'That was horrible' was the main thought of the Barden Bellas as they left the mixer they were supposed to be performing at. Aubrey started ranting about how bad they feel and everybody pretty much ignored her until she said Chloe's name.

"Your voice didn't sound agularian at all!" The blonde exclaimed looking at the red head. Chloe turned her back to the group. "Chloe!" Aubrey yelled at her.

"I have nodes!" Aubrey gasped as Chloe said this.

"Um what are nodes?" Beca asked the worry in her eyes betraying her well hidden feelings for the ginger. Beca had had a crush on Chloe since they met at the activities fair but hadn't told anyone about it.

"Vocal nodules. The rubbing together of your vocal chords at above average rates without proper lubrication!" Aubrey explained.

"Doesn't that hurt? Why would keep singing?!" Beca asked concern lacing her voice.

Chloe's heart skipped a beat when she heard the concern in Becas voice. She knew Beca liked her and she liked Beca too but no one knew that, not even Aubrey.

"Because I love to sing." Beca smiled at her answer but quickly hide it, not fast enough because Aubrey saw her. Chloe continued on after Stacie interjected something not supposed to be having sex but doing it anyway. The Bellas quickly dispersed after that until only Chloe and Beca remained.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Beca asked walking up to the taller girl. Chloe smiled at the short brunette.

"Yeah I just have to cut back like I said." Beca smiled at her but it didn't quiet reach her eyes.

"Hey," Chloe said pulling her in for a hug, " Im fine. Don't sorry so much." Beca shook her head.

"I can't." she said

"Why not?"

"Because then I would have to stop caring about you." Beca looked down as she spoke so Chloe would not see her blush. The redhead was speechless. Beca had just admitted her feelings! Chloe looked at the short woman in front of her. She gently lifted Becas chin with her finger.

"You mean that?" Beca nodded. Chloe smiled and leaned in slightly. "Good. I hope that means i can do this." and she connected their lips in a searing kiss placing both her hands on Becas waist, and pulling her closer. Beca wrapped her arms around Chloe's neck. They separated when they needed air.

"Wow." Beca whispered leaning her forehead against Chloes. The taller woman chuckled at her reaction. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." Chloe said pulling back to look Beca in the eyes.

"Im so glad you did." Beca smiled at the girl and moved to kiss her again. They both felt the spark go off once again when their lips connected. Beca pulled away from the kiss first. Remembering that she had a shift at the radio station with Jessie.

"Go Bec, we can talk later." Chloe said knowing why Beca pulled away. Beca nodded.

"Meet me in my dorm after seven." Beca kissed the ginger one more time before leaving to go change and go to work.

*at the radio station*

Chlow was all Beca could think about. Jessie, who was trying to flirt with her, found it annoying. She barely looked at the boy, and when she did, she just glared at him. After about three hours of silence he finally asked her.

"Beca whats with the silent trearment?" Beca looked at the boy, slightly confused.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"You havent said a word since you got here." Beca rolled her eyes.

"Jessie you havent said anything for us to talk about. Your the one who starts all of our conversations." Jessie looked confused for a moment before it clicked. He hadnt asked her anything, of course she wouldnt be talking.

"Oh." He said looking down. Beca looked at the clock and noticed she only had fifteen minutes left before she had to leave and talk to Chloe.

"Look we are going to be done in a few minutes why dont we walk together?" Jessies dorm was in the building next to hers. Jessie nodded and they got back to work.

When they walked out Beca noticed Chloe talking to someone outside the coffe shop. The redhead looked over at Beca and caught her eye, smiling and winking at the brunette. Beca smiled and waved before continuing on with Jessie.

Jessie asked questions and Beca answered them, but when he asked if he could go to Becas dorm with her she turned him down.

"Sorry," she said, "but im meeting up with someone in about ten minutes." Jessie nodded sadly before hugging the short woman and running up to his dorm.

Beca went up to her dorm and pulled up one of the mixes she had been working on. Kimmy-jin wasnt there so she unplugged her headphones so she could hear Chloe knocking. A few minutes later she heard a knock and paused the track she was working on.

Opening the door, she found Chloe holding two cups of coffee. Beca smiled and pulled Chloe in for a quick kiss before letting her enrer the room fully.

"So," Chloe said

"So," Beca repeated. "Look I dont want everything to be akwared becasue we kissed."

