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Chapter 4

Hermione woke up fully dressed, entangled with Adam. They had done nothing but snog in the previous night. She yawned and rose her head, noticing that Adam was still asleep, looking very peaceful. Hermione smiled and kissed Adam on the cheek, laying her head on his chest once again, thinking herself to be the luckiest girl in the world.

Things were about to change, in fact, their world changed the previous night, with the revelation of the dark lord Voldemort but Adam had promised her that he wouldn't change a bit and she knew it was truth. Besides, she didn't want him to change. He was the most caring, intelligent, brave and cunning boy she knew. Well, apart his older brother Harry.

Hermione smiled. She would never forget the day she saw the two brothers together for the first time.


The first years Gryffindors were following the prefects into the great hall when they met two students in the way, a boy and a girl. Hermione looked at them and recognized them as being the two Slytherins that started clapping when Adam Potter was sorted into Gryffindor. That was a strange moment.

When Adam Potter's name was called, silence fell in the great hall, although not much as when Neville Longbottom's name was called. There was a certain apprehension in the air and Hermione noticed that some in the Slytherin table were smiling, as if Adam was bound to go there. Then the hat shouted Gryffindor and silence was absolute, with no one clapping. Hermione could swear she saw Adam looking disapointed but then, the clapping started and Hermione saw a boy, looking a bit like Adam and a beautiful girl standing from the Slytherin table and clapping. The Slytherins followed their example, as did the rest of the houses and Adam smiled, going to the Gryffindor table.

Hermione thought it strange but paid no mind to it.

Hermione looked at the two teens and felt scared. The girl was looking coldly at them, having her arm entangled with the boy's, who was smirking.

"Well, well, well, lion cubs, how cute." the boy said in a cold voice, making the first years shiver in fear.

"What do you want, Potter?" asked Percy Weasley, the prefect who was guiding the first years, in a cold voice.

"Nothing with you, Weasley." was the boy's cold reply.

"I bet you're here to threaten Neville, aren't you, you slimy death eaters?" asked Ron Weasley, attracting the attention of everyone, especially the two Slytherins.

Neville was looking smug at them.

"Do you want an autograph, is that it?" asked Neville and the girl smirked.

"What reason would I have to waste perfectly good parchment with rubbish?" she asked with a smirk. The boy smirked as well.

"That's what you call house unity and all that?" asked a voice coming from behind Hermione. Adam Potter stepped forward, looking at the two Slytherins "Scaring firsties? How the mighty have fallen."

"Ah, Adam, you cost me five galleons." the girl said in a cold tone, looking at the first year. The remaining first years weren't understanding what was happening and Hermione felt confused and afraid.

"I'm sorry, I bet my brother can pay my debt." was Adam's reply, before starting to laugh with the girl and the boy.

"Told you, brat." said the older boy, hitting Adam in the shoulder.

"Yes, yes, well, I guess you were right and I am Gryffindor material and not Slytherin."

"Are you sad?" asked the girl in a half felt mock.

"Hell yes, Weasley snores and is worse than a fangirl and Longbottom thinks the sun shines out of his ass." was Adam's reply, making both first years blush in anger. The others weren't understanding what was happening and the older Slytherins laughed.

"I can honestly say I feel sorry for you." replied the boy, Adam's older brother "If only you knew a certain spell..."

Adam sighed.

"Fine, you were right, as usual, I should have learned the silence ward. Happy?" replied Adam "Prat."




The girl smirk and shook her head.

"Now, now, boys, leave it for later. Adam, if you want, meet us after class by the lake."

"And be the third wheel?" was Adam's reply, feigning shock.

"Bring a friend, then." replied the girl with a smirk, making the boy grin and Adam blush.

"See you later, little brother. Have a nice day of classes." said the boy, messing Adam's hair with his left hand.

"Not the hair!" shouted Adam "I spent half an hour trying to put it right." The boy and the girl laughed again and so did some of the firsties.

"You're worse than a girl." said the boy, earning a glare from the girl.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" the boy gulped.

"Nothing at all, love."

"I thought so." she said, drawing her wand and pointing at Adam "Allow me."

With a wave, Adam's hair returned to as it was and some of the firsties gaped at the silent display.

"Have fun." said the girl. Hermione, however, noticed the smirk on the older boy lips as they left. She looked to Adam and for her astonishment, she saw Adam's hair slowly becoming gold, with letters appearing on his robes, saying "I AM A KITTEN."

