"You sure you want to do this?" asked Sharon

"Yeah I'm sure I love you and you love me...so why shouldn't we..." said Steve fading off blushing

She always found it cute how her boyfriend Captain Steve Rogers was so sweet and innocent...

"Ok, then come on." she said takeing his hand

He let her lead him to her bedroom, she shut the door and the curtain, she found him sitting at the end of the bed, Sharon walked over and sat next to him...he gave her a shy smile, she smiled back. Sharon kissed him gently on the lips,he returned the kiss which only lasted of last less then a few seconds, they pulled apart rubbing noses,then kissed more passionately that time, Sharon let out a moan from the spark she was feeling just from the kiss...Sharon straddled Steve, who just moved his hands down her back until he cupped her butt she gasped and pulled away, he held him hands up in defense.

"Sorry sorry...always wanted to do that." he said blushing

"No keep doing that it felt good." she said

They kissed again, Sharon took off his shirt and ran her hands down his chest making him groan...Steve took off Sharron shirt and nip her collar-bone, making her squirm on top of him, he moaned a little loud...Sharron realized why when she felt him...she turned him on she could feel his package...and it's wasn't a disappointment...the serum really 'enhanced' him in more ways then one...Sharron felt Steve kiss down her chest then her bra fell to the ground with there shirts...for a virgin he sure seems to know what he's doing?

"S-Steve baby?"

"Hmm." he said bearing his face into her boobs

"How did you know...oh god...to take my bra off?"

"It's just a clasp...not that hard." he said before taking one of her hard nipples in her mouth

"Ok..for...for a minute I thought...ohhh...you weren't a virgin."

"Why just because I knew how to take your bra off?" he said looking at her eye to eye now

"That and you know were I'm sensitive."

"Lucky guess." he said with a smirk

"You better not be lying to me."

"Why would I do that...Sharon I really am a virgin but it doesn't mean I've never kissed or made out with a girl." said Steve before going back to her boobs

"oh...oh...sooo that's how you know what your doing..." groaned Sharon

"Mhmmm." said Steve flipping them so she was know lying down on the bed with his face still in her boobs

He kissed down her belly making her moan...he then looked up at her when her fingers touched her sweats...she nodded...he pulled off her sweats and her underwear in one pull...he looked Sharron up and down with a look of pure love on his face...Sharon felt like covering up...


"Huh?" he said still looking at her

"Stop staring."

"Ok." he said still looking at her up and down

"I meant now."

"Oh sorry." he said snapping out of it "My bad."

"It's ok." said Sharon

Steve kissed right under her belly button, and looked up at her...

"Wanna tell me what to do? Cuz I'm not sure now."

"Ok touch me."

He stared into her eyes as he moved his hand down between her legs. His inexperienced fingers ghosted over her sensitized flesh as she trembled beneath his slight when Steve's index finger found its way to the tiny bundle of nerves, making her jump slightly beneath him. He quickly removed his hand,

"Did I hurt you?"

"You just touched my clit."


"Yeah one of the many sweet spots women have, almost like a head of a guys penis."

"Oh...do you wish for me to keep-"

"Yes." she said

He nodded then gently pressed his thumb against her

"Good…now massage it in slow and gentle circles."

Steve nodded and continued to do so making Sharon whimper under his fingers, Sharon keep rocking against his hand, she reached up and touched her nipples and then she felt something warm and wet on her….it was Steve tongue she black out.

"Sharon…sharon can you hear me?"

"Hm yeah…."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah…you just surprised me and it pushed me over the edge…what made you use your tongue?"

"I thought if you liked my fingers so much perhaps…."

"Well you were right." She said before kissing him deeply

She looked down at him doing so before smirking evilly at him


Sharon flipped him over and straddled him, "Now…your turn solider."

Sharon got down on her knee and looked at him when she started to undo his belt, he watched her, she undid his jeans and grabbed his boxers then looked at him. He nodded,Sharon looked down and could see his package pulling at his boxers, she smirked and pulled them down that smirk disappeared when she saw him...whoa...It was thick, generous in length with a perfect mushroom head and a slight curve upwards...he differently needed a magnum...

"You told me not to stare." huffed Steve

She smirked and then grabbed him his eyes widened he jumped a bit, she laughed then licked the tip...then the most sensetive part of him...she heard him make a sound like she never heard before out of him...so she did it again and was met with the same one...which turned her on alot...Sharon let out a breath which hit Steve's wet tip he let out the most wonderful sound ever...

"Steve do you like that?"

"Mhmmm." he whimpered loudly

"Want me to do it again?" she asked with a smirk

"Oh please..." moaned Steve

Sharon did it again earning the same response and he twitch a little, Sharon put him in her mouth all the way on him as much as she could fit him, moving her head up and down slowly and careful, using her tongue to lick his silt, Sharon could see Steve muscle straining he was holding back on doing something. Sharon could see Steve was close so she used one of her hands to get the part that couldn't fit in her mouth, making Steve groan and squirm with pleasure...she used the other hand to cup his balls she put a little pressure on them, he was done cumming into her mouth, with a loud shout of her name. Sharon sucked him until she got every last drop, then she kissed up and kissed his lips...

"You ok?" asked Sharon

Steve nodded still coming down from the high, Sharon smiled and kissed him again snuggling into his shoulder giving it little nips and kisses...

"Sharon..." said Steve

"Hey your back."

"Ha ha very funny, you ready?"

"Oh I've been ready, but you're bigger than anyone I've been with so lets take it slowly ok?"

"Ok." sighed Steve

"Were going to start off reserve cowgirl sense you're so thick and then doggy styles sense of your length."


"Let me guess you don't know what those mean?"

"Yeah." said Steve blushing

"Ok reserve cowgirl I'm on top accept I'm facing away from you so you'll see my ass..."

"Hmmm." said Steve with a smirk

"I knew you were an ass man."

"No..." said Steve "I like these to." said Steve cupping her boobs

Sharon pulled away moaning

"Ok ok and the doggy styles you're on top and I'm on all fours."

"Got it..."

"Ok do you know how to put this on?" asked Sharon holding a condom

"Yeah." said Steve

"Ok then here."

Steve put it on and let Sharon climb on top of him, she slowing got the head in she winced.

"Sharon we don't have to if I'm going to hurt you."

"I just need to adjust that's all. "said Sharon going down a little moan

Steve moaned, she did Sharon once he was all in.

"Ok, go." said Sharon is whispered breath

Steve started thrusting slowly, Sharon moaned he was hitting her g spot, but it was a little uncompterable from his length. She moved down on her all fours and moaned loudly...so much better...so good...

"Steve faster." she gasped

Steve didn't argue he just went faster both of them moaning and groaning...


"Me too." moaned Sharon

After she finished saying that her walls squeeze around Steve as she came bringing Steve with her...they both collapsed on the bed...

"Hmmmm so that's sex?"

"Mhmmm." sighed Sharon "So...again?"

"Yes." said Steve before pulling the covers over their heads making her laugh

I am very sorry this happened, when I published this I was on medicine that clouded my judgement, I did not realize what I did. Once I finish a story I do not go back to it, but yesturday I was feeling down and wanted to read some old happy comments. I found these ones, and I thank yous for telling me about them. Once again I am very sorry. If you see anymore of my stories like this please contact me. -Kats