"Steve I'm home!" yelled Sharron coming into there floor in Avenger Tower


Sharron smiled and walked into the bedroom not expected to see what she saw, candles and rose petals everywhere.

"Surprise." said Steve with a shy smile

"What's all this?"

"I wanted to make this special of us but it's ok if you don't want this." said Steve

"Wait are you asking me to...you sure your ready?"

"Yes I'm sure been thinking bout this for a while now and I'm sure."

"I have to say this is very nice." said Sharron looking around

"No guy has ever done this for me my first time was in the back of my dad's pick up when I was a drunk 17 year old."

"Really?" asked Steve looking at her

"Yeah I don't remember it but I will differently remember my second time."


"Your going to be the only second guy I slept with."

"Really?" asked Steve eye wide

"Mhmm." walking over to him then kissed him

Sharron pushed Steve down onto the bed and stralled him.

"Umm Sharron?"


"Can we take it slow?"

"Ok no probelem." said Sharron kissing him

Sharron slipped off his shirt and pushed down on his abs, Steve let out a straggled moan with wide eyes, Sharron has done that to his before and always gets the same respones..which is Steve trying to remain and gentlemen and hold in a moan or groan. Sharron sighed she was going to have to try something else to get this soldier to crack. Sharron settle herself right ontop of Steve's groin with her now warm growing center. She rolled her hips over and over again getting the same response. Sharron was getting mad, I mean she wants to hear he boyfriend groan or moan her name not a mmmm sound.

"Steve baby I want to hear you moan don't hold it in."

With the next hip roll he moan loudly her name and grabbed her hips to hold her in place

"S-S-Shar-Sharron." gasped Steve

Sharron slipped off her shirt Steve eyes widened when he saw her boobs held in by a red lacey bra, Sharron gasped loudly, Steve looked up from her boobs.


"We're you always this 'enhanced'?" asked Sharron

Steve blushed brightly

"Steve answer please?" asked Sharron rolling her hips

"Yes." gasped Steve

"After the serum?"

"I got a bit bigger." groaned Steve when Sharron pushed her now warm and wet womanhood down he could feel it threw her panties.

Sharron unbuckled Steve pants and undid them button and zipper, she looked up and him, Steve nodded Sharron pulled them down to be met with his long big dick standing striaght and tall. Sharron was shocked; guess Steve wasn't wearing underwear today.

"Did you plan not wearing underwear today?"

"Never do." gasped Steve when Sharron grabbed him

"You go commando?"

Steve nodded eyes closed mouth open, Sharron slipped off her skirt and panties also her bra, she couldn't take it anymore.

"You ready?"

"Condom." said Steve

"I'm on a pill so were good."


"I'm wet enough trust me." said Sharron stralleding him

"You ready to lose your virginity?"

Steve nodded Sharron slide down onto him moaning loudly, he gripped her hips when she began to ride him, he then flipped them making Sharron gasp she never imagined that Steve would want to take control and go very rough.

"Faster." moaned Sharron

Steve went faster and his thrust where harder to making Sharron moan louder and scream his name when he trusted into her g-spot, the bed was jumping up and down hitting the wall but neither of them noticed but the rest of the avengers did.

"Whoa...who knew Cap like it rough huh?" asked Tony

The rest of the team just glared at him and tried to ingore the loud noise from 3 floors above them. Sharron toes curled when she thrusted up to meet him,she couldn't take it anymore she rolled them back over.


Sharron cut Steve off with a kiss and rode him, Steve flipped them back over Sharron flipped them back again, Steve stopped thrusting Sharron groaned at the lost.

"What's...wrong?" breathed Sharron heavily

"Why do you have to be on top?"

"You always seem to hit my right stop when I'm on top."

"I like being on top I don't feel...manly when I'm on bottom."

"You have your naked girlfriend riding you and you don't feel manly?"

Steve nodded with a shurg, Sharron sighed and pushed her hand through her now messy hair, then she thought of something! She got off of Steve he looked upset a bit she got on all fours and looked at Steve.

"Doggy style really?"

Sharron turned at in shock at him, he was smirking and his hair was messy never like that ever.

"You know-"

"I may be from the 40s and I'm a 90 year old virgin but I'm not a idiot when it comes to sex." said Steve

"Fine you coming or what?"

"But I'm enjoying the view you have a very nice ass." said Steve

Sharron bit her lip and blushed deeply, Steve got in behind her and took her. She screamed his name loudly when he hit her g spot, louder than before when he thrusted into her.