Everyone started to laugh and Adam noticed his own figure.

"HARRY!" shouted Adam. Hermione giggled and saw the girl turning back and hiding her laughs.

"I'll get you, Harry, I promise." replied Adam with a smirk, drawing his wand and cancelling the charms.

"Why do you think it was him?" asked Hermione "It was her that drew her wand."

"I know my brother pranks." replied Adam, cancelling the hair colour charm after two tries "Hermione, right?"

Hermione nodded, looking in awe how Adam cancelled the charms.

"Your brother is a Slytherin?" asked Dean Thomas in shock "I thought they were all evil."

"They are." said Neville and Ron at the same time.

"Don't believe that tripe." replied Adam, ignoring Ron and Neville "Not all of them are biggots or death eaters wannabes, as Longbottom and Weasley claim them to be. I know a bunch of Slytherins, my brother and Daphne's friends and those I know are polite and nice people."

"They're lying, as is your brother. Nothing good comes from..." Neville's voice vanished when Adam's wand pointed at him.

"Insult my brother or Daphne again and I will curse you into next week, got it?"

Neville sneered but nodded in reply.

"Enough." said Percy.

"Can we get some breakfast?" asked Hermione, distracting them from the conflict between Adam and Neville.

Adam lowered his wand and nodded to her in thanks, with a small smile.

End of Flashback

That was the beginning of their friendship. Adam was a good guy and would often speak favourably about the other houses to those who wanted to hear. In truth, even Draco Malfoy, who was a biggot and often teased Neville and Ron, seemed to respect Adam. There was a night when Adam joined Harry and Daphne at Slytherin table. Everyone gaped while Harry, Daphne and Adam laughed and talked about their days. More surprising was the fact that the remaining Slytherins accepted Adam at ease.

When Hermione asked one of the older students about it, she was told that Harry and Daphne were the leaders of the house of the snake and their word was the law in the house. They were powerful, intelligent, cunning and dangerous but they were also nice people and open minded. That was the reason why everyone thought Adam would go into Slytherin, to follow his brother's footsteps.

Even more surprising was the day when Adam invited Harry and Daphne to join him and his friends at Gryffindor table. As it was expected, Neville and Ron, as well as some others complained about it but in the end, they went silent and the two Slytherins joined the table of the lions for dinner. That evening, Hermione met Harry and Daphne officially and spoke lengthily with Daphne, while Adam and Harry were speaking about something with the other boys.

Then came Halloween. More than the day that she almost died, it was the day she developed a crush on Adam Potter.

She tried to help Weasley in Charms class and ended up insulted and crying in the girl's toilet. It was Adam that came for her and stayed for hours outside the stall she was in, after punching both Longbottom and Weasley in the nose. He tried to talk to her and making her feel better and when he did, the troll came in...


"Come on, Hermione. I'm hungry." whimpered Adam, outside the stall.

"Then go away." replied Hermione with a ragged voice.

"Not without you." was Adam's reply.

"Why? I'm only a know-it-all, with bad hair and bad teeth, with no friends..."

"Then what am I?" asked Adam in an angered tone, interrupting Hermione "Last I checked, I was your friend."

Hermione didn't reply but she felt Adam's anger rising, although not against her. Slowly, she realized Adam had been there for hours, trying to make her feel better. If that wasn't being a friend, what would be? Slowly, she opened the lock and opened the door stall, seeing Adam looking at her with both anger and hope.

"I'm sorry, Adam." she asked with a lowered head.

Adam hugged Hermione in reply.

"I'm going to curse them, even if you don't want me to, but first, would you allow me to get some dinner?"

Hermione giggled, hiding her tears that were still threatening to fall.

"Fine, let's go for dinner."

"Great!" replied Adam with a smile, right before a foul smell was felt.

"What a... Damn, was that you?" Hermione blushed in embarrassment and slapped Adam in the head.

"NO!" she replied "It seems to come from outside..." A mountain troll entered the toilet, wielding a club. The beast saw them and snarled, raising the club against the children. Hermione screamed in fear and Adam widened his eyes, drawing his wand. With two quick spells, the club was shattered and the troll was on the floor, stunned.

However, troll skin was resistant to magic and the stunner had little effect on the beast.

