Note: in this FanFic, Blue's the girl and Green's the boy as according to the Japanese version of the Manga. Expect teases for both SpecialShipping and LuckyShipping in this story.

They were weak, yes, but the white figure knew that humans were similar to Rattata: easy to find, easy to kill, but they tended to be around in groups. The white figure withdrew its sword into its body for its left hand, then it grabbed a nearby female human that was quickly identified as a civilian, a human that wasn't a Pokémon Trainer, and it finally asked her, "I need information and you will provide it. Where can I find her parents and more human settlements?"

"You must mean Blue?! Her parents live in the Sevii Islands area! Please, don't-!" the civilian said before the figure's right hand withdrew for some sort of weirdly-designed gun attached to its body and it fired a holocaust-purple laser through the civilian's head, killing her and not giving her the opportunity to finish her sentence.

The figure looked at the town burning around it, the sign at the entrance still standing and saying, "Welcome to Mahogany Town." It ignores the sole human behind it and leaves after dropping the dead civilian onto the ground. The human, a boy with red hair, saw that the figure did not spare a single inhabitant of the town. Even now he was considering avoiding it, but the last human killed had given the figure critical information that could threaten Blue's life. He followed the figure out of town, flying after it on his Honchkrow after the figure transformed into a bird-like form and took to the skies.

Meanwhile, Red had just gotten an important package for Blue's parents from an individual who called himself 'Looker' since he didn't reveal his true name at all in the Pokemon center on Fortune Island. According to him, the package contained something very important to them and since Red is a close friend of her, Looker had asked him to deliver the package to her parents and he accepted. Before leaving, Looker said to Red to not open the box under any circumstances whatsoever.

It had taken him a few minutes plus the ten minutes of waiting on the Seagallop ferry to reach the island where Blue's parents were living. Once he delivered the package he wandered around the island for a few minutes before he saw a familiar face. It was Yellow, but today, instead of her usual outfit she wore a sundress that was the same color as her name, showed her figure and made her look attractive.

"Hello, Red." Yellow said to him.

"Hello, Yellow. I delivered a package to Blue's parents earlier, so I'm just wandering around for now." he said.

"Alright. I wonder if Team Rocket will stay down and not cause any trouble this time."

"I can understand why you ask that, but please listen, Yellow. There are always going to be people who want to exploit, steal, and make money off of Pokemon. By taking out Team Rocket, we have only made it harder for those people to succeed without attracting unwanted attention. I am sure that there is always going to be people like Giovanni and Sird out there, making the lives of trainers miserable."

"You're right, Red. It will take time for everyone to realize that Pokemon should be treated with kindness and respect. Maybe sometime in the future, this idea can become true and all will-."

Red suddenly saw something coming for the island. It was a white bird-like figure. Then he saw that Silver was pursuing it on his Honchkrow. Just before the bird-like figure was about to slam into Red and Yellow, it stopped and transformed into a humanoid form. It quickly withdrew its left hand into its body for a sword before it dashed for a nearby civilian, stabbing and killing him quickly. It saw that several other civilians were looking at it.

"What is that thing?" "Murderer!" "How could that happen?!" were amongst the responses from the civilians to the figure killing one of them.

The figure then said, "You pathetic humans are weak. Your race is unfit to live alongside Pokemon. I am Skeith, the Ethereal of Death. Along with three other Ethereals, I have decided that mankind deserves to be wiped off the face of the Pokemon World! Therefore, all of you must die!"

Skeith withdrew his right hand for the laser and fired, killing seven civilians before anyone could react while Silver got off his Honchkrow and sent out his Feraligatr.

"Feraligatr, use Hydro Cannon!" Silver said.

Feraligatr fired its Hydro Cannon attack at Skeith, but he simply dodged it and countered with a Guillotine attack which instantly knocked it out. Before Silver could react, Skeith immediately kicked him before stabbing him with his sword. After pulling the sword out, Silver gets up, but had a hard time breathing.

"You. . . really should. . . aim better. You only. . . punctured a lung." Silver said before passing out.

Red managed to get Silver's Feraligatr into its Poke ball before Skeith fires a laser at him, it barely missing his head. Yellow then gets to Silver and she said, "He isn't going to last very long without medical attention!"

