Fairytale Illusions

A/N: This is the English translation of my Japanese translation of Ten-Faced's Grimm's Tales.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. Satoshi Tajiri does.

Prologue: Grimm's Tales


The angelic girl smiles at him, promising happiness, promising a world without pain, when there is no way that that could happen. The angelic girl promises him a world without sadness when there is no realism to that illusion.

He knows the world as it truly is. He knows the world that is filled only with broken dreams, unfulfilled dreams. He knows the world that is filled with hate, malice, greed, fear, sin. Sin.

And in this world, he knows that an illusion filled with only joy could never exist.

It is not only he that knows; she knows as well. She knows. And yet, she promises him,

"I will save you."

And if she is the one to say that, he will believe. He will believe that the forest of fantasies and lies that she tells of does exist. He will believe, for he will sacrifice everything if he can be with her.

She knows that, and still says her fairytales. Knowing that such a world does not exist.

And then he, in turn, knows that she knows, and still believes her fairytales. Knowing that such a world does not exist.

To this day, the fallen angel and the demon's child, both seeking a sanctuary to hide within, continue to come as close to each other as to almost touch –

And then pass each other by.


Author's Note: Hopefully this is quite different from the Ten-Faced's original Grimm's Tales. It would be horrifying for me to plagiarize the work of the person who requested the English version!

On a brighter (not really) note, this was probably the darkest (and shortest) fic I've written so far.

This will be a collection of parodies on famous fairytales, using my favorite pairings. The first will be a Soulsilvershipping parody on Little Red Riding Hood.

Thanks for reading!

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