"You ok?"

"The reason I got into this style was because I get the best pleasure out of it?"

Steve sat to thrust slowly.

"I thought I was the second time you slept with someone though?"

"Yes but doesn't mean I new used toys." moaned Sharron gripping the sheets

"Why you naugthy girl." whispered Steve into Sharron's ear making her shiver

Sharron then climax just from him hitting her spot,talking her into her ear and nibbling her earlobe.

"Sharron did you just-"

"Shut up you did the right combo and won." said Sharron with a sigh

Steve chuckled and pulled out of her, Sharron was confused when he pulled her close and snuggled up to her.


"Hmm." said Steve kissing her skin

"You didn't-"

"I know."

"Why didn't you just let me-"

"Because I wanna ask you if we can do the style I like?"

"What's that Steve?"


"You know what-"

"Sharron again-"

"Right sorry, but seriously you like that?"

"Yeah it's my trigger."

"Really just that makes you go crazy?"

Steve nodded, Sharron smirked.

"Well I don't wanna 69 I just wanna suck you off is that ok?"

Steve nodded, Sharron kissed him then down his body, he moaned her name loudly when she kissed down his happy trail.


"Hmmm?" asked Steve who was very out of it right now sense most of his blood was downwards not near his brain

"What do you like?"

"Just do what you think I'll let you know."

Sharron's pov...

I slowly leaned down and brought my tongue to the base of Steve's dick and brought it back up all the way to the head. I felt Steve twitch as my tongue touched his dick for the first time. I continued to tease him this way, licking from base to tip, stopping to give his shaft wet, sloppy kisses. Looking up, I could see Steve with his eyes closed, his brows scrunching together, and his mouth slightly opened. I couldn't help but think he looked so…erotic.

I teased him for a little more like this, and then stopped and looked up at Steve until he made eye contact with me. Once he did, I leaned down again, keeping eye contact, and slowly circled my tongue around Steve's head. Steve let out a hiss that ended in a moan as my focus turned to the most sensitive part of his shaft.

I continued to circle my tongue around his head, dipping the tip of my tongue into his small hole. I continued to make eye contact with him as I slowly let Steve's head enter my mouth. Steve let out a loud moan that sent a throb throughout my body.

The throb reached down all the way until it reached in between my legs and I immediately began to let more of him enter my mouth. I started rocking back at forth slowly. Steve awarded me with more of his stuttering moans.

"Oh my…goodness…Sharron," Steve moaned out, his hands clutching the sheets.

"Yes?" I said, pulling back but started tugging on his shaft in a fast pace, Steve's lips made an 'o' shape as his brows scrunched in agony.

"S-so…good," He gasped.

"Do you want me to keep going?" I said breathily, watching as Steve nodded fervently.

I let a smile come to my face as I continued my slow pace of letting him in and out of my mouth, swirling and massaging my tongue underneath him.

"Oh my,Sharron, ah, so, mmnn, good," He gasped, his muscles bulged as he was obviously trying to hold back from doing whatever he was thinking.

I felt myself getting wet in between my legs, as I started moaning, never being so turned on from just sucking a guy's dick. I looked up to see Steve looking at me, moaning as I sucked his dick. He looked like he was in ecstasy, pink faced and adorable.

I began rocking my head back and forth faster, massaging harder my tongue against him. I suddenly felt Steve's hands grip the back of my head, his moaning becoming louder.

"S-Sharron," Steve moaned, "Slow down…have to…or I'll…I'll…"

But I didn't want to slow down. I wanted to keep pleasing Steve so I went at a faster pace. Steve moaning became louder. I wanted him to come in my mouth. I wanted to taste him.

Steve's hands tangled into my hair, incoherent pleads escaping his lips as his muscles clenched. I knew he was close so I started using my hand on the part of his shaft that didn't fit so I could please all of him. Steve's moans became constant and with a cry he emptied himself into my mouth. I swallowed it, tugging gently onto his shaft to make sure I got every drop, making his suddenly limp body twitch as he let out a whimper. I kissed my way but up and kissed his lips, he was still out of it but he gave a little kiss back.

"You okay?"

He nodded trying to come out of the clouds, I chuckled and snuggled into him.

Steve Povs...

Who knew a little advice from the guys could help me that much...I'll have to thank them later

Sharron and Steve slowly drifted off to sleep