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Chapter 1: A Warning
It was a normal day in the Cul-De-Sac. The kids were playing their games - well, most of the kids. Eddy and Ed were stuck in detention for blowing up the science lab, while Double D was waiting patiently outside for them. He was reading a book, while sorting any stray leaves that flew by. Suddenly, the door slammed open, blowing all the leaves away and hitting Double D in the face. The person who slammed it open was Eddy, who was with Ed. Eddy walked down the steps of the school with an angry scowl on his face. Double D recovered from being hit in the face by the door and walked over to join them.

"I can't believe that teacher gave me a detention on Friday!" Eddy proclaimed.

"Well, you did set him off by blowing up the science lab," Double D noted, getting a glare from Eddy.

"Whatever. Let's just go to your house. My parents are away. They left my Uncle to 'babysit' me." Eddy stated.

"Can I go to your house too, Double D?" Ed asked. "My mom and dad left my Auntie here to watch me and Sarah."

"Sure Ed." Double D replied. They kept walking until they reached his house. They soon noticed three packages were at his doorstep. Double D walked over to the package and noticed there was a note on it. He picked it up and read it aloud: "You must be ready for the worst. That is why you must have these."

The Eds wondered what it meant. It was probably referring to the packages on Double D's doorstep. Eddy walked over to a package and ripped it open, to reveal a first generation Duel Disk.

"Awesome! Let me see what I got!" Ed shouted happily, going to the next package and ripping it open. It was another Duel Disk like Eddy's. Double D opened the last package and found another one.

"It seems we each got a Duel Disk from an anonymous sender." Double D summed up.

"Why? It's not like these things work." Eddy replied.

"Say it isn't so, Eddy?" Ed asked whimpering.

"Yeah, I'll show you." Eddy replied, activating it. Eddy placed his deck in the Duel Disk's deck holster. He drew a card, which was a favorite of his: Rocket Warrior. Eddy placed it on a card slot and suddenly a larger version of the card appeared flat on the ground, and out of it came the monster on the card. It was a small little man, or maybe a robot that looked like a rocket with checkered armor. It was wielding a shield and sword.

The Eds were astonished by the fact that they were looking at a lifelike version of the card. They also noticed a small box that displayed its attack and defense points. [ATK: 1500/ DEF: 1300]

Eddy looked at his Duel Disk and smiled happily. Double D knew that look on Eddy's face; it was the look of planning to sell this device to the highest bidder. But Double D noticed there was something written on the back of the note: "Do not tell anyone of these devices, unless you are certain you can trust them. If you try to profit from this device, I'll remotely self-destruct it with power equivalent to that of a C-4."

"Um, Eddy, before you start ranting about how we're going to be rich, take a look at this." Double D showed Eddy the note. Eddy looked nervous for a while, and then sighed.

"This sucks!" he exclaimed. "We have the world's greatest money-making device and we can't show it to the world!"

"Let's look at the bright side of this. We can have our own fun that no one can imitate." Double D replied.

"Yeah I guess."

"Now let's go inside and I'll get us some healthy snacks."

"No broccoli!" Ed shouted, running off in fear. Double D and Eddy sighed, running after him. Little did they know they were being watched by a mysterious figure wearing a black hood and jeans.

"It seems the Duelist of Light has chosen those dweebs to pass on their legacy," he stated.

"Eliminate them," ordered a voice from the communicator the mysterious figure held. "The Duelist must have chosen them for some reason."

"Yeah, yeah, don't get your panties in a bunch," he replied, annoyed. He turned off his communicator, put it in his pocket, and started to follow the Eds. As Eddy and Double D ran after Ed, they still didn't notice someone was following them...

"Broccoli, bad for Ed!" Ed shouted, running.

"Ed! We don't even have the broccoli on us," Double D shouted.

Ed stopped after hearing that logic. As he pondered it, Eddy tackled him to the ground. The mysterious figure meanwhile hid behind a tree that was nearby. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blow-dart gun loaded with tranquilizers. He shot the first one at Ed, the next one hit Double D. and the last one hit Eddy, square on the arm.