"Shit, run." ordered Adam, pulling Hermione by the arm when he noticed that the troll would get up. The troll was faster and tried to grab Hermione but Adam cast a reducto that hit the beast in the head, blasting it and opening the way for both children to run out of the toilet.

They run for several minutes, away from the toilet and only then Adam hugged Hermione, who was still in shock.

"It's ok, we're safe now. Are you injured?" Hermione shook her head and looked at Adam, who was looking at her. Before she could say anything, he spoke:

"Hermione, promise me that you'll never say anything about what happened right now without my consent. Please?" Hermione didn't reply. She just stared at Adam.

"Adam, the troll... you..."

"Hermione, please, this is important. You can't tell anyone." he almost begged her. Only then Hermione nodded, seeing how distressed he was. She hugged him and she cried.

"Thank you, Adam."

End of Flashback

She never told anyone what happened, just like she promised. They learnt later that the staff found the body of the troll but didn't know what happened. Adam was nervous for some days but eventually, he went back to normal. Hermione and Adam became inseparable that day and although Adam didn't explained her anything, she respected his privacy. It became clear that his knowledge of advanced spells came from his brother, after Adam convinced her to join him in an "extra lesson."

Knowing what she knew now, it was obvious. Harry was training Adam and all those they consider special. Herself, Daphne, Rose... That's why Adam was always a step forward in practical while Hermione was in theory. He had the experience.

"You're an outstanding man, Adam." mumbled Hermione, getting comfortable.

"Thanks, babe." replied Adam, making Hermione raising her head "Good morning."

"Good morning. Have you been awake for long?" asked Hermione after a kiss.

"Not really. You?"

"I was thinking about our first year." suddenly, Hermione gasped "The stone! You kept it safe, didn't you?"

Adam grinned.

"I suppose I can tell you, now." replied Adam "Harry and I got the stone after Christmas break and kept it safe in our family vault, after trying to return it to the Flamels. It's still there."

Hermione widened her eyes in shock, remembering the conversation:


"Hermione, forget about what they said."

"But Adam, it's the Philosopher's stone. If a dark Wizard gets it..."

"The stone is safe, Hermione, behind several layers of protections. We have nothing to worry about."

"But Adam, we have to help them."


"How can you be so selfish? What if something happens?"

Adam sighed and held Hermione by her shoulders, looking at her in the eyes.

"Hermione, you're my best friend and I've only asked you a favour once. I'm asking you one again, forget about the stone. It is safe, out of harms reach, I promise you. Don't concern yourself with it and let's focus on our homework, ok?"

For some reason, Hermione felt Adam's words to be truth and comforting.

"Ok, Adam, I trust you."

End of Flashback

"Anything else?" asked Hermione in a huff, getting up "Do you have any more secrets?"

"I do." replied Adam in a serious tone, looking at Hermione "And I want to tell you everything, alright?"

Hermione lost her anger and nodded with a smile, kissing Adam again.

"Shall we go to breakfast?" asked Hermione, holding Adam's hand.

"Lead the way, my lady." replied Adam with a small courtesy, making her giggle.

There was an unspoken rule at Potter Manor. It was an old rule, with almost twenty years, taken as law by almost all Potters. Unfortunately, sometimes, the rule was broken with dire consequences for the inhabitants of the house. The moment Adam Potter exited his room with Hermione, he knew the rule had been broken again. He simply groaned and hid his face in his hands. Hermione wondered why her boyfriend was acting like that and before she could say anything, Daphne appeared in the hall, coming from downstairs.

" Good morning, Daphne. " said Hermione, noticing how disturbed Daphne was " What's wrong?

" Go back to bed and pretend to be asleep until noon. " the elder witch said " Trust me, you do not want to go downstairs.

" How bad is it? " asked Adam, revealing his eyes behind his hands. Hermione wasn't understanding what was happening.

" Do you remember Christmas of 1990? " asked Daphne, shaking her head in disbelief.

" I do... " replied Adam in fear. Hermione had heard the story before and rose an eyebrow.

" It's worse. " replied Daphne.

" Merlin save us. " sighed Adam Potter, looking to his girlfriend " I'm sorry, so sorry.

Hermione simply put her hand on her boyfriend's shoulder, sighing.

" If it is what I think it is, you know it's not your fault. What about Lily or Vindy?

" Lily was too late and Vindy had to obey her master... " Daphne explained " My guess is that Vindy is in shock. Again.

