"It's hard for me to say… probably ever harder for you hear… If you want to hurt me after go ahead…"

"Mike! There is nothing you could say that could make me hurt you!" Lucy said hugging him.

"You're wrong! 100% wrong!"

"Not a thing Mike!" Lucy said annoyed.

"…Lucy I found out what happened to the girl I umm slept with…"

"Is she ok?"

"I don't know but… she is pregnant."

"Oh god!"

"I don't know what do to!"

"Have you told her?"

"… I am telling you first."


"There is more…"

"Really?" Lucy said curious.

"She was completely drunk…"


"She wobbled up to me; she was weak and easily able to be taken advantage of… She fell over; her face buried in my chest. Her legs were spread and wobbly. She looked up to me drunk, but blushing. Her eyes were so beautiful. It wasn't too long before it was only me keeping her on her own two feet. She said was scared… and wet…"


"She said she was scared she would die alone unloved. She asked me to show her some love… I told I couldn't, but she hugged me anyway. I hugged her back and that seemed to be enough."

"That's really sweet Mike."

"She was… I think subconsciously rubbing her area against mine. It was awkward but arousing at the same time."

"So you got boner?"

"Worse she noticed. She looked at then my face. She asked if I was thinking about my girlfriend… she started smiling. I took her into another room before she caused a scene… since Abbey and Daisy were walking towards us. I laid her down on the bed. She curled up smiling. But I could she her wet area… I was curious I touched it with my hand. It felt… well she didn't seem to notice. I got more curious and started…"

"You rubbed areas together?"

"I didn't…"

"Not sex but I get the idea. Keep going…"

"I thought it was feeling more and more moist. I got further curious. This time she moved not moving me but looked at me. She blushed a dark red. She laid back her knees in the air, but not blocking my view. She asked me what I wanted to…"


"Well…" he sighed. "I spread her legs and then we had sex…"


"I think she enjoyed… she moaned a lot and I heard screaming sound… I wasn't planning on you knowing in her… but I got too caught up and did. I went into the bathroom… then I left scared…"

"Oh my god… Mike…"

"I have felt awful ever since…"

"…" Lucy's ears drooped.

"I have seen her and talked to her but never told her the truth…"

"Are you going to?"




"Mike, you want me to go with you?" Lucy said placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You would do that for me?"

"Of course."

"Lucy!" Mike grabbed her by the shoulders staring into her eyes. "I took advantage of a girl and got her pregnant! I fucked up BADLY! Worse I could tell during the sex… she was hurting… she was… tight…"
"Oh…. Ok?"

"God damn it!"

"What is it Mike?"

"I am the father of your child!"