Javert and The Weeping Angel

Doctor Who/Les Miserables Crossover


By Kitty Am I

Javert went on the balcony to vent. He sang a long song named "Stars". Unknown to him, There was an eagle statue, but not just any eagle statue, a Weeping Eagle statue.

Luckily for Javert there was still hope. The Weeping Eagle was weak because it had only recently been turned into a weeping angel which is why it was still in the shape of an eagle. It could only send him back in time about five minutes.

Javert watched in the shadows while his future self sang a song. At the last moment, he sprang out to save his other self from The Weeping Eagle, but instead they were both sent back in time.

This kept happening until The Weeping Eagle was strong enough to become a full-fledged Weeping Angel and there was a total of two hundred and twelve Javerts lurking in the shadows of the balcony. When they all sprang to save the singing Javert, the now actually angel shaped weeping angel sent all two hundred and twelve of them back to before the Earth was created so they all suffocated in outer space and died.

The End