" Poor Vindy. " replied Hermione, as Rose Potter appeared at her door, twitching her nose.

" Please tell me that I am having a nightmare. " the youngest Potter asked, more angry than scared. Daphne simply shook her head and Rose went red in anger. " Where is Harry?

" When we got up and noticed, he simply returned to bed and refused to get up again while it lasted. " explained Daphne. Rose simply passed by her and opened her oldest brother door.

" Get up, lazy ass, it's time to do something. " Rose shouted, hearing only groaning in response.

It was a sad morning at Potter Manor. Once again, the marauders had broken the rule and decided to cook breakfast.

Rose was the first to get to the kitchen, followed by Adam and Hermione, Cassiopeia who eventually woke up with the noises and the burnt smells and Daphne who was pulling a complaining Harry by the arm. Harry wanted to go back to bed and sleep through the crisis. He preferred to face the dragon again than face the consequences of the marauders new attempt at cooking.

Even remembering the tragedy of Christmas of 1990, Rose was not prepared for what she could smell at a distance or see: While she came down the stairs, the scents of burn assaulted her. She could easily identify burned milk, burned bread and toast and burned cake. She shivered and continued to the kitchen, where she heard and saw Lily, Andrea and Sarah giving a piece of their minds to their husbands. Walls had cake dough dripping down, egg shells were everywhere, with egg remains both in the table, the walls, the floor and even on the "cooks", there were orange peels around, especially around a suspicious jar of juice, which colour was very discouraging, there was a layer of flour pretty much everywhere and it looked that all the kitchen utensils were in the kitchen sink, dirtied with dough. The oven door was opened and black smoke was coming out of it... how the hell did they burn something in a magical oven? It stopped when the cooking was ready, for crying out loud. Giving a closer look, there was a blackened coffee pot in the stove and it was from it that the burned milk smell was coming. There were biscuits in a plate placed at the table that were suspiciously similar to coals and blackened toasts around. Rose gaped at the state of the kitchen. The marauders weren't in a better state. Covered in dough and flour, with eggs dripping from their hair they sat by the table looking to their feet while their wives glared at them and Lily gave them a piece of her mind. Of course, when James saw his daughter entering the kitchen and her look of shock, he instantaneously knew that they were in deeper problems.

" What the hell happened here? " shrieked Rose, after recovering her voice, attracting the attention of her aunts and mother. Her uncles and father looked down.

" Take a guess. " said Lily in an angry tone, glaring at the three "grownups".

" Food fight? " suggested Rose, knowing it would be something like that.

" Three idiots food fighting and destroying the kitchen... and burning the entire breakfast in the process. " corrected Sarah Lupin, slapping her husband's head after he tried to say something.

" Where's Vindy? " asked Adam after looking around and shrugging.

" Outside... I think she has a second kitchen in the grounds for emergencies. " answered Lily, not stopping her glaring.

" No, I don't want to see what happened, I just want to go to bed and forget about this. " came the voice of Harry Potter from outside " I still have my nightmares from when I was three.

" What happened when you were three? " asked Daphne in a curious tone.

" I found my teddy bear inside a cake those three made. " Harry admitted " I couldn't see a cake for almost an year without run away in fear of finding teddy again.

" Wait, what? " asked Adam. That was the first time he was hearing such a thing. The marauders apparently listened and looked sullen.

" You will clean all this! " shouted Lily, unable to hold her anger. As James was about to say anything, she added " Without magic. You will clean all this the muggle way and if you are hungry, you can eat your own breakfast.

That made the three men shudder and the women nod in agreement.

" And you, Sirius Black, are going to continue your cleaning at home, also the muggle way. You may learn some responsibility. " added Andrea Black with a disapproving look.

" And so are you, Lupin. " replied Sarah " You are going to scrub the basement until it shines.

" Yes, dear. " said Remus. He was clearly the smarter of the three. He had learned a long time ago that was better to simply agree with Sarah in a discussion.

" Good. " smirked Sarah, crossing her arms around her chest.

" What are you waiting for? " shouted Lily in a very anger tone " Start cleaning!

At once, the three men rose up and started to do as instructed. Lily, Sarah and Andrea were supervising their husbands, at the same time talking about idiots who are unable to boil water without causing a catastrophe.

