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He couldn't believe she'd actually pulled the shit off as he looked at the paper's in his hand. Taking a long drag off his cigarette, Ed Peletier then clenched his jaw, starring at the papers before him, his temper rising by the second. The bitch had divorced him while he'd been in prison serving his sentence for domestic abuse, rape and assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon. He'd served his time giving him years to sit and plan and work the system to his advantage. He'd even been able to get out on early parole for good behavior, that and the fact that the prison was already overcrowded did help.

He'd made his way back to Gainesville, his hometown. The town he'd meet her during high school, married her after graduation, gave her a home to live in. He'd put food on their table, kept the bills paid, gave her what she needed, or what he thought she needed. But she couldn't listen, couldn't do anything right, couldn't keep her fucking mouth shut, hell, she couldn't even satisfy a man in bed. He'd made sure to put her in her place when she screwed up which was almost daily. She was a slow learner and often he wondered why he even kept her around. She wasn't anything to look at, a plain Jane with nothing going for her in looks. Skinny, small tits, chicken legs, but at least she had an ass which he had made sure to use.

Sitting down the road from the house under a tree, he flicked the butt of his cigarette out into the road and starred at the house. The car was gone and there was no movement. He would wait...wait to see when she would come back and then make his move. She would pay for what she'd done to him. Once he got done with her, no man would ever want her, he would make sure of it. Looking back down at the papers in his hand, he glared at them, mumbling under his breath, "Like a piece of paper is gonna keep me from you. You'll know pain tonight, that I promise, bitch."

The wind whipped through his short hair and Daryl Dixon accelerated the motorcycle, coming alongside his brother as they rode back towards town. They'd spent the better part of the morning making last minute adjustments to the '76 Harley Shovelhead he was now riding so they could sell to help cover rent for a few months and get some more food in the house. They'd picked it up months before when they'd been out doing some odd jobs and had talked the former owner into letting them re-roof his house in exchange for the bike. With all the work that the man had thought needed to be done to the bike, he'd eagerly accepted, thinking he was getting the better end of the deal. Unfortunately he didn't know he was dealing with the Dixon brothers, two men that knew their bikes and how to get them back up and running and usually with little expense to them.

Daryl had let his brother talk him into taking the finished bike out for a road test before they would list it for sale on Craig's List. Normally Daryl would be at work, but with the 4th of July holiday, they had the day off. Speeding up, Daryl motioned for them to pull over and slowed the bike down. Pulling off onto the side of the road, he shut the machine off and pulled a cigarette from his pocket. Lighting it, he got off and began to check the bike for any leaks.

Walking up to his brother, Merle Dixon wiped the sweat from his brow, his wife beater sticking to his skin, "Fuckin' hot as hell out here, lil' brother." Squatting down and watching Daryl, he sighed, "Ya make me late meeting Beth and I'll whip your ass, boy. You know I promised her I'd take her down to the river."

"Still got plenty of time," Daryl groused and stood back up. Pulling a rag from his back pocket, he wiped his hands off, his cigarette still sitting between his thin lips. Taking a drag, he then pulled it away, flicking the ashes, "Surprised her daddy's even letting her go after that stunt ya pulled last week."

Frowning, Merle shook his head, "That wasn't my fault, dickhead. If'n Lewis had done like I said ..."

"Wasn't his job to, now was it? Best get your shit together before that girl dumps your dumbass."

"Beth ain't gonna dump me. She's done said as much," he replied as he walked back towards his bike. "C'mon, let's get back. If'n we hurry we might have time for a cold one, my treat."

Taking one more drag, Daryl dropped the cigarette to the ground, stepping on it with his boot and then mounting the machine once more. Starting it up, it roared to life under him and he put up the kick stand. Both men eased back out onto the road and then took off, heading back towards Clayton.