"Take Silver and get to a hospital, Yellow. I'll hold off Skeith." Red said to Yellow.

As Yellow carried an unconscious Silver away, Red sent out all of his Pokemon and had them attack Skeith any way that they could. The problem, however, was that Skeith dodged every attack and didn't bother countering. Instead, he was ignoring Red and going straight for the civilians. His gun fired holocaust-purple lasers that killed anyone who got hit by one while those who weren't hit were either stabbed or decapitated by Skeith's sword. Finally Skeith decided that there was no more time to play games and unleashed a Sheer Cold attack that knocked out all of Red's Pokemon before he stabbed the trainer. Like Silver, Red got up after the sword was pulled out and had a hard time breathing and revealed that the Ethereal had punctured a lung instead of piercing the heart before passing out from the injuries, but before he passed out, Red was able to withdraw his defeated Pokemon.

Blue's parents heard what was going outside and, unfortunately, saw Skeith coming right for them when they opened the door to their home. The mother was quickly hit by a laser in the head and died instantly while the father was grabbed by Skeith, having withdrew the gun for his right hand.

"You. . . You. . . Your very existence sickens me, human! DIE!" Skeith yelled.

Blue was on her way back home from a visit to Bill back in the Kanto region when she heard lasers being fired. She immediately ran towards where the laser shots came from. Unfortunately for her, when she arrived, it was already too late. Dead civilians were scattered around and she saw a white humanoid figure holding her father in its right hand in front of her home. She ran up to it as she heard it say to her father, "You. . . You. . . Your very existence sickens me, human! DIE!" She saw the figure had a sword where the left hand should have been and saw the figure pierce her father's heart with that sword.

"Oh, did I just kill someone you loved, little female human?! That's right, I did that!" it said in a taunting manner before pointing to the dead body of Blue's mother.

Blue required a few seconds to figure out what had happened before she said in an angry tone, "You're a monster, a completely heartless monster! You attacked and murdered defenseless people, killed my parents, and above all else INSULTED MANKIND! I'LL DESTROY YOU FOR THIS!"

"So you've gotten some courage to avenge this pathetic town now, eh? Well, to me, you are just as equally worthless as the meat-sacks that I, Skeith, have killed earlier. And besides that, congratulations, female human, you get to die by my hands as a hero now."

Suddenly Skeith's sword became engulfed in flames as he slashed up her home and burned it and the other buildings of the town to the ground after slashing them up. Once the last building burned, Skeith finally dashed to Blue and made a vertical slash in her direction.

Blue's clothes caught fire and she immediately dropped to the ground and rolled to extinguish the flames. Her shirt had been slightly burned and her skirt had suffered the same situation. Skeith was about to stab her when he got hit by a Thunderbolt that came out of nowhere. Blue turned to her right and saw Yellow and her Pikachu, both of them looking ticked off.

"It seems that I have wasted too much time here. I'm leaving." Skeith said before he transformed into a bird-like form and fled into the skies.

Yellow ran up to Blue and said, "You got lucky I came just when that Ethereal was about to stab you. You might not have made it if I was late."

"You're right. Just what was that thing anyway, that Ethereal?" Blue said to Yellow

"It called itself Skeith and had killed everyone here except for Red, you, Silver, and I. It claimed that mankind was not fit to live alongside humans and that humanity deserves to be erased from the entire Pokemon world."

"Red and Silver are here?"

"Yes, However, both of them are seriously injured from Skeith's actions. Red is over here."

Yellow took Blue over to Red. True to her word, Red was unconscious and when Blue checked his pulse, it was there, but it was weak.

"We need to get him to a hospital!" Blue exclaimed.

Blue and Yellow managed to get Red to the hospital. Once there, he was put on life support and both girls discussed their next course of action. It was decided that Blue would pursue Skeith while Yellow continued to watch over Red and Silver as they recovered.

Name: Skeith

Species: Ethereal

Age: Unknown

Description: One of the Four Ethereals of the Pokepocalypse, Skeith is the Ethereal of Death. Although nothing is known about him, he is widely believed to be the strongest of them all, only matched by the Ethereal of War, Omega.

Group: The Four Ethereals of the Pokepocalypse

Members: Skeith, Omega, Aku, Diseaser

Description: A mysterious group that has declared war on humanity. They represent and act as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Pokemon world.

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