The teens retired to the living room and sat in the couches for a while, until Adam's stomach started to growl.

As if Vindy had heard it, she appeared with plates of sausage, eggs and ham, placing them in the living room table. After a second pop, jars of juice were placed in the table and after a third, plates with toast and bread.

" Breakfast is served. " Vindy said before poping out without another word.

" Yeah, Vindy is quite pissed with them. " commented Cassiopeia as she sat at the table.

" Mum, Vindy brought us breakfast. " called Rose, sitting in front of Cassiopeia, who was next to Hermione and Adam. Next to Rose were Daphne and Harry.

Lily didn't reply but Andrea came by and made a couple of sandwiches, taking them back into the kitchen.

They were just making small talk when owls started to arrive. Many owls, to be exact, perching all around the room.

" Great, now what? " asked Adam while two regal looking owls approached Harry and a similar one approached Daphne. They left their letters at the table and the three owls left. They would help Adam, Hermione, Rose and Cassiopeia but they recognized the coat of arms in the envelopes. Both Harry's letters and Daphne Letter were from Emrys"LeFay Academy of Magic, an institution very similar to a muggle university where students would be able to work in their masteries with some of the best wizards and witches in their respective fields.

" Here goes nothing. " said Daphne, holding her breath before opening the envelope. Harry stopped her with a hand over hers and kissed her after gaining her attention.

" For good luck. " replied Harry after her inquisitional look. She smiled and returned her attention to the letter. After a quick reading, she jumped in her seat and in a very unlady like way, shouted:

" I was accepted at Emrys"LeFay Academy of Magic! " at once, six people came running from the kitchen.

" Where is it, let me see!? " demanded Lily at once, while James went to the floo, intending to call the Greengrasses. Overjoyed, Daphne extended the letter to Lily and her surrogate aunts and grinned. Hermione, Adam, Cassiopeia and Rose were already done collecting all letters and were too around Lily, who sniffed first, hugging Daphne later.

" Congratulations, Daphne, I knew you could do it. What about you, honey? " asked Lily after finishing the hug with her soon to be daughter in law. Everyone looked back to Harry and noticed that the teen was slightly shocked. He was gaping and with wide eyes.

" Harry, what's wrong? " asked Daphne, for a moment fearing that Harry hadn't been accepted at the academy. Harry simply gave her the letter and opened the other.

" Yeah, it's as that letter says, I'm in too. " he said, still with a nervous voice. Noticing his nervous, Daphne's attention went to the letter at once:

Dear Mr. Potter

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jacob Thompson, Headmaster of Emrys"LeFay Academy of Magic. As you may be aware, you have been accepted in our prestigious academy and I have no doubt that you will succeed in our academy.

However, despite my congratulations, there is another reason behind this letter. I am writing this in the aftermath of the TriWizard's tournament. You might be aware that the event was transmitted throughout the entire wizarding Europe. Everyone seeing the event, being light, grey of dark saw you and your brother actions and for one, allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for defeating the mad man known as Lord Voldemort. We of Emrys"LeFay Academy of Magic would like to offer our assistance in researching a way to destroy once and for all the dark lord, even though out Defense experts say that the spell you use is quite unbreakable, although if the dark lord can take a wraith form, it is possible that if the statue is broken, he will be free again, although there are, again, no certainties.

The main motive of this letter is the research you indicated, regarding your own personal shield against the killing curse. As of right now, our Defense, Charms, Arithmancy and Runes departments are fighting among themselves for a chance of having you for a meeting to discuss your work. Mr. Potter, it is much possible that such a work would change the world, giving you a mastery in each field I have specified.

I would like to invite you for a meeting here at Emrys"LeFay Academy of Magic and discuss your work and your intentions, at your early convenience.

With my best regards and once again, my thanks for what you have done

Jacob Thompson

Headmaster of Emrys"LeFay Academy of Magic

Daphne threw herself against Harry and kissed him for all his worth. Everyone read the letter and all were in awe and suddenly, Harry and Daphne were forced to stop their snogging session because they were assaulted by pretty much everyone.

" Where are they? " said Elizabeth Greengrass, coming out of the fireplace, followed by Astoria and Cyrus.

" Four Masteries! " shouted James Potter in glee, hugging his wife " Our boy...