Coming up over the hill, Daryl noticed the broken guardrail and what looked like tire tracks going off over the edge and down. He hadn't heard of any accidents in the area and knew the last time he'd traveled the highway it hadn't been damaged. Getting Merle's attention, they slowed and turned the bike's around, heading back to the spot. Circling back, he pulled over on the side, shutting off the bike and putting down the kickstand. Getting off, he walked over towards the damaged railing.

Frowning, Merle shut off his bike, looking around, "What the fuck, bro? Ain't ya never seen a busted rail before?"

"Wasn't like this the other night, asswipe." Moving close to the edge, Daryl narrowed his eyes, looking over the edge and down towards the bottom. Tree's littered the area, but didn't hide the wreck completely. Frowning, Daryl began to scan for a way down, "Get on your a car down there."

Getting off his own bike, Merle pulled his cell from his pocket, walking towards his brother, "Anyone we know?"

"Can't tell. I'm goin' down. Best get someone out here though," he said as he began to carefully pick his way down the embankment. Sliding some, Daryl got his footing once more, making his way down towards the wreck. When he reached the bottom, he noticed the drivers door open, but no one behind the wheel. Looking in, he stood up quickly, running around to the other side, "MERLE! GOT A WOMAN DOWN HERE!"

Coming around to the passenger side, Daryl tried the door but couldn't get it to open. Checking the back one, he pulled on it hard, barely able to get it to budge. His only choice was going in the drivers side. Going back around, he eased himself in the small space that was left from the impact. The woman was hunched over, her head resting against the dash and her left arm dangling down. Her face was covered in bruises, cuts and blood, her left eye swollen shut. A large gash still trickled blood on her cheekbone just below her eye.

Grimacing some at her injuries, he gently placed two fingers onto her neck, feeling for a pulse. Finding a slight pulse there, Daryl knew not try to move the woman. Glancing down, he could see her legs were pinned under the dash but he also noticed her shirt was torn and that there was faint bruising around her neck. He'd seen those same types of bruises before, many years ago every time he'd looked in the mirror. Breathing out, he shook his head, his voice barely above a whisper, "The hell happened to ya, woman?"

Coming down the embankment, Merle made his way to the driver's door, looking in at his brother and the woman, "She the only one?"

"Yeah, but she wasn't drivin'. Best look around out there see if ya see anyone else," Daryl said as he chose to stay with her.

Looking at the ground, Merle noticed footprints leading away from the car along with a few drops of blood. Narrowing his eyes and squatting down, he then looked off towards the ravine in the direction they were going, "Got a trail, lil' brother. Size of the prints tells me a man was drivin'. Might have tried to go for help."

"You call 911?" Daryl groused, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Yeah, they're on there way. I'm gonna see if I can't catch up with the driver. Stay with her," Merle said, standing and then taking off, following the tracks.

Turning back to the woman, Daryl sighed and then felt for a pulse again on the woman. Releaved she was still with him, he eyed her for a minute, hoping help would get there soon, "Got help a comin'. Just you hang in there, okay? You're gonna be just fine. Gonna get ya out of here."

Almost one and a half hours had passed and Daryl stood off to the side watching as fireman worked to get the woman out of the wreck. Merle had left almost a half hour ago, the trail of footprints he'd found coming to a dead end. Daryl had opted to stay though after giving his statement to make sure the woman got out. He watched as the fireman carefully extracted her frail looking body, placing her on the backboard. His eyes traveled down her body, taking note of the cuts and bruises along her legs and arms. Her clothes were torn and blood stained, but something had caught his eye. The buttons of her shirt were done wrong, as if someone had put it on in haste. Her jeans were also unbutton and unzipped and she wore no shoes, but her feet looked scuffed up. To him, it looked like someone had worked the woman over before the accident.

Moving out the way as they began to carry her up the embankment, following a few feet behind. Once they had her in the ambulance, he headed towards the bike, pulling the key from his pocket. Swinging his leg over, the ambulance pulled away, heading towards town and Daryl sat down on the bike, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it. Taking a long drag, he exhaled heavily, his eyes staying on the ambulance til it was out of sight.