Eddy woke up and immediately took notice of his surroundings. He noticed that his ankles were bound by chains, and that he was in the school's pool yard. He saw someone standing on the other side of the pool.

"Hey! Who are you?!" Eddy shouted at the person in question. The mystery person walked out of the shadows to reveal it was his brother. "Bro?"

"Good to see you too, pipsqueak," Eddy's brother replied. "Remember how we used to duel? Good times, weren't they?"

"I remember you taking my cards every time I put them down," Eddy replied, glaring.

"Then this won't be any different. I challenge you to a duel!"

"No way, now give me the keys to these shackles," Eddy said.

His brother grinned evilly as he watched him try to undo the shackles himself.

"If you don't, then they'll suffer." He pointed to a glass bubble that was behind him. In it were Double D and Ed, bound by rope and unconscious. Attached to them was a bomb with the number 8000 on the display counter. Eddy growled at his brother for putting his friends in danger. He had no choice but to duel.

"When I win you better let my friends go!" Eddy shouted taking his deck out of the Duel Disk and shuffling it.

"You mean if you win. And this duel is not just for your friend's lives, but your life as well. For you see this will be a shadow game! For each life point you lose a piece of your soul will be ripped a sunder. And when your life points hit 0, not only will you lose your soul but the bomb will go off destroying your friends." Eddy's brother explained.

"Fine," Eddy put his deck back in the Duel Disk. His brother soon pulled out his Duel Disk which was similar to Eddy's, but pitch black and put it on, putting his deck in it.

"Let's duel!" They both shouted in unison. They each drew five cards from their decks.

Eddy: 8000
Eddy's Bro: 8000

"I'll start." His brother stated drawing a card, "I place one card face-down," A card virtualized on the field. "And one monster face down ending my turn." Another card appeared facedown sideways.

'I just got to take him down with some hard hitters.' Eddy thought as he drew one card.

"I summon Axe Raider in attack mode!" Eddy shouted as an axe wielding monster appeared with yellow armor with a touch of red. [ATK: 1700/ DEF: 1150] "And I equip him with my Lightning Blade spell card." Axe Raider's axe was replaced by a sword. [ATK: 2500.] "Now Axe Raider, attack his face down card!" Axe Raider charged at the sideways face down card.

"Not so fast I activate the spell card Shrink!" His brother shouted as the first face down card flipped face up. It showed a monster standing behind what looks like a broken mirror and showed a smaller version of that monster. "Now this card has a sweet effect, it cuts your monster's attack power in half." Eddy's monster began to shrink along with its attack points. [ATK: 1250] "Now he's too weak to defeat my monster, Aqua Madoor." The monster was revealed to be a man with no face just eyes. It had sky blue hair and a yellow robe of some sort. [ATK: 1200/ DEF: 2000] "Since it's DEF points are higher you lose life points.

Eddy: 7250
Eddy's Bro: 8000

Eddy suddenly felt a surge of pain. As if he just had his arm ripped off. His brother just deviously smiled at his pain. "I end my turn with a face down." Eddy stated as a facedown card appeared behind his Axe Raider.

"My turn and I think I'll activate Brain Control!" A card appeared with the image of brain with two arms coming out of it. "By giving up 800 life points, I can take control of your Axe Raider." Two arms came out of the card and grabbed Eddy's Axe Raider, pulling it to his brother's side.

Eddy: 7250
Eddy's Bro: 7200

"Now I sacrifice both monsters to summon one of your favorite old cards." He smirked evilly when Eddy realized what he meant.

"You don't mean."

"Oh I mean it, Red Eyes Black Dragon!" Suddenly a dragon with piercing red eyes appeared on his brother's side of the field.[ATK: 2400/ DEF: 2000] "Now Red Eyes, attack the Pipsqueak!" He commanded making Red Eyes blast a fireball at Eddy, taking a huge amount of life points from Eddy.