Lily was overjoyed. She even forgot that her husband and the marauders were supposed to be cleaning the kitchen. Harry had an embarrassed look, Adam was grinning and laughing of his brother's antics while feeling very proud, Hermione was flabbergasted and was unable to say more than two syllables for word, Rose was jumping around her brother and hugging him and Cassiopeia was grinning, much like her father and mother. Remus and Sarah always knew the two teens would get in, how could they not?

After a long celebration, their attention was turned to the remaining mail.

" Have you seen the daily Prophet today? " asked Cyrus Greengrass, taking his own from the pocket, giving it to James who immediately opened it while Adam opened the Potter's. Their eyes widened with the huge letters, right in the first page:

You"Know"Who Alive All this Time

Neville Longbottom Was Never The Boy Who Lived

Adam Potter, the Real Boy Who Lived

TriWizard's Tournament Almost Ends In Disaster

The Dark Lord Rises And Falls

The Potter's Champions Saved Us All Again!

Harry Potter, Outstanding Wizard Or Prodigy?

by Owen Smith

Millions of people accompanied last night's third task of the TriWizards Tournament, hosted at our very own, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If you are one of those that was able to accompany everything, then you also saw the rise and the fall of the dark lord.

The task was indeed exciting and near the end, only Harry Potter and Adam Potter, the Hogwarts Champions remained. Both teens, however, knew something was wrong and were able to prepare accordingly. The cup was a portkey that sent the two champions into an unknown location, filled with deatheaters, lead by Barty Crouch Jr. who should have died in Azkaban years prior, and Peter Pettigrew. We can say that those were some awe inspiring moments when both Potters battled several deatheaters, even when the eldest Potter was struck by seven killing curses. It was heart wrenching and everyone at Hogwarts shed a tear for the champion. That also led to the capture of Adam Potter, who was later revived for his forced participation in a ritual to bring the dark lord back.

The ritual was successful and the dark lord got a new body, proceeding to reward his loyal followers and punish the disloyal, those who claimed to be under the imperious curse thirteen years ago. With that, the dark lord told his followers the reason that he chose to attack the Longbottoms and Potters. A prophecy that spoke about the one who would defeat the dark lord had been made, someone who had been born in the end of a July. There were two children that fulfilled the prophecy, Adam Potter and Neville Longbottom. The dark lord decided that it had to be Adam Potter and so he created a plan of attack with several deatheaters. While the deatheaters fought the defenders of Longbottom manor, the dark lord infiltrated the upper floors and killed old Longbottom widow, the last between him and the boys. According with the dark lord, before he could strike Adam Potter, a young boy, who he came to learn later to be three year old Harry Potter, picked the old woman's wand and attempt to curse the dark lord. According to him, a green light was produced that was sent against him but the dark lord evaded it, disarming the child and pinning him to the wall by magic, promising to kill him after he killed the babies.

By the dark lord's own words, he admited to cast the killing curse on Adam Potter, which caused him to lose his body and be defeated.

It was Albus Dumbledore that stated that it had been Neville Longbottom to defeat the dark lord. Why? How could he have made such a mistake?

We of the Daily Prophet spoke to Charles Dagworth, captain of Gringotts curse breakers squad. In his words "If Adam Potter's magic was weak, than the child was either magically weak or had just spend a lot of magic, somehow. Every parent performs tests on their children at birth to check if their cores are active or it they are squibs. I find hard to believe that the Potters hadn't and knowing Dumbledore, he would want to know how strong the child could be. Apparently, he didn't and Wizarding Britain spent the last thirteen years pampering the wrong saviour".

After the dark lord's confession, Adam Potter released himself from his bonds and engaged the dark lord in combat, attempting to avenge his brother, previously struck down by seven killing curses. At Adam Potter's own admission, he considered his brother the most powerful wizard alive and knowing what happened after, this reporter is tempted to agree.

Before the dark lord could strike down Adam Potter, Harry Potter attacked the dark lord once again, banish him away from his brother. Yes, the one that was struck down by SEVEN killing curses was still alive and the brothers teamed up and killed all death eaters and faced the dark lord in what is being considering the duel of the century, rivalling Dumbledore-Grindwald's. Later, Harry Potter admitted that he was working on a personal shield that could stop the killing curse, something that many tried and failed and still, Harry Potter managed.

Last night, the two Potter brothers defeated the dark lord and trapped him for eternity in a statue body. The dark lord was defeated once again and even so, the Potters insisted that he must be eliminated permanently. This reporter agrees.

