AN: Okay, so I recently read this FANTASTIC book called Ashes on the Waves, which is based on my 2nd favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee, and it uses a ton of awesome Celtic mythology and stuff as major plot points and elements, I very highly recommend it, but anyway...

The main character whose POV it's told from, Liam MacGregor? One of his arms was completely paralyzed from something that happened during his birth, and so he's got this "dead arm" that's completely useless, and when Anna touches it at one point, it talks about how he wishes so much that he could feel her touch on the skin, but he can't, so not only is unable to move or use this arm, he can't even feel anything that's done to it. (For anyone wondering, towards the end of the book, he eventually was told by a doctor that it looked like a case of Erb's palsy, and that he'd never seen it confined to just one arm, but Liam was very lucky because usually people who have it are completely unable to feel or move an entire side of their body.) And then for some reason, I was absolutely fascinated with the idea of a limb being "dead," so to speak, and my mind started racing and eventually ended up spitting this out at me, so here you go. :)

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Name: Tigelaar, Fiyero Daethien
Sex: M
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Eye color: BLU
Hair color: BR
Ethnicity: Vinkun (Arjiki; see below for more information)
Date of birth: 5/17/83
Symptoms: Depression, masochisim, hysterical fits of unprovoked anger, potential danger to self and others
Disabilites, handicaps, etc.: Entire left arm is completely and permanently paralyzed (see below for more information)

Background information: Fiyero is, by birth, the Crown Prince of the ruling Vinkun tribe, the Arjikis. He is the only son of King Reynard and Queen Zerelda Tigelaar, with an estranged twin sister named Sarima and a younger one named Niobe, the latter of whom he was very close to. Unfortunately, about two years ago, Niobe fell ill with tuberculosis and died, after which Fiyero was inconsolable, and his grief affected him in a way that often left him feeling confused and lonely. Over time, this evolved into an increasingly dark and downward spiral of depression, and the lonely confusion turned into hysterical tantrums that begin at the drop of a pin for absolutely no reason to speak of.

During one such episode, he somehow managed to topple a very heavy amoire, which ended up landing on his left arm, leaving it completely paralyzed; he will never be able to use, feel, or move that arm again for the remainder of his life. Currently, Fiyero is the only patient who must be kept under constant sedation, and the only one who we are forced to put in a straightjacket on a regular basis; on occasion, he must also be placed in a padded room, strapped down, etc. Because of his unexpected and unpredictable outbursts, it was decided shortly after his arrival that it would be too risky to place Fiyero with a roomate. Instead, he was assigned to room #602, which is one of only three or four rooms in the building designed to house only one person, usually someone either more volatile or delicate than most, such as is the case with Fiyero.

There is nothing in the room but a bed, a window, and a nightstand, which, in order to prevent him from harming himself on corners, is round. In the small cubby space of this nightstand, he is permitted to keep up to four books of his choice at one time, all of which were among the things his parents left for him. There are more books in storage with the rest of his things, and he is allowed to ask to have one book traded for another at any time and as often as he wishes. He knows which books are with his things, and from what we can tell, he has a mental roster of sorts that allows him to keep track of them all. This is not surprising, as he is a very intelligent individual, which is evidenced by the marks he received from his tutors when he was younger, as well as their notes and remarks on his performance.

Along with his books, he is allowed to keep a small plastic bin with pieces of charcoal and graphite in it, which he has permission to use to draw on the walls of his room. This is one of the ways he copes with things; being able to draw people and places that he remembers from home, particularly his sister, helps him relax and come to terms with certain things. Once every week or two, while Fiyero is out of his room for any given reason, someone will go into his room and wash the walls to remove the drawings. Fiyero is aware that this happens, and is okay with it because he is aware that if the drawings weren't erased every so often, he would eventually run out of room to make new ones, and he doesn't like the thought of that happening any more than he likes the fact that he can no longer feel or use his arm. Even though he is heavily sedated most of the time, if you can find something that holds his interest, he is able to carry on not only normal conversations with you, but depending on the topic, he may also carry on conversations of a much deeper level and longer period of time, though due to a combination of his mental state and the sedation, he does sometimes tend to lose focus and get a bit confused.

Medically speaking, Fiyero is in excellent health except for his paralyzed arm, or, as he himself calls it, his "dead" arm. His immune system functions as it should, as do his respritory, digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems, along with most of his other systems, abilities, functions, etc. He has excellent medical history, although one major point of interest is that when he was about eight or nine years old, he came down with mononucleosis, and he does have occasional flare-ups, which need to be confirmed as such and given the proper treatment by a medically trained professional, who can be contacted as needed via the same standardly used methods as for the case of any other ill patient.

Additional notes: Willing and able to speak, socialize, carry on conversations, etc., but prefers to keep to himself more often than not. Spends much of his time in his room either drawing on the walls, reading, staring off into space, or picking at loose threads on his clothes, blankets, and sheets. Has difficulty trusting others and doesn't like to talk about himself, his past, or his family, so much of what we know about him came to us through his parents, various other relatives, tutors, and physician. Will occasionally wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying, leading us to believe that since his initial check-in, his mind has further deteriorated in some way that causes him to suffer nightmares, most likely about his sister and/or paternal grandmother, with whom he was also very close. Has a bit of a morbid streak that stems from his depression and, as an extension, grief, so if and when speaking to him, if he begins to move things down a dark path, steer him away from it as quickly as possible, otherwise depression may worsen, running the risk of suicidal thoughts and/or behavior, prevention of which is crucial for his particular case.

AN: So, yeah, there's the background on what exactly is going on here. This chapter is pretty much supposed to be like if you were looking at the file that they've got on him at this place, so that's why it's written the way it is, but the next chapter will be written normally, I promise. PX