoro just grinned, totally guilty of doing just that. He opted to hold back a bit in training today - as to not piss the cook off who was only able to do a few minor things, so much as he didn't disrupt his scar, which, being covered with them himself he could admire greatly, especially knowing its meaning. That and Chopper had asked him if he'd watch it close to make sure Sanji really didn't screw things up.

Sanji's face softened as he noticed the swordsman's trail of vision and grumbled slightly to himself, lightly tracing his fingers down his scar vertically under his navel. That wasn't Sanji's concern however, it was more the flab that gathered around it and stole his chiseled abs from him.

The Cook scowled back at Zoro, getting up off of the floor where he'd been performing his exercises and approaching the swordsman, watching with perplexed admiration and annoyance as he lifted his giant weight with ease. Sanji unconsciously adjusted his pants before sliding his hands into his pockets.

"How are you not dying to be down there with him? Aren't you worried about him, asshole?"

The shitty Marimo had been more than a little willing to join him in training. Did he not miss Sato like Sanji did? He loved him right? Dammit, there went his after birth hormones, finding the worst out of any stupid situation and making him slightly concerned.

Zoro just shrugged. "He's with the girls, they'll take care of him. Don't tell me you're giving up already are you?" He teased, hoping to inspire the cook back.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be working. Sanji's eyes went right back to one of the windows, focusing on something in his mind. Although Chopper had told him he could start working out and Sanji really did want to get back into shape, it was arguable about whether or not his motherly instincts was going to let him, it'd seemed.

Zoro grunted, swinging his weight and putting it back on the floor before just sighing in a 'here we go' type way again. Damn, he wished for once the cook would go back to love sick gazing for him, but arguably knew he could compete with the little man for Sanji's affections anymore. He felt the same way after all, even if he expressed it in a different way. He kind of just had the strongest urge to go down there and smother the little guy but he was strong about his goal. He was thankful for the opportunity to train again, especially if he could alongside the cook.

"Just go down there and get him cook."

Sanji glanced back at the swordsman, slightly surprised how much closer he was but then scowled at his face. "No I can't, I told you, I'm gonna train."
"Liar. You don't have to be up here, go back down with him. Give him a hug for me or something."

"Why don't you just come with me?"

"Dammit cook." Zoro lowered his brows. Persistent little shit wasn't he? "You know I'm dying to be down there… But he's not the only one I've been dying to see, yeah?"

Sanji raised his eyebrow, seemingly not following. But then, he began to understand. Zoro wanted to spend time with him as well. Was he getting jealous of their kid? He grinned, in a very knowing way and approached him, his hand moving out to touch at the swordsman's burning and toned bicep.

"Oh, I see… You keep trying to send me away to get the baby but what you're really saying is you want me to stay here with you so you can have me all to yourself?"
There was a flush at the top of Zoro's cheeks but he dismissed it with a huff.

"Dream on cook, go feed him a boob or something." He snapped. Of course Sanji didn't really breastfeed, he was just back to their jabbing ways.

Sanji rolled his eyes, leaning forward past Zoro's face, blowing in his ear, before finally whispering to him with a final pat to his chest. "Don't worry Marimo, just give me a little longer. Soon, it's going to be me and you breaking the sheets again."

Zoro shifted his jaw, averting his eyes to the ceiling. Shit cook better not be lying this time. "Alright, fine."

"Now you stay up here and continue, I'll go get our little guy and start on dinner."

The cook turned to walk off, but paused, contemplating something before turning back around and pecking the swordsman's lips quickly, almost annoyed. It sent shivers down his spine, because he saw just how much it made Zoro grin, and he quickly moved to the hatch, flipping him the bird as he went.

"Later, Bastard."


As the day continued, it only got more exciting. Sanji personally loved the little seat Franky made for Satoru, because now he had an audience. The cook had always loved performing his craft in front of those willing to watch and be awed, but there was just something more special about his son watching. Even if he wasn't old enough to even realize what he was watching.

When Sanji would wash his ingredients and turn back around to start and peel them, he could easily just glance over in his mini Marimo's direction, his grin growing as he did. It always granted him almost a cute little awkward squeal from Satoru at being caught watching the blurred colors that made up his papa.

So of course it was only natural that the cook had to stop what he was doing and attack those little feet.