The night ended with Adam Potter forsaking his claim on the TriWizard's cup, in favour of his brother and an emotional moment between the two brothers, who hugged under the applause of everyone at Hogwarts.

I, for one, am thankful to the Potters for their actions.

Thank you, Harry Potter.

Thank you Adam Potter.

Wizarding Britain and the World owe you a great debt.

More on Harry Potter, p2.

More on Adam Potter, p3.

More on the Potters and his allies, p4.

The mistake of Albus Dumbledore, p5.

Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass, the coming marriage, p6.

Everyone was amused.

"You're heroes, now!" laughed Sirius Black, accompanied by James and Remus, bowing to the two teens.

"Shouldn't you be cleaning the kitchen?" asked Adam making the three men stopping in their tracks. Before they could say anything, their wives were already forcing them back to work. They whimpered but they went.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow and looked at her eldest daughter.

"They tried to cook." was Daphne's reply, making her mother shiver.

"What now?" asked Cyrus, looking with pride at Daphne and Harry.

"I assume we need to go back to Hogwarts. After that, I guess I have meetings to attend." replied Harry, looking to the letter again.

"You might want to reconsider that." said Rose, reading a letter "The department of mysteries is summoning the Potters to a meeting today at two o'clock, concerning the demise of the dark lord."

"And what do they want, exactly?" asked Adam, raising his eyebrow.

"Most likely that we give them the statue." replied Harry and Daphne snorted.

"Personally, I don't trust the ministry, nor the department of mysteries." Daphne said, supported by every teen at the table.

"Let the lord Potter attend that meeting." replied Adam with a smirk "Dad will love that meeting."

Harry paled.

"Hum, not really." the eldest Potter child replied, slapping his head.

"Why?" asked Rose, noticing her brother's reaction.

"Dad wanted me to act as a proxy at some family business, to get the required skills... and I'm sure that he will delegate that meeting to me."

Cyrus laughed, followed by everyone.

"Well, Harry, my boy, it could be worse. It could be a Wizengamot meeting."

"Don't let my dad hear you, least he get ideas..." said Harry, looking at his cousin "I think your dad is having some ideas about having me as a proxy as well."

"Cousin, better you than me." were Cassiopeia's very supportive words, making Harry snort.

"Better start getting ready for Hogwarts, though." suggested Daphne, picking her and Harry's letters "We need to send replies of acceptance. Rose, let your mother know about that letter, although, if they are summoning the Potter family, I'd suggest for all of you to be there in strength, showing that they can't intimidate you."

"That's my witch." said Harry, embracing Daphne from behind.

"Oh, stop it you." she said with a smile, leading Harry to the study.

"The worst thing that can happen is them trying to force us to give them the statue." replied Rose.

"The statue is spoils of war and they have no case to demand anything from you." replied Cyrus.

"However, if they insist, I may have a plan that favours us." said Elizabeth with a smirk. Adam shivered. He knew where Daphne got her cunning from.

At two o'clock, the Potters were already at the department of mysteries being received by Director Croaker.

They got a small tour of the department, passing by the time room, the dissection room and the death room. After those, they passed through the halls of prophecy and were led to a shelf.

"This orb is a prophecy made, concerning the dark lord and the chosen one. Considering Mr. Potter the youngest is the chosen one, he will be able to take the prophecy. If you want to know it, be my guest and take it."

Adam looked to his relatives and shrugged.

"Why not?" Adam picked the orb and Croaker touched it with his wand. The shadows inside the orb parted and a figure appeared:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. … Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. … The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

The figure vanished again and the shadows fell again, leaving the Potters and Croaker looking at the orb.

"That was not what I was expecting." replied Lily, getting angry and nervous.

"Let us be concerned about this later." said Adam, feeling Harry's hand on his shoulder "Prophecies are fickle things."

"Well said, Mr. Potter." said Croaker, inviting them to following him into a small meeting room "That lead us to the other reasons I asked you here today."

"Let me guess, you want us to give you the statue." replied Harry, looking at the oldest man.

"Yes and no." replied Croaker with a grin "We want you to accept to work for us, when time comes." the Potters gasped "And we offer the Veil of Death to dispose of Voldemort's statue, once and for all."

"That's brilliant!" replied Lily, raising from his seat with a grin "If we send him directly into the realm of death, he's gone for good and no ritual will aid him."

