In the Dark, Scary Night

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

Wally woke up in the middle of the night coughing again. This happened to him often. Usually he slept with an air mask on to keep clean air in his lungs, but turning over while sleeping or cuddling with his favorite stuffed animal made it slip sometimes. Wally choked hard and gagged over the side of his bedrails. He felt chilly and achy. During the horrible coughing fit, he kept his stuffed Phanpy toy close to his chest in hopes that it would make him feel better.

His mother and father came running into his room. They flicked on the light and ran to his side. His father stopped the air flow of the breathing machine and took the mask off his son's face. Wally's mother rubbed his back and spoke gently to him.

After several minutes, the coughing subsided. Wally now had tears streaming down his cheeks from the scare of almost dying and the water forced from his eyes as every muscle in him worked to get the mucus out of his lungs. His mother stroked his thin white face. She hushed him softly. His father wrapped his arms around his little son protectively. Wally sniffled and clutched his Phanpy toy close to him. "He's burning up," he heard his father say. His mother touched his cheek. "Get the thermometer," she ordered. She placed the stick under Wally's tongue and held it there until it beeped.

Wally heard his mother sigh when she read the temp. "It's one-hundred-two point eight now." she said. "We'll take him to the hospital in the morning," his father said. "There's nothing we can do now except to wait it out." They laid Wally back down in his bed and tucked him under the several blankets. The two of them gave him one last kiss goodnight before stepping towards the doorway. "Wait!" Wally cried out in a hoarse voice. They turned around. "I wanna sleep with you two!" he stated. His parents looked at each other, then nodded. "Okay, Wally," his father said. "You can sleep with us." He lifted his son out of bed. Wally's mother brought his favorite blankets and his Phanpy toy with them as they left the child's room.

They walked down the hall of their quiet little house and into the master bedroom. Wally's father laid him down on the mattress. His mother tucked him in with his favorite toy and blankets, then they pulled their own sheets and comforter over him. He slept between them so he wouldn't fall out of bed again. Being near his parents in the dark scary night made his random coughing fits a little easier to bear. He knew that they would be right beside him if he needed them in the night. Before falling asleep again, he managed to whisper out a barely audible "I love you both so much."

Wally's parents both cried themselves to sleep silently that night.