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Daryl sat in the chair beside the bed as Carol fed the baby it's first bottle, his phone in hand and texting Merle the new room number. It had been almost an hour and a half since the baby had made it's appearance into the world and Daryl still couldn't believe he was a father now. Standing up and slipping his phone into his pocket, he stretched and smirked as Carol looked up at him.

"Merle and Beth are on their way up. Ya sure you're up for company?" he asked softly, noticing the baby's eyes were now closed.

"Yeah, I'm sure," she said, setting the small bottle of formula aside so she could burp the infant.

A few minutes later a soft knock came to the door and Beth's head peaked in and smiled before she looked back and she and Merle came into the room. Carrying a vase of colorful flowers, Beth set it onto the bedside table and turned back to Carol as she cradled the baby back into her arms.

Tears rimmed Beth's eyes as she looked on and Merle came to her side, "So tiny..."

Smirking, Merle nodded, "Didn't expect it ta be full grown now did ya, darlin?" Nodding his head, he gave Carol a wink, "Done good there, mouse...real good."

"Thanks, Merle," Carol smiled as she gaze at her baby.

"So...what name did y'all pick out?" Beth asked, bouncing slightly as she stood there.

Taking his seat back on the bed beside Carol where he had been before she fed the baby, Daryl looked at his wife, "Ya wanna tell them?"

Carol gave him a single nod and pushed the baby blanket back from the baby's face some so they could get a better look, "Well, we both came up with names...and we decided to combine our favorite two. So...Wyatt Alexander Dixon."

Merle rested his arm over Beth's shoulder's, smiling and shook his head, "Damn fine name there if'n I do say so myself." Looking at his brother as Daryl's eyes stayed on the child, he added, "Let me guess...Daryl picked out Wyatt?"

Daryl looked up at his brother, their eyes meeting and giving him a slight nod. Merle knew why he had chosen that particular name. It had been agreed by the brothers long ago if either one of them ever did have kids, the first son would have the name of Wyatt...after their grandfather, Norman Wyatt Dixon.

"Would you like to hold him?" Carol asked Beth, looking up at the young woman.

"Yeah..." Beth said softly, leaning down and gently taking the baby into her arms and holding him close. Admiring his tiny features, she breathed out, "He's so beautiful."

"Handsome...boy's are handsome, darlin'. Beautiful is for ya women," Merle said, pulling up one of the other chairs and taking a seat. "So when can y'all bring him home?"

Daryl wrapped his arm's around Carol, letting her lean against him, "Doc said if everything goes okay tonight, then they can come home tomorrow. Will need ya ta bring the car seat up here in the mornin'."

"I can do that," Beth said, lifting her sights to Daryl and then looked over at Merle. "Remember, you got that guy bringing his bike first thing in the morning?"

"Shit...yeah I do."

Beth looked back at Carol and Daryl and smiled, "I'll bring it on my way in to work. Did either of you need anything else?"

Shaking her head, Carol released a deep breath, her eyes heavy from lack of sleep and exhaustion from the labor, "No. I think I got everything else we needed in the bag we brought. Thank you though, Beth."

Seeing how tired Carol looked, Merle stood up and cleared his throat, "Bethie...we best be goin' and let them get some rest." He watched as she carefully gave the baby back to Carol and then looked at his brother, "Ya take good care of ya family now, boy. I got the shop."

Daryl nodded once, his eyes going to Carol and Wyatt and then back to Merle, "I'll call when we're on our way home tomorrow."

"Do that." Giving Carol smile, Merle smirked, "Have ta start thinkin' of givin' that boy there a brother here soon, mouse. Gotta have someone ta blame shit on later down the road."

"Yeah, is that right?" she asked with a smile of her own. "Is that what you did with Daryl? Blamed everything on him?"

"Course not," Merle laughed, giving her a wink, "I owned up ta my shit...just gave him shit for not doin' it first."

The four laughed and Merle and Beth said their goodbye's leaving them. When the room grew quiet once more, Carol leaned her head back onto Daryl's shoulder, "You haven't held him yet."

Taking in a deep breath, Daryl released it slowly and sighed, "Yeah. Thought ya need ta do your thing with him for I did."

Picking her head up off his shoulder, Carol adjusted herself some, turning slightly in the bed, "Hold your arm's out, Daryl. You need to hold him too. He's your son."

Daryl watched as Carol placed the baby into his arms, his hands shaking slightly. He had never held a living breathing baby before. The babies they had used in Lamaze class had been baby dolls and weighted nothing like his son. They had been lighter and didn't make sounds. The baby grunted slightly at being transferred between his parents and scrunched his face up for a few seconds before relaxing again and continuing to slumber. Carol adjusted his arms and then smiled at him, whispering, "Hold him close to your chest...so he can hear your heart beat. It'll help sooth him."

Daryl couldn't seem to take his eyes off Wyatt as he laid sleeping in his arms. He could see he had Carol's nose, and hair color and mouth. Swallowing, he raised his brow, "He look's like ya."

Carol smiled and gazed at her son, "That's a good thing. Let's just hope his hair isn't as curly as mine usta be. It was always a hassle to have to brush out and fix." Carol sat back, yawning and sighed, "You think you're okay with him for a little bit?"

"Yeah. I got 'em." Looking at her, he could see how tired she was, "Get ya some rest, woman. Me and Wyatt will keep each other company."

Carol nodded and let her sights fall back onto the infant, "Wake me if he starts fussing."

"'Kay," he said softly. Sitting up some, he leaned over to her, giving Carol a soft kiss and whispering, "Love ya."

