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As a rule, Halloween was off limits, but Angel had agreed to meet up with Buffy and her friends despite this. It'd be his first Halloween... in, well, quite some time.

But then... utter chaos happened.

He was sleeping, later than he planned, but woke to screaming and jumped up and looked outside. And he had no idea as to what in the world was going on.

Getting dressed, he locked up his place and headed for the Summers' home.


Angel's face scrunched up more and more as he went through town. And the trip took longer than he'd planned on as he kept stopping to try and fight off... well, whatever they were, in various situations.

Or run from a few.

"What the hell is going on here?" he muttered.


Once at Buffy's, he got even more of a shock. What was going on out there had managed to take them over as well.

Buffy didn't know who she was.

And he wasn't entirely sure what she was supposed to be. She almost reminded him of his former life, his human past, with the costumed dress she was wearing.

She was acting like the women he'd known back then, too.

'That's all I need,' he thought.


Angel couldn't help but feel jealous when Buffy didn't want to come with him, instead wanting to stay with Soldier Xander. He had to bite back a growl at her behavior.

He knew full well neither him vamping out or become a jealous... whatever he was... would do not good right now.

Practically dragging her into the kitchen, he noticed the door open. He also knew he had shut it when he came inside.

Creeping about, Angel tried to find if anything was off... but then Buffy was attacked. He knew she couldn't defend herself in this sort of a state so he rushed forward.

He wasn't thinking when he vamped out. He wasn't thinking when he asked Buffy to give him a stake.

Later he would kick himself over that, knowing she wouldn't have any clue as to what he was meaning.

But he had, and then became annoyed with her when there was nothing in his hands to kill the vamp intruder. And then, again without thinking, he turned towards her.

It took all but a second for it to hit him he was showing her his demon face.

"Buffy, no!" he screamed out as she ran off.

"Fuck!" he hissed. He got up to go after her but the vamp behind him wasn't having that. He growled, continuing the fight.

Having heard the screaming and commotion, the other two came running in. Cordelia, thankfully knowing who she was and not under this spell or whatever, said she'd run to Buffy's room to find a stake.

He told her to hurry and explained what'd happened to Buffy to Xander, then to Cordelia when she came back down.

The vampire was dusted and then they went searching for Buffy.