"Oi, you watching me? How am I supposed to cook if you do that?"

He was grinning ear to ear, excited, even though his baby continued to stare up at him almost confusedly. He was advanced for his age, most definitely from what the swordsman referred to as 'good genes', but he wasn't that smart. He didn't know when to laugh, just tilting his head to the side at his mother's words, his head rolling though because he didn't understand how much it weighed.

Sanji chuckled under his breath, moving to sit him back up right and tickling a little under his chin which made him squirm. How could he not love this kid? Was there a time ever that he hadn't loved this kid? Who couldn't love that face, he had a normal resting scowl just like both his parents, but the tiny curl to one of his eyebrows that Sanji related to personally.

Still, he went back to peeling, starting on dinner and when he felt the weird and playful feeling of being watched, he'd jerk his attention back, startling Satoru always at first, but then encouraging him to squeal out and flail his arms around a little, not knowing really what to do with them. Adorable.

He passed out a little bit after that of course, so overworked being cute as a baby, and Sanji was able to get a lot more done. By the time Satoru woke up again, he'd had his daily check up from the guy that felt very soft, whatever soft was, to the touch and the other person he liked just as much as his Papa was in the room with them. And everything just smelt so weird but nice.

"Damn cook, how much longer does this stuff have to cook?" Zoro pondered, looking down at whatever was inside the pot on the burner with a questioning expression.

Sanji, putting Satoru back into his seat after changing him while he was still sleeping, sent him a glare, stepping over and smacking at his hand and putting the lid back.

"A while, asshole. Why the fuck do you care? I told you to eat more before Luffy got your breakfast."

Chopper ignored the babbling couple, leaning back into the baby's vision, watching as he struggled to figure out still what the hell he was. He made a funny face to him playfully, pressing his hooves into his cheeks.

The swordsman joined him, walking over to him and starting to unbuckle the infant from the seat. Stupid seat, he understood why the cook needed it, but obviously he was here with two useful arms. Shouldn't he be holding his son more? They needed much more bonding.

"Tch. I barely ask you for anything. You're the chef, you gonna let me starve?" He scowled, bringing the baby over to his Papa. "Look at this face, you want him to be fatherless cause' you wouldn't help me out?"

"Oi, he wouldn't be fatherless." The cook pointed out.

Chopper turned to look at them, but then back at Satoru, trying to please him with smiles and what not. Both he and the baby had something in common it seemed, they were far to use to the rambling to really pay any attention to it.

"Still, don't you have some more onigiri or something stock piled in the fridge?" Zoro sighed.

Sanji shook his head, pinching at the bridge of his nose with a sigh. "No, I don't, you keep fucking eating everything as midnight snacks. The hell, Marimo?"

Then, the room seemed to go silent, besides the slight babbling from their baby and sound of water boiling. Sanji had just realized what he had said, and so had Chopper glancing up at him with slight interest.

"In fact… You've been eating a lot lately." He lowered his eyes, concentration settling in on his expression.

His eyes moved and met Chopper's, who's now were shocked. He was thinking the same thing. Zoro, however cleared his throat, not sure exactly what they were getting at.

"For muscle mass asshole." He growled out in his defense.

There was an awkward smile playing at Sanji's lips as he looked back up at Zoro's face, almost mischievously. Chopper stepped back, looking up at Zoro's face as well, then scanning down his frame.

The swordsman wasn't appreciating those looks at him, like he was some piece of meat on display. He held Satoru a little closer and turned away. What the hell were they getting at? So what if his diet had changed along with his training routine? Unless they thought that meant… Oh hell no.

"Oi, Cook, I fucking swear-"

"Pee in a cup, Marimo." Sanji smirked at him, reaching over and taking Satoru out of his arms.

"Dammit cook! I ain't peeing in some cup."

Chopper shook his head. "It has been a while since you've had a checkup Zoro..."

"Daddy's gonna go pee in a cup." Sanji teased, shaking Satoru's foot a little as he stared fondly at his face. "Isn't that right Daddy?"

Zoro let out a soft snarl. Really, they were going to play like this? "I fucking swear cook. You piss me off so much."

"Mhm." Sanji hummed, tucking a bit of Satoru's marimo hair out of his face. "Love you too."

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