The Portal to A new World

MePhone4 was sitting on the ground, very bored. He stared at all of his contestants, who were all playing together. He sighed, they looked like they were having fun. He sent Toilet to get some more 'wires', so he was alone. He had no idea what challeng to do next. He got up and moved closer to the group, and sat down five feet away from them.

" Hey Knife, how about you play truth or dare with them." Trophy said, grinning at Knife. Knife didn't want to play, but he had to. He promised to do everything Trophy said. "Fine." Knife said, sitting down in the 'truth or dare circle' with Paintbrush, Cheese, Salt, Pepper, and OJ.

"I want to go first!" Shouted Salt. She looked at everyone, and stopped at OJ. She grinned at him and said, "OJ, truth or dare?" OJ looked nervous, and looked at everyone. "Truth." he said, hoping that Salt wasn't too crazy. "OJ, do you like me?" she said innocently. "Ooohh" everyone else said. OJ looked around for a distraction. He did, in fact, like Salt.

MePhone4 smiled. This was good. But, OJ pointed to something and said, "Whats that?" They all looked at what he was pointing to.

There was a blue portal in the ground. Everyone gathered over. Where did it come from and where would it lead? Trophy looked at Knife and said, "Knife, you should see where it leads first." Knife sighed and put his hand in the portal. It was cold, and Trophy pushed Knife in.

Knife woke up and looked around. The walls were grey and made of metal. He weakly got up and saw everyone else was still unconscious. But, wait, was he seeing things straight? He saw a fire with arms and legs, and other objects he didn't know.