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Chapter 1: Ivory

"You are a monster…"

He wondered how long he had been sleeping. Slowly, he opened his eyes, but the light filtering into his eyelids made him winced. He tried to recall the events leading to this, but his mind was completely blank.


Almost immediately, a sharp shatter was heard and the blur figure beside him screamed, possibly in horror, as the figure ran out of the room in exaggeration.

"H-He… He's awake!" His ears perked up as he gradually got used to the audibility of the surrounding. The painful light had begun to turn to objects.

Fan…. Light… Ceiling…

The male barely scanned around the austere room with his hazy eyes. It seemed to be similar to a ward of some sort, he thought.

"Can you see me?"

The quirky voice interrupted his train of thoughts as he turned abruptly. Then, his azure eyes travelled slowly to the source of voice.

"Yes." The male replied without any change in his blank expression.

"Can you move your arms and legs?"

The man momentarily paused, and then raised his arms awkwardly as he flexed his fingers with ease. Upon that, the man in white seemed to be relieved, releasing the breath he had unconsciously held onto. "Great..."

"Do you know who I am?" Blue orbs stared dead into the face of the bespectacled man. It was now or never; he seems to know something, he thought. It felt empty to be unaware of everything.

The latter man instantly stilled, seemingly rather surprised by his sudden question. Yet, he regained his calm composure just as quickly.

"A-ah, your name is Heiwajima Shizuo." He revealed a forced smile, as if trying to reassure the curious male.

"Heiwajima Shizuo…?"Azure eyes narrowed in suspicion, as the blonde repeated it uneasily.

"Yes, Heiwajima Shizuo." The white collared man reiterated nervously as he clamped his hands together unconsciously. He could almost sense the uncomfort lingering in the air.

There was a brief silence.

"All right then, what am I here for, Mr… Kishitani?" His sight fell upon the name tag on the achromatic coat.

Shinra Kishitani…

Doesn't ring a bell, he thought.

"Put this on, Shizuo. We don't have much time. I'll be outside." Shinra passed the blonde a suit, before leaving the room. The man growled inwardly when his question was completely ignored.

His first gaze upon the outfit didn't take too long to register and he quickly got off the bed to rid his heavily sanitized hospital robes.

Classy, he thought, as he slipped on the shirt and pants that were like his second skin. The vest came on soon and he was still having doubts of dressing like a bartender, despite looking remarkably handsome in it.

Not that he would admit it himself.

The blonde proceed to exit the room, greeted by the doctor who seemed relatively shorter than he saw moments ago.

Different perspective, I suppose, he thought.

"Let's not forget about the finishing touches." The doctor held up the accessory cheerily as he neatly strapped it onto the blonde's collar.

"A bow? What exactly is all this for?" The male's brows knitted in confusion, as he pointed to his formal attire. He couldn't help but wonder if he was honestly a bartender previously.

The doctor merely smirked, "Nothing much, just preparing you to be a prey."

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