Will Graham sipped at his cup of coffee. He had waited too long for it to cool and, now, it was only just lukewarm. He had been busy thinking. It was exactly three years since Hannibal and Moriarty's escape. They never heard from them since; they were never found.

Everyone was doing okay, though. Mycroft had managed to adopt Abigail Hobbs. They lived together, solving or exacerbating the world's problems one at a time. She was apparently really interested in politics, and wanted to run for a post some time in the near future.

Jack and Lestrade had set up a private investigation squad together. Because of their reputation, they got a lot of business. It was slow to start with, thanks to Freddie Lounds and Kitty Riley publishing the story of the great escape. It did pick up, though, and they'd found all sorts of wonderful people to help them with investigations. Sherlock and Will were still drafted in most of the time. They were considered the elite members of the squad.

After all this time, Will had never really come to terms with what Hannibal had done. There was no easy way to recover from something like that. He doubted he ever would, but it didn't matter anymore. There was something in his life that made it easier to forget...

'Morning, hotlips.' Molly giggled as Will wrapped his arms round her waist.

'Morning.' he kissed her gingerly on the cheek, and she returned with a quick peck on the lips. It wasn't long before they'd leant into a much more fiery embrace. Molly pulled away first, keeping her forehead next to his. His breath danced on her face.

'I love you.' she whispered, smiling.

'I love you too.' Gently, he rested a hand on her stomach. 'And I love him.'

Molly pulled back completely, grinning.

'It might be a her!' Will smiled back.

'What should we call him...or her?'

Molly sat back on the bed.

'Ooh, good question.' Will sat beside her. She rested her head on his shoulder.

'I like Willy for a boy.' Molly moved her head to look at him in disbelief.

'Willy?' she laughed.

'Why not?'

'I am not letting you call our child Willy!' she picked up a pillow and hit him lightly on the side.

'What was that for?' he asked, his offended tone breaking under his chuckles.

'For being an idiot!' she hit him again. This time, he picked up a pillow and hit her back. Soon, they were rolling everywhere, laughing hysterically. They collapsed together, breathlessly.

Molly reached out for Will's hand. He held it.

'Lie here with me today.' he kissed her knuckles.

'Everyday. Forever.'