"Love you too," she said, and then yawned again. Settling back against her pillow, Carol finally let her eyes close, knowing Daryl would take good care of Wyatt. She felt as Daryl got up and cracked her eyes open, finding him walking slowly and staring down at Wyatt. A small smile formed and Carol closed her eyes back. She finally had everything she could ever hope for...a wonderful husband that loved her and now a son.

3 Years Later

Daryl walked down the hallway with Wyatt riding on his hip and Merle on his other side with a goofy grin of his own. The last three years had almost few by them. The business had grown by leaps and bounds to the point they had to expand and hire on a crew to help out. Their clientele had also grown as well, many of which came from neighboring states just to have their bikes worked on or to have one customized. Merle took care of the service part of the business, doing oil changes and what not while Daryl handled the customization end with his crew.

Merle and Beth had also finally taken the leap of faith and had married in a small ceremony at her father's farm a year after Wyatt had been born. Beth's sister Maggie and her fiance, Glenn, had came up from Atlanta for the occasion and meeting Merle for the first time. It had been a joyous day and to everyone's shock...and Maggie's amusement, Beth had announced that night over dinner that she and Merle would be having their own bundle of joy. Eight months later, Merle Aaron Dixon, Jr came screaming into the world. And, just like his namesake he proved he was his father's son when he was irritable or things weren't going to his liking.

Coming to the room, Daryl stopped them and cocked an eyebrow at Wyatt, "Now 'member what I told ya...ya can't be climbin' on ya momma, 'kay? She's really tired."

"'Tay," Wyatt said, holding onto the now crumpled flower he had brought with them.

Opening the door, Daryl went in first, giving Carol a smile as Merle followed, closing the door behind them. Walking over to the bed, he leaned down, giving her a kiss and then sat Wyatt down on the side of the bed.

"Flower, momma..." Wyatt said, holding out the daisy he had picked for her before leaving the house.

"Oh how pretty! Is that for me?" she asked softly, giving him a warm smile.

Wyatt nodded his head and then looked, stretching his neck some to see what she was holding in her arms. Carol smiled and pushed the blanket back, then looking at her son, "Can you say hi to your sister, Sophia?"

Nodding his head, Wyatt turned more, getting up on his knees so he could see her better. His father's hands held him up in place and Wyatt looked at her, "Hi, S'phia."

"She's as pretty as her momma," Merle said with a big grin on his face. Clapping Daryl's right shoulder, he chuckled, "Least she didn't get your ugly mug."

"Screw you," Daryl said, smirking and then looking back at his daughter. Holding Wyatt so he wouldn't fall onto Carol or Sophia, Daryl asked, "Doc been in ta talk to ya?"

Taking in a deep breath, Carol nodded, "Yeah. They'll be doing the surgery in the morning...around eight. He said if all goes well I should be able to go home Wednesday or Thursday. He doesn't think I'll have any problems though."

Daryl nodded in understanding and then looked back at Merle, "Ya sure you and Beth don't mind watchin' Wyatt?"

"Hell, ain't nothin' ta watchin' him." Reaching for Wyatt and picking him up off the bed, Merle began to tickle the boy, his laughs filling the room, "Me and him's bud's...ain't that right, Wyatt? We buddies?"

"Yep!" Wyatt laughed, and then hugged Merle's neck tight.

Daryl smirked, the sight of seeing his brother holding a kid still something he couldn't get used to seeing. Taking a seat in the chair near the bed, he nodded to them, "Jus' make sure ya don't let him near the damn oil in the shop again. Took forever ta clean that shit up."

Chuckling, Merle adjusted Wyatt in his arms to hold him better, "Hell, a little dirt and oil ain't gonna hurt his ass. Never hurt you growin' up."

"Merle...do it for me at least," Carol said softly with a raised of her brow.

Pursing his lips, he sighed, "For you...hell..." Sighing and shaking his head, he headed towards the door, "Will do, mouse." Opening the door, Merle turned back to them, "Call us if'n y'all need anythin' else...and don't worry 'bout things. We got it handled."

"Thanks, Merle," Daryl said as he got up from his chair. Once Merle and Wyatt were gone, Daryl smiled at his girls and held out his hands to take Sophia, "Take a break, woman."

Carol handed Sophia over to Daryl and laid back as he took a seat back in his chair. Watching him, she sighed, "You don't have to stay, Daryl. I'm gonna be fine."

Shaking his head, he looked back at her, "We done talked 'bout this. My ass is stayin'. Ya gonna need help with Sophia when ya come out of surgery anyways."

"Daryl, they're just tying my tubes...it's a simple procedure..."

"No. That's final." Sophia began to cry some and Daryl got up, getting her a bottle from the bassinet the nurses had brought her into the room with. Once he had her eating, she walked slowly over to the bed and sat down, "Told ya a long time ago I wouldn't let ya go through anything by yourself. This ain't no different."

Carol eyed him for a moment and then looked at their daughter, "She has your eyes...and your hair."

Daryl grunted some, admiring Sophia as she fed, "Let's hope she ain't got my temper or else we're in for a world of shit."

Carol scooted over some and patted the now empty spot, "Move over here."

Daryl did as she asked, turning around and leaning back against the raised mattress. When Carol snuggled up against him, he leaned in, kissing her head, "Love ya, woman."

"And I love you."

The room feel silent except for the occasional grunt from Sophia as she took her bottle. Within minutes, Carol was asleep against. Once again, she had given him someone else to love, someone that was part of her. Even though she would never be able to give them another child, he had still promised her if she ever wanted another child they would have one. Gazing at his daughter, the corner of his mouth quirked up some. He was the luckiest man on earth in his mind. He had a beautiful, loving wife, and a son and daughter. He had everything he could ever want or dream of. They were his roses.

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