Eddy: 4850
Eddy's Bro: 7200

Eddy moaned grabbing his chest in pain. He never felt this much pain in his life. It was worse than the beatings he got from Kevin and the other Cul-De-Sac kids. He felt as if he was tied to horses and ripped a sunder.

"You feel that pain in your chest, as though your heart was being crushed. That's the penalties for dueling in the shadow realm." His brother explained.

"I will win, and when I do I better not see your face again!" Eddy shouted in anger.

"Denial isn't just a river in Egypt."

"I won't lose!"

"Whatever I end my turn with a face-down." A card appears behind his Red Eyes.

'Got to keep my mind off the pain and win.' Eddy thought as he drew another card from his deck.

"Before you play a card I activate Light of intervention. This card let's neither of us set monsters face down, all we can do is place them face up." His brother explained.

"Crap. Then I play Big Shield Gardna in defense mode." A man appeared holding a big shield while its card appeared underneath it. [ATK: 100/ DEF: 2600] "And I place one card face down and end my turn." A card appeared behind his monster.

'Once he attacks I'll trigger my Mirror Force trap card, destroying his monsters.' Eddy thought.

His brother drew another card from his deck.

"First I activate the spell card Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy your face down" A tornado appeared and destroyed Eddy's Mirror force. "Now time to make you suffer. I activate Monster Reborn to bring back your own Axe Raider!" Axe Raider appeared on his brother's side. "Now Red Eyes, attack his Gardna." Red Eyes launched a fire ball at Gardna which was deflected. It caused Gardna to stand up moving its shield to the side, the card under it faded. "Now Axe Raider, attack Gardna." Axe Raider charged at Gardna and sliced through him.

Eddy: 3250
Eddy's Bro: 7000

Eddy panted heavily as he felt light head. Eddy forced himself to keep stand.

"Does baby need a nap, does baby needs a bottle, does baby need his diaper changed?" His brother teased. "I end my turn by summoning Vorse Raider in attack mode and a facedown." A giant beast creature appeared holding an axe. A card appeared behind it.

Eddy growled and drew a card from his deck. "I summon Gearfried the Iron Knight in attack mode." A metal warrior appeared on Eddy's side.[ATK: 1800/DEF: 1600] "Now attack Axe Raider!" The metal warrior charged at Axe Raider.

"Not so fast I activate Shadow Spell!" Chains suddenly wrapped around Gearfried. "It not only stops your monster's attack dead center, but it weakens your monster by 700." [ATK: 1100.] Eddy growled at this. His life points were almost gone, his monster was weakened. And he'd be demolished by his brother next turn.

"I end my turn with a face-down." A card appeared behind the shackled Gearfried.

"Eddy, prepare to meet your end! I activate the spell card Inferno Fire Blast!" A spell card appeared showing Red Eye Black Dragon launching an attack. "This card allows Red Eyes to deal damage to you, even if you have a monster on the field." A fireball came out of the spell card and hit Eddy dead center.

Eddy: 850
Eddy's Bro: 7000

Eddy panted as he felt the pressure getting stronger and stronger. Eddy clenched his chest hard hoping the pain would go away.

"Now Vorse Raider, end his monster's life." The axe wielding beast charged at Eddy's Gearfried and sliced it in half.

Eddy: 50
Eddy's Brother: 7000

Eddy screamed in agony after his monster was destroyed. The pressure had worsen to wear Eddy could barely breath. "Now Axe Raider, attack your former master." Eddy groaned and pressed a button on his Duel Disk.

"I activate Enchanted Javelin, which means I can increase my life points by 1700 since you declared an attack!" Axe Raider charged at Eddy and slashed him horizontally, which made Eddy cry out in pain.

Eddy panted and pressed the same button on the Duel Disk. "I activate Flashbang! Meaning your turn is over."

"You may have weaseled yourself out this turn, but next turn your dead." His brother growled.