"I think will only happen if we dont move forward with this."At Becas confused expression she continued. "I like you Beca, a lot. I dont want us to forget this ever happened and act like friends. I want you and I want to call mine and-" whatever she was going to was cut off by Becas lips. The two girls melted into the kiss. Chloe pulled away first.

"Beca." she whispered leaning their foreheads together.

"Chloe, will you be my girlfriend?" Chloe smiled and kissed her before answering.

"Yes, Beca of course i will." They kissed and held each other until Beca remebered something she had heard earlier walking around.

"Hey Chlo'?"


"Whats a riffoff?" Chloe smiled and grabbed Becas hand and pulled her out the door.

"Youre about to find out!" She said pulling her in the direction of the pool. Where the rest of the Bellas and the other acapella groups were.

"Chloe! Where have you been?" Aubrey said as they walked up.

"Sorry Bree. Beca and I were talking."

"are you guys finally together?" Fat Amy asked from behind Aubrey.

"Yes we are." Beca said as chloe put an arm around her waist. All the Bellas cheered. Beca laughed at her new friends and leaned into Chloe who kissed the side of her head.

Jessie, who was standing on the other side of the pool, saw this and was momentarily confused. Beca was into him. He knew it. She always messed with him and smiled at him. Jessie waited until Beca seemed preoccupied with her friends before walking over.

"Hey!" Jessie said as he walked up to Beca. Aubrey called Chloe over to her.

"Hey. I think the Trebles are supposed to be on the other side." Beca pointed out but smiled at the boy talking too her.

"Yeah I know just wanted to say hi." Chloe walked back over to them.

"Hi. Youre Jessie right?" The ginger asked slipping her arm back around Beca. Jessie just nodded and walked back to the other trebles.

"Opps. Did I scare him off?"

"No. I think he finally figured out that Im not into him." Beca said watching the boy go.

Before she could say anything the riffoff started. The first catagory is ladies of the 80's. The Trebles start it off. The Bellas interrupt them with Hit me with your best shot. Then a girl from the Highnotes gets *clap clap* cut off!

The next catagory is songs about sex. The Bellas start it off.

(Na na na na cmon

Nananana cmon cmon

cause I may be bad but im prefectly good at it

sex in the air i dont care i love the smell of it

sticks and stones may brake my bones

but chains and whips excite me.

Cause i may be bad but im prefectly good at.

Sex baby lets talk about you and me.

Lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be

lets talk about sex(alright)ets talk about sex (little bit little bit) lets talk about sex

baby all through the night Ill make love to you like you want me too and

i guess thats just the woman in you.

That brings out the man in me.

You know i cant help my self your all in the world to me.

It feels liks the first time. It feels like the first time

its going fade to blackstreet the homies got RB

collab creations bump like acne no doubt.

I put down never slouch as long as my credit can vouch

a dog coundlt catch me straight up

tell me who can stop when Dre makin moves attracting honeys like a magnet

given em eargasms with my mellow accent

still movin the flavor my homies blackstreet and teddy

the original rump shakers

shorty get down good Lord

baby got em open all over town

strictly biz she dont play around

cover much ground gotta gain by the pound

gettin paid is her forte

each and everyday true player way i cant get her outta my mind

i like the way you work it no diggity i gotta bag it up (repeat •5)

we out.

All the Bellas celebrated. But the Trebles won. Chloe walked Beca back to her dorm.

"I can't believe we lost." Beca said pulling the redhead into her room.

"Don't worry about it babe." Chloe said rubbing Becas back.

"Do you have any idea how hot it was when you started rapping?" Chloe asked. Beca chuckled.

Before Beca could answer there was a knock on her door. Chloe got up to answer it and Beca moved to her laptop.

"Hey babe Jessie's here." Chloe said. Jessie stood outside and watched as Beca turned around in her chair and Chloe stood beside her with an arm around her shoulders.

"Hey Jess." Beca said leaning into Chloe.

"Um hey. I can come back later or something." He said. Chloe started to protest but he walked off.

"Well that was weird." Chloe said. Beca nodded. "Anyway I have to go before Aubrey locks me out. See you at practice tomorrow." Beca stood and kissed her girlfriend.

"Bye baby." She said. Chloe smiled and kissed her one more time before walking out.

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