"Are you sure of it?" asked Adam, more to Croaker than his mother "Shouldn't we discover what his rituals are first?"

"Adam is right, what if he does come back somehow?" replied Harry, looking at Lily who nodded and sat again.

"That's another thing we can help." continued Croaker "We have some forbidden knowledge and that might help us. We'll need, however, access to the statue, in order to determine if the rituals we know were used."

"Of course you do." replied James, in a sarcastic tone "What guaranties do we have that the statue will be kept safe in here? What about the spies in this department?"

Croaker didn't reply.

"What do you suggest then? We need access to the statue, not for mere minutes, but several days. I want to work with you, not against you."

The Potters nodded at each other and James spoke again.

"Luckily, we suspected that this might happen and we made some plans. We have nothing concrete, but is a start."

"I'm listening." replied Croaker with a nod.

"First of all, we thank you for your help. However, we don't feel we can trust completely in the department and for that reason, we ask for oaths to be taken from everyone selected to work at the statue, daily, stating that the intention is to find a way to destroy Voldemort once and for all and nothing else."

"That's a reasonable request and something I agree with." replied Croaker.

"Second, the statue must be maintained in a heavily warded room, to which we, the Potter family may add our own wards."

"Agreed." replied Croaker without a second thought.

"The final condition is the most hard." started James, looking at Croaker "For safety reasons, we feel that everyone working at the department should make the same oath, just for the sake of it."

Croaker looked at James and all the Potters with cold eyes.

"I will supervise these oaths myself." the older man said, raising himself "Meanwhile, I, Algernon Croaker, Director of the Department of Mysteries, swear, by my life and magic that my intention is to bring an end to the being called Lord Voldemort and not seeking his release. So mote it be."

The Potters looked surprised with the attitude of the older man, but appreciated it none the less.

"Clean your department and get us he room and you'll have access to the statue." replied James with a smile and a handshake.

"I'll do even better, I'll get the oaths spoken and written, signed in blood." replied the older man with a grin.

"Now that we can agree." replied Harry with a smirk.

"Now, about the job offer..." started Croaker again.

It was dinner time when the three Potter children returned to Hogwarts, escorted by their parents. The moment they were seen entering the great hall, all houses, as well as the two guest schools, rose from their seats welcoming them with shouts and cheers.

Adam sat next to his girlfriend after a kiss, preparing himself for the barrage of questions to come. Harry went back to his seat next to his queen and although more moderate, their reunion wasn't any less intense. Concerning Rose, James was very attentive, wanting to make sure that his daughter didn't have a boyfriend. He was relieved when she sat only with girls.

"James and Lily, would you like to join us for dinner?" asked the voice of Dumbledore from the staff table. After a quick nod, the Potter parents sat at the staff table.

"Now, welcome back, Mr. Potter, Mr. Potter and Miss Potter. First of all, congratulations to Mr. Potter, the eldest, for his victory in the TriWizard tournament."

The cheers filled the hall again.

"I understand that the ministry intends to award you with orders of Merlin, first class for your deeds last night and I'd like to offer you awards in the name of Hogwarts as well."

Once again, cheers filled the great hall, chanting the Potters name.

"Not only that, I'd like to extend to you apprenticeships with me." The people in the great hall gasped. It was indeed a great honour, to be given an apprenticeship with Albus Dumbledore, one of the greatest Wizards alive. However, Rose snorted.

"I appreciate your offer, Headmaster, but I already have plans for my apprenticeship after Hogwarts." replied Harry, shocking everyone with his refusal.

"May I ask which are those?" asked Dumbledore, not hiding his disappointment.

"Emrys-LeFay Academy of Magic." replied Harry. For a moment, no one was able to speak because of the shock. Then, a loud cheer, starting with Slytherin was heard. As much of an honour it was to learn from Albus Dumbledore himself, to learn in Emrys-LeFay Academy of Magic, with the several of the greatest wizards alive was something even better.

"I see..." replied Dumbledore in shock, turning to Adam, who was grinning.

"I expect that in three years, my brother will be ready to take apprentices." answered Adam, shattering Dumbledore's hopes of having influence over the Potters.

James and Lily were also clapping, noticing the awe in almost every teacher at the staff table.

"We have great kids, don't we?" asked James, making Lily smile wider.

"We do, James. We do."


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