Eddy groaned clutching his chest. He fell back onto the cold hard ground. He closed his eyes and muttered "Ed, Double D I'm sorry I couldn't save you." Eddy passed out. Eddy soon woke up to find himself immersed in darkness. He felt as though he was being strangled or stepped on. Suddenly a roar came from out of the darkness, which caused the darkness to fade from Eddy. Eddy stood up and looked around for the source of the roar. Eddy turned to see the Red Eyes Black Dragon bearing down at him.

"Don't eat me!" Eddy shouted shielding his face from it.

"Do not fear me little one, for I shall not eat you." A female voice came from the dragon.

"You can talk?" Eddy asked lowering his arms.

"Eddy, I've watched you from a far before your brother took me from your deck and I can tell, you trust your friends enough to risk your own life." She replied.

"How can I win then, my brother has me beaten into a corner like he use to do to me when I was a kid."

"Eddy if you don't keep fighting, more people will suffer then just you and your friends."

"But I can't win."

"I shall aid you in this fight so you won't be alone." She turned into smoke and entered Eddy's body. Eddy felt a power burning with in him. He felt as if he could take thousands of armies.

Eddy woke up back in reality. He stood up and opened his eyes, which were now piercing red.

"Brother I have had enough of your insults and beatings for that you must suffer!" Eddy soon was surrounded by red aura.

"Hmm so the pipsqueak grew some balls." His brother replied.

Eddy drew his card from his deck. He had a wicked smile on his face as he looked at the card.

"I activate the spell Monster Reborn! I choose to bring back Gearfried the Iron Knight!" His metal warrior appeared once more. "Now I activate Release Restraint!" A card appeared showing Gearfried and in the center of it was a man in a pink orb. "This allows me to trade in my Gearfried the Iron Knight for Gearfried the Swordmaster!" Cracks started to appear on the metal warrior until it shattered revealing a man with bulging muscles. [ATK: 2600/ DEF: 2200]

"Big whoop so you got an A gamer. That's not going to save you from the brink of this duel." His brother stated.

"I think it is because I now equip Gearfried with the Broken Bamboo Sword." A broken bamboo sword appeared in the man's hand. "And thanks to his effect I can destroy one monster on the field if it was just equipped with an equip card. And the monster I choose is Red Eyes Black Dragon!" Red Eyes smiled before it vanished from the field. "Now I activate Golden Bamboo Sword! If a Bamboo Sword card is equipped to a monster I can draw two cards!" Eddy drew two cards from his deck and smiled.

"Now I equip my monster with two more equip cards, Axe of Despair and Megamorph giving my monster 7200 attack points." An Axe appeared in Gearfried other hand and a symbol appeared on Gearfried's chest. "That also means two more monsters on your field go bye bye." Both Axe Raider and Vorse Raider go to the graveyard leaving you wide open." His brother looked nervous as his field was empty.

"Now Gearfried, Attack him directly with Sword Bash!" Eddy shouted as Gearfried charged at Eddy's brother. It slashed across his brother's chest.

Eddy: 50
Eddy's Bro: 0

Eddy pants heavily as his brother falls to his knees. His brother started to fade, but before he did he said, "Do you think this is over, do you think you won? There will be others not just after you but after your friends as well."

Eddy shook it off and ran towards his friends. The bomb had deactivated since he won, so he grabbed a pool cleaning tool and used it to break the glass bubble. He succeeds after a few swings. He immediately removes the bomb before untying them. Double D is the first to regain consciousness.

"Eddy? What happened? I remember we were chasing Ed then after that nothing.

"Look I'll explain later just wake up Ed, I don't wanna carry him." Eddy replied walking over to his brother's Duel Disk. Eddy rummaged through it and pulled out his Red Eyes. "Welcome back girl, welcome back." Eddy put the card in his own deck.

"Eddy!" Ed shouted tackling Eddy to the ground. "Eddy! I had this dream where you were being attack by these monsters but you were saved by a cool warrior."

Eddy kicked Ed off of him and sighed. "Guys I'll explain everything let's just get home." Eddy replied walking off. Double D and Ed followed, but before they did Ed picked up Eddy's brother's Duel Disk.

I'll explain why Ed took his brother's duel disk in a later chapter.

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